What Is a Biography?

Every person has a unique voice and an interesting story to tell. The way each chapter of people’s lives unfolds is a testament to how the direction of individuals differs from each other. Besides housing the chronological order of a person’s life, biographies also possess valuable information passed on from one generation to another through letters, diaries, and other documents. Biographies come in different forms, such as journals or memoirs. Still, they have mostly the same purpose—providing detail and information about real-life experiences or historical events that are relevant to society.

Types of Biographies

Biographies come in various styles and formats. Moreover, it also has different uses fitted for distinct occasions and circumstances. Determine the right type of biography for your writing or reading needs:

Autobiography: An autobiography is a self-written, personalized account of an individual’s actual life story. From the particular person’s view, the content of the document is a direct look at the insights, feelings, and truth based on the perspective of the author.

Memoir: Memoirs are like excerpts from a person’s journey through a particular phase in their life. It has a more personal and triumphant touch, as it tackles a stage in the individual’s life that triggered changes. The causing factors can be inspirational, like receiving a formal invitation from prominent leaders of the world or successfully creating a machine that makes the world a better place. As a whole, memoirs are only a piece of a person’s whole life.

Literary Biography: A literary biography is a narration of a subject’s life story through the lens of another person. The author takes an exploration through the life of the personality—from renowned figures in history to innovative leaders of the state.

Write a Compelling Biography

Writing biographies involves a lot of time, research, and interviews. And starting from scratch makes the whole process extra challenging. To avoid the hassle, we offer a variety of creative, organized, and fully customizable biography documents that you can quickly download and revise. The documents here are what you need for your business or writing journey!