What Is a Nursing (RN) Resignation Letter?

“A 2014 study in Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice reveals that an estimated 17.5 percent of newly-licensed RNs leave their first nursing job within the first year, and one in three (33.5%) leave within two years.” (source: rwjf). Whether it is your first job or not, it is essential for you to develop a resignation letter if you decide to resign. Using a nursing (RN) resignation letter can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your soon-to-be former employer.

Letting the business know that you are already leaving can let them adjust to the circumstance brought by losing you. May it be through adding more members of the workforce or giving additional workloads to other existing employees, the call-to-actions that the management needs to execute can be easily plotted and implemented if you can give them the right amount of time to thoroughly prepare for the impacts or effects of your resignation.

If you want to write your own nursing (RN) resignation letter in an effective manner, do use any of the downloadable samples and templates that we have collected and presented in this post. Browse through the discussion and reference collection below so you can already begin the development of an excellent nursing (RN) resignation letter for yourself.

Types of Nursing (RN) Resignation Letters

An official resignation letter can help you formalize the announcement of your resignation. If you have already made up your mind and you are already firm that there is no turning back when it comes to resigning from your current job as a registered nurse, then you should already make a comprehensive nursing (RN) resignation letter document. Different types of nursing resignation letters are used in a variety of instances and circumstances. Here are a few types of nursing (RN) resignation letters:

Staff nurse (RN) resignation letter: If you are a staff nurse of a hospital, make sure that you will give your department the right amount of time to get another registered nurse for your replacement. Formally give an idea about your resignation with the help of this particular resignation letter document.School nurse (RN) resignation letter: Registered nurses can also work in academic institutions. School nurses play an important role especially when it comes to giving first aid, conducting standard health assessments, and providing sound advice to students with regards to health-related concerns or topics that are within the scope of the nurse’s professional practice. Use a school nurse resignation letter if you already want to end your employment with the school where you are currently working at.Director of Nursing (RN) resignation letter: Heading a particular nursing department is a tedious task. Now, imagine if no one will manage a given nursing department of a hospital or a medical facility. If you are a director of nursing, try to understand the situation that you will get involved in once you resign. As much as possible, follow the resignation protocols and regulations specified by your employer. Begin by developing a comprehensive director of nursing resignation letter.Immediate nursing (RN) resignation letter: Are you planning to resign immediately? If you will resign right away or there is only a short notice that you can provide, write an immediate nursing resignation letter that can directly state all the reasons for your sudden resignation. Make sure that you will still provide the date of your resignation or any period that you can still allot to rendering service.30-day nursing (RN) notice resignation letter: If you follow the standard requirements of resignation, especially with regards to service rendered, you can develop a basic resignation letter for a registered nurse. Usual resignation letters include a thirty-day notice or even just two weeks.

7 Steps for Writing a Complete Nursing (RN) Resignation Letter

Do you want to hand over a professional job resignation letter when you resign as a nurse? Make sure not to skip the development of this document. Having a detailed nurse resignation letter can help you a lot, especially when it comes to retaining a professional image that your current employer can remember even if you resign. Below are seven steps that can properly guide you with the development of a complete nursing resignation letter:

1Download a template or any reference which you think can be useful for the development of your nursing (RN) resignation letter: Do not shy away from using a pre-formatted letter of resignation template. As long as you will be mindful of what to keep and what not to from the specific reference, then you can easily optimize a nurse resignation letter template to your advantage. Make sure that you will select a template that you are comfortable modifying and work on so you can get outstanding results from the template’s usage.2Use a header before writing the date of the letter’s development, the inside address, and a salutation: Include a personal header on top of the nursing (RN) resignation letter to give an idea that the document came from you. Once you have already placed your header in your selected layout, you can specify the date when you wrote the nurse resignation letter. After this, provide a complete inside address which should indicate the letter recipient’s name, work position, and address. Place a formal salutation below the inside address to show respect to the letter recipient.3Create a detailed and compelling nursing (RN) resignation letter introduction: Write a simple or formal greeting to begin your introduction. After this, go directly to the point with regard to the specification of your resignation. State that you already want to resign on a particular date. Give an idea about the number of days in which you can still actively provide your professional services to the hospital.4Specify the reason/s which pushed you to finalize your decision to resign: Though it is not always necessary and is surely not required for you to disclose the reason for your resignation, we still recommend you to specify a thing or two about it. You do not need to go into details but at least give an idea of why you have decided to end or terminate your employment. For example, you can create a resignation letter going back to school if the main reason why you need to resign from your position is due to your decision to pursue another path or a higher academic study.5Take the opportunity to send your message of appreciation to the hospital or the organization: After all the standard details that should be seen in your nursing resignation letter, a message of appreciation can then be the main subject of another paragraph. Say how thankful you are with all the opportunities and experiences that the hospital has given to you. You can either be general or specific when writing this part of the nurse resignation letter.6Develop a conclusion or an ending statement: End the RN resignation letter appropriately. Leave your updated contact information so the human resource department can reach your right away for any concerns or updates about your resignation.7Properly close the nursing (RN) resignation letter: To close a nursing resignation letter, use formal closing remarks followed by your name and signature. Polish the entire resignation letter before you send it to your boss or direct supervisor.

Key Points of a Standard Nursing (RN) Resignation Letter

You need to be knowledgeable of the key points that must be observed in the resignation letter that you are making. A complete letter of resignation can help lessen the inquiries and further questions about your resignation. More so, a clear and transparent nursing resignation letter can make it easier and faster for the human resource department to process your resignation. Are you thinking of making a resignation letter by now? Here are some key points of a standard nursing resignation letter document that you should prioritize during letter writing:

The final date of your employment or the effectivity date of your resignationThe statement that you would like to resign from your current nurse positionThe time duration where you can still render professional services in the hospital prior to your resignation dayThe reason/s for your resignation, if you would like to disclose any related mattersThe message of appreciation that you would like the company to receive due to the things that they have helped you achieve or let you experienceThe statement of your willingness to help during the period of transition

Benefits of Making a Nursing (RN) Resignation Letter

Your nursing (RN) resignation letter is one of the last documents that you will submit to your current employer alongside an exit interview sheet and other resignation-related documents. With this, you have to ensure that you will develop a document that can showcase your professionalism as a nursing practitioner. Being able to come up with the best RN resignation letter is advantageous on your part. A few of the many benefits of making a nursing resignation letter are as follows:

A nursing (RN) resignation letter can make your exit to a hospital or any medical and healthcare facility formal: Verbally relaying your intention to resign from your current nursing work position may not be the best way to leave a company. For you to showcase your professionalism, it will be great if you create a well-developed resignation letter. With a formal resignation letter on-hand, you show respect towards the organization. It lets them know your decision with the help of a professional-looking document.A nursing (RN) resignation letter can let your employer prepare for your resignation: The nurses who are actively involved in the medical field are key parts within the professional environment where they function. Giving notice to the medical facility or office about your decision to voluntarily terminate your nursing duties is very important, especially when it comes to the management of the available workforce. By using an RN resignation letter, you can allow your employer to come in full circle so they can change the schedules of other employees or hire new nursing professionals who can take over your post. A nursing (RN) resignation letter can clarify all the items about your resignation: With the help of a nursing resignation letter, the management can be knowledgeable of your actual resignation date. They can also maximize the time that you still have left in the company which, in turn, can enable you to exit from your current employment smoothly. Clearing all items related to your resignation can promote the organization to all the processes that are essential to be done so you can leave the company without any problem.A nursing (RN) resignation letter can reflect your character as a nursing professional: Since you are the one writing the RN resignation letter, the document can help you relay the particular message that you have in mind. If you develop a respectful and gracious nursing resignation letter, then you can present your values as an individual who has been immersed in the field of nursing. Doing this is a great way for you to have higher chances of getting a registered nurse (RN) letter of recommendation from your employer.A nursing (RN) resignation letter can begin the procedures for your resignation: Your resignation will not push through if there is no formal documentation of the subject matter. By using a nursing resignation letter, you can make sure that you have given the proper and needed notice before you leave the company. Hence, the specific document can let the human resource department and the management prepare all the things that they will be needing to properly and formally document as well as process your exit.

Do’s and Don’ts for Developing the Best Nursing (RN) Resignation Letter

Familiarize yourself with a few guidelines related to the development of a nursing (RN) resignation letter. Knowing some strategies, tips, and tactics that are aligned with the efficient creation of this document can help you come up with a useful and mutually beneficial document. Here are some things that you have to keep in mind as you develop the best nursing (RN) resignation letter to notify your employer or an organization about your resignation formally:

Do provide a statement that you are willing to train the new registered nurse who will take over your position upon your departure, if possible and if time permits.Do refer to a nursing (RN) resignation letter template since referring to these documents can let you focus not only on the content details of the letter but also on its format, layout features, and overall document structure.Do use a formal language that is fit for professional working environments, especially those in the nursing and medical fields.Do review the initial draft of the nursing resignation letter so you can still have the time to correct errors before sending or handing the document to your supervisor, the human resource department, and/or the management of the hospital where you are currently employed.Do ensure the clarity of the details of your resignation letter so you can ensure that no misunderstandings occur between you and your employer.Do not be too emotional when writing your nursing (RN) resignation letter especially if your decision to resign is driven by the negative items, issues, and/or conflicts you have observed or personally experienced within your work environment.Do not neglect the opportunity for growth that the hospital has provided you with; which is why you must come up with an appreciative, courteous, and gracious nursing (RN) resignation letter.

Nursing (RN) Resignation Letter FAQs

Are there any items about the creation of a nursing (RN) resignation letter that you would like to clarify and/or know more about? Always feel free to ask questions, especially if the presence of a professional or an expert is available. You can also seek or get information from other credible sources of information. Some of the frequently asked questions about nursing (RN) resignation letters include the following:

Do you need a template when developing a nursing (RN) resignation letter?

You can create a nursing (RN) resignation letter from scratch or without using a template. However, we recommend you to use a nursing (RN) resignation letter template as a formatting guide. Doing so can help you easily put all of the elements of the resignation letter together. Make sure to use an editable nursing resignation letter so you can still apply all the changes that you need for you to make the pre-formatted reference your own.

How can you create a high-quality nursing (RN) resignation letter?

For you to create a high-quality nursing (RN) resignation letter, you have to make sure that you will look into the document from different angles and perspectives. It is not enough for you to focus on just one feature of the resignation letter as you have to make sure that the entire document is well-developed. Come up with a comprehensive content specification composed of relevant information about your resignation. Make sure that you have an organized discussion flow that can make the entire document understandable and presentable. Also, prioritize the usage of the best template with format features and a layout structure that is suitable for the kind of nursing (RN) resignation letter that you want to have. Looking into all these elements can make it easier and more effective for you to come up with a well-written nursing resignation letter.

With the help of references, you can easily develop the nursing (RN) resignation letter that you need for your resignation. Find the most suitable reference to use from the list above and begin the process of making an excellent nursing (RN) resignation letter which you can use to notify the management about your resignation and all the things associated or connected with it.