50+ Job Descriptions

What Is a Job Description?

A job description or otherwise stated as JD is a document that indicates the duties and responsibilities as well as the activities required in the job opening. Having a well written JD will boost view rate and interaction rate in your job advertisement. According to Justin Cerilli, managing director at Russell Reynolds and Associates, in order to effectively present a job vacancy, integrate a bit of marketing, truth about the job, required skills and culture of the company.

What Should Be Included in the Job Description?

Job title: The first thing that people look for in a job post or job advertisement is the title. This should clearly indicate the name of the job or position to attract qualified job seekers. Job summary: Following the title, include a summary of the job. Give the general idea of what the job would be about. State the expectation for the vacant position. In this section it is also a must to include introduction of your company. This is where you will grab the attention of the of the readers. Give them specific reasons as to why they should work for you and what you are doing for the industry.Job responsibilities: In this part it is highly advisable to be specific. State the essential duties and responsibilities of the job vacancy.Also, include the daily activities and daily schedule of the the employee. Lastly, include the importance of the job. How does it affect the company or business? This is mostly done in bullet form, in order to be clear and concise.Skills and qualifications needed: After identifying the duties and responsibilities, indicate the skills and qualifications needed for the job. Past experiences can also be included. It is important to note that stating too much skills and qualifications may fend off potential talents. According to an Indeed survey conducted in 2018, 63 percent chose not to apply for a job because they felt like they did not know the specific tools and skills listed in the JD. While the remaining 47 percent chose not to apply because they lack the minimum years of experience required. Other relevant informations: In this section you may include salary range. Note that salary range must be in line with the job responsibility of the employee. According to a 2019 survey by Indeed, 70 percent of job seekers say that they only look for a job description with the salary included. Other relevant information is benefits. Having good benefits tweak the attention of job seekers.

How to Write a Job Description

Step 1: Information

In writing any kind of document being prepared is always important. Prepare all the necessary data to input in the template. Make sure everything is included though it is also advisable to be clear, honest and straightforward.

Step 2: Job Analysis

Before writing a job description you need to analyze the specifics of the vacant position. Study and examine every little detail about the job in order to come up with a factual and concise document. A tip that may help you with this process is talking with the previous job holder or reviewing previous documents.

Step 3: Be Neutral

It is very important to be neutral in writing this kind of document. Using adjectives that only applies to one gender tends to dissuade potential candidates. Make sure that the choice of words is impartial. Omit gender biased language to attract more job seekers.

Step 4: Proofread

Before posting or printing out a document make sure to proofread. Check grammar and spelling for errors. Read the document and verify if it is clear and concise. Be subtle with your choice of words to prevent discouraging candidates.

Another important reminder is to avoid exaggeration on the job description. Using extreme modifiers may scare away potential talents.


What Are the Benefits of a Job Description for Employees?

It clearly states the expectation, duties and responsibilities of an employee. It sets boundaries to your tasks and separates extra curricular activities that are not within your job description. Also, included here is the compensation. Knowing and understanding the scope of the work, you will have a clear vision and proper estimate of how much the pay will be.

What Are the Benefits of a Job Description for Employers?

It is a reference for employers to check progress and status reports. With the help of a job description employers can easily look into the work of an employee and guarantee that they are doing the task properly. The compensation can also be based on the job description with the help of analyzing the tasks within the scope of their position. With the help of this company liability will also decrease. By complying with the law regarding the salary and benefits of an employee future disputes will be prevented.

What Is the Difference Between an Internal and External Recruitment?

From the word itself, internal recruitment means that you are looking for someone within the company to fill the job. On the other hand, external recruitment is when the employers look outside the company to fill in the job vacancies.

The main purpose of writing this document is to attract qualified candidates by clearly stating the list of tasks and responsibilities, learning opportunities and growth opportunities of the employee. Having a detailed, clear and concise job description greatly influences job seekers to read and apply for the company.