What Is a Church Bulletin?

The history of the church goes back thousands of years ago. But mostly, the first few shreds of evidence of religion started with the population increase in established civilizations. Hundreds of citizens come together to pay tribute to the entities that provided their cities protection and blessings. The custom has been passed on from one generation to the next. And in the modern setting, people gather in the cathedrals to worship the heavenly beings on different days of the week. The leaders of the church make sure their assembly knows the weekly updates and schedules by utilizing a church bulletin.

In a simple description, a church bulletin contains the organized plans, announcements, and events for the church service. The design usually comes with easy-to-read texts, a few clipart, and a welcome message from the priests or pastors. Having a bulletin is one of the ways to inform believers about the future activities and goals of the church. Do note that the contents of each church bulletin vary with the projects and objectives of the people involved.

According to a survey on Religiosity In The United States conducted by Statista in 2017, more than 35% of Americans consider themselves religious

In November 2019, the Statista Research Department did a survey to determine the Christmas Celebration Plans of most Americans. The results of the study showed how 90% of the respondents have plans for the holidays

Faith Communities Today conducted a national survey in 2010 to determine congregations which utilize the Internet for the church business. It revealed that more than 11,000 groups use the Internet as a means of communication


Ecclesiastical Polities of the Church

Human beings have the liberty to choose their own religion. At times, some individuals convert and join another belief different from their previous one. Nevertheless, the decision lies in the understanding and preference of the person. According to a survey on religiosity in the United States conducted by Statista in 2017, more than 35% of Americans consider themselves religious. In this sense, they take part in various programs, offer their time, and have prayers. However, this study did not cover the polity that respondents adhere to. Now, there are different church denominations around the globe. Let’s discuss the four general types.

Episcopal Polity: In this form of church structure, the head or the personality with the highest authority is the bishop. The senior member has the responsibility to oversee the diocese and the congregation. Included in the task that he performs are confirmations (baptism or becoming part of the assembly) and ordinations (consecrated or elevated into a higher position in the clergy). The bishop supervises the ongoing activities of the church and upholds the role of the polity to the public. Moreover, the system allows local churches to do their respective functions with the assistance of the higher office.Connexional Polity: This particular denomination began in England more than two centuries ago. Connexion was the term used to describe prayer groups who commissioned traveling ministers to watch over regular ministers. The method was for organizing the congregation. Later on, the Methodist polity was born from this system and became a separate church. The two have similarities to start with, but it has varying scriptures and processes. In Britain, the connexion polity prioritizes centralized authority. While in America, some ideas stay the same, but pastors lead the congregations as assigned by the bishops. Lastly, this provides more focus on the theological aspect of the church.Presbyterian Polity: In the 16th century, presbyterian was introduced to the world. John Calvin came up with a theory on the processes of the church government. He believed that all the present members of the church are equal in the eyes of Christ, the only head in the denomination. Thus, the people wanting to hold a position or office in the ministry need to be elected by the majority. The council has different representatives that speak for people in the congregation. Unlike other churches, presbyterian polity values elections. The presbytery—consists of elders and representatives chosen by the people—ordains, installs, relinquishes, or redirects ministers when necessary.Hierarchical Polity: In practice, some of the approaches and goals in this denomination are directly similar to the episcopal polity. However, the systems of governance, as well as titles (names), have varying uses and complexity. For instance, the leaders from different churches have distinct designations even when their roles are the same. The management of the church and the functions also undergo discrete approaches depending on the polity. Despite that, the mission of these people remains true to their nature of helping other individuals be closer to a higher being.

The Major Festivities of the Church

Besides giving sermons and leading the flock to the right path, churches also offer festivals as a celebration for various occasions. From commemorating the acts and achievements of saints and observing holy functions, the organization has a range of activities all year round. And sometimes, these observances become a holiday that everyone remembers and enjoys. One of the beloved holidays that many people—whether Christian or non-Christian—enjoy is Christmas. In November 2019, the Statista Research Department did a survey to determine the Christmas celebration plans of most Americans. The results of the study showed how 90% of the respondents have plans for the holidays. Every year, people do flock stores to buy gifts during the season of giving. So, what other festivities do the church celebrate throughout the year?

Lenten Season

This solemn religious fest happens over a period of forty days, usually beginning in the last week of February and ending on the second week of April. The season prepares everyone for Easter Sunday, also known as Resurrection Sunday. This annual celebration, which changes dates yearly, recalls the forty-day fasting done by Jesus prior to His crucifixion. The Lenten season ends with the Holy Week represented by the days before his death on the cross. It starts with Palm Sunday, followed by Maundy Thursday, and lastly, Good Friday.

Ascension Thursday

As the continuation of Lenten Season, Ascension Thursday symbolizes the return of Jesus to the heavens. Forty days after the Resurrection, the feast takes place to remember the rise of Jesus back to His home. The dates of the celebration rely on the church calendar. During the festivity, people rejoice the reunion in the heavens. In fact, some countries have different ways of celebrating the event.

Pentecost Sunday

Also referred to as Whitsun, Pentecost Sunday celebrates the emergence of the church. The occasion takes place ten days after the Ascension Thursday and fifty days from Easter Sunday. Pentecost derives from the Greek word, fiftieth; thus, getting the title. During the feast, everyone commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit to enlighten the Apostles left on Earth. The churchgoers and believers observe litany of novenas, receive communion, and complete retreats. Some also do fasting before the day of the celebration. Some observances include vigils and prayers.

Advent Season

In preparation for Christmas, many people celebrate the Advent season. The feast lasts for 22 to 28 days, often three Sundays, depending on the observations done by the church. Within the month, society arranges the plans for the Nativity of Jesus through different means available. The Advent wreath and several candles mark the opening of the celebration. In some churches, there are four purple candles to represent the weeks before Christmas and one white candle as an illustration of Jesus. During the weeks, the virtues people focus on are peace, joy, hope, and love.


And lastly, here comes Christmas, the birth of the Savior. For the most part, Christmas has been associated with gift-giving and caroling. It is a time to remember the happiness in the thought of togetherness. Besides the merrymaking, the holiday also focuses on the importance of family and sharing with other folks. Whether Christian or not, Christmas has a warm place in the hearts of billions of people.

How To Write a Comprehensive Church Bulletin

The task of informing the faithful about upcoming church plans can be challenging without the aid of an effective tool. Faith Communities Today conducted a national survey in 2010 to determine congregations which utilize the Internet for the church business. It revealed that more than 11,000 groups use the Internet as a means of communication. Although the report was a decade ago, many can attest the effectiveness of new technologies in making work easier for many lots of people. But then again, not every parishioner has access to the web, let alone a high-end mobile device. That said, having a church bulletin plays an essential role in passing crucial messages to the public. Here are the four ways to make a comprehensive church bulletin.

Step 1: List Down Necessary Announcements

When making the material, you have to start by listing down the important announcements for the timeframe. Will the church be celebrating mother’s day and father’s day? How about springtime festivities? Or winter activities? The planner should know the appropriate time to announce the plans. Plotting everything in the calendar can help avoid overcrowding of projects and programs. You can also include the drives and donations finished by the church on the document. Furthermore, determine the posting of the communication material to the boards.

Step 2: Include the Mass Schedule for the Week

Some churchgoers prefer one pastor or bishop from another. Other believers favor a certain time when visiting the church to pray. With that, the mass schedule for the week should be on the church bulletin. In this way, the people are aware of the available time they can go to the cathedral and the priest doing the sermon. It also saves the energy for those individuals in-charge of the schedules, as there will be fewer questions about the mass.

Step 3: Enumerate Reminders

Every congregation has its rules and regulations. Some have dress codes and color plans. Others have required readings. So, the church bulletin must include some reminders to the general public. There is no repetition for the reminders written on the bulletin board, as long as most people know it. Simple cues could be shoewear, manners in the place, and clothes to avoid. Again, the list depends on the leaders of the church.

Step 4: Add Message of Peace and Solidarity

As a gesture to the reader, you have to conclude the document with a gracious parting quote or message. The phrases should not look like a paragraph. Instead, it can be verse, a famous quote from someone relatable, or a word from the pastor of the church. This section intends to show readers that the creators of the church bulletin continue to care even when the mass ends.


Can I place different kinds of fonts on the church bulletin?

In making a church bulletin template, we suggest you use two to three fonts as a way to distinguish the contents on the material. You have to remember the readers of the material, so make sure the sentences and words are readable. Legibility is key to proper communication, especially when in the form of print or writing.

Can the contact details of the church be in the document?

Yes, the contact information must be part of the material. The standard includes the church address, telephone number, the website (if applicable), and fax number. The creators of the church bulletin still have to decide which information is necessary to place in the form.

Can I print the material and make it a flyer?

Although not recommended, you can convert the template into a flyer with some revisions. Others have the option to give the flyer to churchgoers who do not have access to the web or often forget appointments and plans. You should only print enough flyers or pamphlets to hand out. Avoid excessive reprints to save the environment.

Can I place a calendar on the church bulletin template?

You have the option to either place the weekly or monthly schedule on the material. But you have to be certain that each information or plan will commence. Since there are prior changes to some activities, having a weekly schedule can be better for planners and readers.

To maintain a healthy relationship with friends, family, and colleagues, a proper means of communication should be available. Without the right tool, problems will arise coming from both parties. In the religious aspect, communication plays a crucial role in keeping the faith of the churchgoers and ensuring them about the good deeds done by the church. Hence, having a church bulletin helps inform the people about different plans and reassures their faith in the people running the denomination.