This is scary for students because they are nervous if they will pass the exam. They are scared that they would fail, and if that happens, they cannot enter the university or the college where they wanted to study. Depending on the prestige of the university, the exams sometimes are hard. It includes tests about logic, mathematics, english, and tests that measures the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) of a student. Aside from these tests, an admission essay is also given. This is a test that will also measure the ability of the student and their character. This is somehow a personal statement that would show their intelligence and reasoning. Sometimes it goes together with the application and sometimes it is included in the test. The important thing is that the students should also pass in any admission essay that a umiversity will give. You may think that no one would fail in this kind of test, but it is not true. Admission tests has scores also. So this is one type of test that a student should greatly consider.

What is an Admission Essay?

An admission essay is an essay that is prompted for a student to make as they take college examinations or having an entrance application in a university. This is an essay that they have to write together with all the test that they have to take. They have to pass on this admission essay. The admission office will also grade this as a test. Various essay topics are used in universities to test the ability of a student. Usually they need essays in English as it is the universal language. So to be good in essay writing, you have to be good in English. Whatever is your course, whether you want to have a degree in psychology, interior design, or computer science…or maybe you are taking MBA or your master degree, an admission essay could be given to you before universities will admit you. To pass this essay is a major requirement. Skills in writing is not a major issue but it will show if you are fit for college. College admission should not be taken superficially that we have to see if students were able to express themselves. We should assess the education that they had. If you are about to transfer to any university, an admission essay can also be given to you. Transferees also have to take admission test and transfer essay. Common application essay examples mostly asked about the student’s dreams and aspirations in the future and what they think about society, government, or education. There are a lot of topics that can be given in the admission essay. You are lucky if you will have something that interests you.

Tips For Admission Essay

Yes, you may be searching for some tips that you can use for admissions essay. You are about to go into college and you need to pass the exams. Refer to these tips which can help you in writing a college essay.

Get the best ideas where you do not expect them to find. Finding ideas from essays examples sometimes is not the right answer to your problem. You can come up with a recycled essay and the admission office may know that. Your chance will be wasted just because of those essays sometimes. If you are going to have them as a reference, be sure that you do not copy it. Actually, you can have other things as a reference. Maybe you can find them in your phone.  Or through your index cards. Ideas can come from things where you least expect those ideas can come. You have to be resourceful in creating an idea and not just copy ideas that are already present on the internet.Stop being pressured. To better concentrate in writing, you must not feel pressured. Ideas would not flow into you if you are tense in writing the essay. Be calm so you can come up with a brilliant idea that could be the concept of the essay. Also, when you are pressured, you cannot give your best to your writing. You can write uneven sentences that do not get to the right point. So before you write, take a deep breath first and prepare your mind to form ideas that you can never think that you can have. Relax. You should do that to make an essay that can make you pass the college admission.Put yourself on the reader’s shoes. Imagine that you are the one who are reading your essay. How will you judge your essay? What will you feel? Will you be amazed with the story? Do you think you have adhered to the topic? Are your ideas brilliant? Do you think you can give a high score to your essay? If your answers with these questions are good enough, then you are on the right track. To have an assessment of the grade the admission office will give, you have to put yourself in their place. Through that, you can tell if your essay is good enough. If you yourself is not contented with the essay, then you must know that you have to revise it. Read your essay like you are the admissions officer and repeat the process continually until you think that you can give a high grade to your essay.Write like a journalist. Maybe it is a little too much for you, but you should write like you are a journalist. Have confidence. If in the first place, you will not lift up yourself, your essay will not be lifted too. When you are writing, you should provide good leads that can make your writing attractive. It will not hurt also if you will write like a journalist. It only means that you will give your best.

How to Write an Admission Essay

Maybe you know how to write an essay. But an admission essay is a special one because it means your failure or success to be admitted in your aspired university. Have some few steps in writing your essay. In case you are not an essay writer, this could mean a lot to you to pass the exams.

Step 1: Read the guidelines carefully.

First thing first. Deal with instructions. Read it carefully. You have to know first the guidelines of the admission essay so you will be instructed on the things that you should do. Showing also that you can adhere to the guidelines will show to the admissions office that you are going to follow the rules of the university. The one who will check it will see if you will obey or not the university program. So the first important thing is to let them see that you are obedient and that you are a good student. Adhere to the number of words or pages that is written in the guidelines. Reread the instructions a number of times so you will be sure that you are not misreading it. You should also have these in mind:

Step 2: Do the brainstorming. 

Gather your creative juices and brainstorm all ideas that can enter your mind about the topic in the admission essay. The brainstorming stage may be difficult than actually writing the essay. It requires you of a concept that you can never know that you can think of. But you should squeezed out all your ideas so when you are writing, you will know what you are going to put in the body of the essay. Here are the styles that you can adapt in brainstorming:

Step 3: Make an outline.

When you are done with all the ideas, then it is time for you to take your notes and start to make an outline. An outline is important because it is like a plan that you can follow. Break down your essays into sections and write down headings that you can give for the topic. Use the ideas that you had in your brainstorming. Remember these things when making an outline:

Step 4: Write your essay like a pro.

You may be just entering into college, but breathe professionalism. You can try to write like a pro. Of course, you are not a pro yet. Just give your best into writing and write professionally. By using the outline, you now know how you can tell your story. Using your computer, make a rough draft of the essay. Then apply these things as you write your essay:

When you are done in your writing, you can proofread what you have written. This is very important because an essay is a writing piece that needs to be perfect in grammar and spelling. One wrong grammar or spelling can destroy the whole essay completely. When you see that your writing is perfect, then you can submit it to the admissions officer.


Is an Essay Important in College Admission?

Yes. It is also a kind of exam in the admission process. Though there could be universities that could just include it in the application, most universities have the admission essay as a form of exam to admit you in their university. It is more than important because you have to pass the admission essay also. Do not take the admission essay as an unimportant part of an entrance exam. You will get scores on it also and it is a part to weigh your average score in the college exams.

Do All Colleges or Universities Give an Admission Essay?

Not all of them. There are colleges or universities that do not include an admission essay as a part of their exams. But do not count on that you will not have an admission essay as one of your tests if you are about to take a college examination. Study how to write an essay so you will not be caught in surprise if a university has essay tests. Study essay examples for college, or sample MBA essays if you will have your Masters. Or essays for scholarship applications if you want to apply for a scholarship. There are application essay examples or admission essay examples that can be a help to you.

What are the Usual Topics in an Admission Essay?

The topics can be on how you can share your story. There could be expository essays or academic essays. Sometimes they would ask you how you are doing from all the obstacles that you had and how you learn from it. Or they would ask you of your belief and you will give an explanation for it. They will also determine how you can solve a problem. Sometimes, you can have a topic that you can choose yourself.

How Will the Admission Essay Be Graded?

It depends on the teacher or the admission office how they will grade your essay. Best college essays scored high because they are compelling and well-written. The grammar and spelling are considered, and the structure of all the sentences. They will also grade you according to how you have adhered to the topic and according to the goodness of your concept or ideas. Write effectively so that you will get a high score in the admission essay.

You cannot let everything to just slip through. You need to be sure that you can pass the admission test. As a part of the exam, you should always be prepared in answering any essay exam. Admission essay should be one that you would greatly consider. Study different topics and extract ideas from the many college application essay examples on the internet. This will make you to create a good concept for the admission essay. Good luck in your college application!