Who is Drew Sample?

Drew Sample is an American professional football player who has made significant contributions as a tight end in the National Football League (NFL). Born on April 16, 1997, in Bellevue, Washington, Sample’s football journey started during his college years at the University of Washington. He showcased his skills and versatility as a tight end, impressing scouts and coaches alike with his strong blocking abilities, reliable hands, and disciplined route-running.

In the 2019 NFL Draft, Sample was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round, signifying the team’s recognition of his potential. Since then, he has become an integral part of the Bengals’ offensive strategy. While he may not always grab the headlines with flashy stats, Sample’s impact goes beyond the numbers. His exceptional blocking skills have allowed him to contribute significantly to the team’s rushing attack, creating running lanes and providing protection for the quarterback. His reliable hands make him a reliable target in critical moments, helping sustain drives and move the chains.

Drew Sample’s Player Profile 

Take an in-depth look at Drew Sample’s player profile sample. From his physical attributes to his versatile skill set, we analyze his blocking prowess, reliable hands, route-running abilities, and football IQ. Discover what makes Sample a valuable asset to the Cincinnati Bengals’ offense.

Height and Weight: Standing at 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing approximately 255 pounds, Sample possesses the physical attributes that make him an imposing figure on the football field. His size gives him an advantage in contested catches and blocking assignments, allowing him to excel as a tight end. Blocking Skills: Sample’s blocking skills are highly regarded in the NFL. He excels in both run blocking and pass protection, using his size, strength, and technique to create lanes for running backs and provide a clean pocket for his quarterback. His blocking prowess adds a crucial dimension to the Bengals’ offensive scheme. Versatility: Sample’s versatility is a valuable asset to his team. He can line up as an in-line tight end, split out wide, or even shift into the backfield. This versatility gives the Bengals’ offense flexibility in their formations and play-calling, as Sample can be utilized in various roles depending on the game plan. Football IQ: Sample possesses a high football IQ, which is evident in his decision-making on the field. He understands defensive coverages, finds open spaces in zones, and adjusts his routes based on the situation. His football intelligence allows him to make smart plays and contribute to the team’s overall success. Leadership Qualities: Sample possesses strong leadership qualities both on and off the field. He leads by example through his work ethic, commitment, and positive attitude. Sample’s leadership is valuable in fostering a cohesive team environment, where he sets the standard for professionalism and dedication.

Drew Sample’s Highlights

In this section, we delve into Drew Sample’s most impactful performances that have left a lasting impression on the field. From clutch catches to dominant blocking, we explore the moments where Sample has showcased his skills and made a significant impact for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Route Running: Sample’s route-running ability is a testament to his understanding of the game. He runs crisp routes, showing good timing and precision to create separation from defenders. His route-running skills allow him to find open spaces in the defense and make himself available as a reliable target in the passing game. Yards After Catch: Despite his primarily blocking-focused role, Sample has shown the ability to gain yards after the catch. He demonstrates good agility and a determination to fight for extra yardage, often breaking tackles and extending plays. His yards after the catch contribute to the Bengals’ offensive production and provide an additional dimension to his game. Red Zone Threat: Sample’s size, reliable hands, and ability to create separation make him a dangerous red zone threat. He has shown the capability to make contested catches in tight spaces, contributing crucial touchdowns for the Bengals. His presence in the red zone adds another dimension to the team’s scoring opportunities. Playoff Performances: While still early in his NFL career, Sample has showcased his abilities in playoff games. These high-pressure situations have seen him step up and make key plays for the Bengals, demonstrating his ability to perform at a high level when it matters most. Sample’s playoff performances indicate his potential to thrive on the big stage.

Drew Sample’s College Stats

Delve into Drew Sample’s college stats and highlight his contributions during his tenure at the University of Washington. From receptions and receiving yards to touchdowns and average yards per reception, we examine his statistical achievements and impact on the field.

Receptions: Drew Sample recorded a total of 46 receptions during his college career at the University of Washington. This stat highlights his ability to be a reliable target in the passing game and showcases his hands and catching ability as a tight end. Receiving Yards: Sample amassed 487 receiving yards throughout his college career. While not the most prolific receiving yardage, this stat demonstrates his capability to contribute in the passing game and make impactful plays downfield. Touchdowns: Sample found the end zone five times during his time at the University of Washington. His touchdown production showcases his effectiveness as a red zone threat and his knack for scoring when his team needed it most. Average Yards per Reception: Sample averaged 10.6 yards per reception over his college career. This stat indicates his ability to generate positive yardage after making catches, highlighting his agility and yards-after-catch ability. Games Played: Throughout his college tenure, Sample played a total of 52 games. This stat reflects his durability and availability, showcasing his ability to consistently contribute to his team’s offense and play a significant role in their game plans.

How to Use Drew Sample PDF Documents

We provide a comprehensive guide on effectively utilizing Drew Sample PDF documents. From draft profiles to college stats, and injury updates to player profiles, we outline step-by-step instructions on how to access, analyze, and leverage these documents to gain valuable insights about Drew Sample.

Step 1: Access the Drew Sample PDF Documents

Locate and download PDF documents related to Drew Sample, such as his draft profile, college stats, player profile, injury updates, and highlights. These documents can often be found on official team websites, scouting platforms, sports news outlets, or Drew Sample’s official online presence.

Step 2: Review Draft Profile and College Career

Read Drew Sample’s draft profile to gain insights into his pre-professional career and projected potential. Then, analyze his college career stats, examining his reception numbers, receiving yards, and touchdowns to understand his production and impact at the collegiate level.

Step 3: Explore Player Profile and Injury Updates

Dive into the PDF documents that provide Drew Sample’s player profile. Familiarize yourself with his physical attributes, strengths, and weaknesses, along with any injury history or updates. Understanding his injury status is crucial for assessing his availability and potential impact on the field.

Step 4: Analyze Highlights and PFF Analysis

Study the PDF documents containing Drew Sample’s highlights, showcasing his notable plays and impact moments. Additionally, refer to any analysis or evaluations from reputable sources like Pro Football Focus (PFF). This analysis can provide deeper insights into Sample’s performance, strengths, weaknesses, and potential for fantasy football considerations.

Step 5: Leverage Information for Fantasy Football

Utilize the gathered information from the PDF documents to make informed decisions in fantasy football. Consider Drew Sample’s college stats, player profile, injury updates, and PFF analysis to assess his potential value as a tight-end option for your fantasy team. Incorporate his highlights and college career performance to gauge his consistency and big-play potential.


What is Drew Sample’s draft profile?

Drew Sample’s draft profile refers to an assessment of his skills, strengths, weaknesses, and potential as a professional football player. It typically includes a performance evaluation sample with an evaluation of his college career, physical attributes, and projected role in the NFL.

What are some notable stats from Drew Sample’s college career?

Drew Sample’s college stats include his receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns during his time at the University of Washington. These statistics provide insights into his production and impact as a tight end at the collegiate level.

Has Drew Sample experienced any significant injuries?

Drew Sample’s injury history based on his injury incident report is an important aspect to consider. It includes any notable injuries or updates on his health that may affect his availability and performance on the field.

How does Drew Sample’s player profile contribute to his overall evaluation?

Drew Sample’s player profile encompasses his physical attributes, skills, playing style, and intangibles. It provides a comprehensive overview or summary valuation report of his strengths, weaknesses, and overall impact as a tight end in the NFL.

What are some highlights from Drew Sample’s career?

Drew Sample’s highlights showcase his exceptional plays, including impressive catches, key blocks, and game-changing moments. These highlights offer a glimpse into his skills, athleticism, and playmaking abilities, providing an exciting look at his on-field contributions.

How did Drew Sample perform in college, and what were his notable college stats?

Drew Sample had a successful college career at the University of Washington, where he recorded notable statistics such as receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. His college stats highlight his productivity and contributions to the team’s offense.

Has Drew Sample received any recognition or analysis from Pro Football Focus (PFF)?

Pro Football Focus (PFF) is known for its comprehensive player evaluations. It is worth exploring if Drew Sample has received any analysis, grades, or rankings from PFF, as it can provide additional insights into his performance and overall impact.

Sample’s contributions extend beyond his physical abilities. He possesses a strong work ethic and a team-first mentality, earning the respect of his teammates and coaches. Despite facing injuries at times, he has displayed resilience and determination, bouncing back and continuing to make valuable contributions on the field. Furthermore, Sample’s leadership qualities and positive attitude make him a respected figure in the locker room, helping foster a cohesive and winning team environment. Overall, Drew Sample is a talented tight end who may not always steal the spotlight but plays a vital role in the Bengals’ offense. Through his blocking prowess, dependable hands, and intangible qualities, he continues to make significant contributions to the team’s success, earning the admiration of fans and his peers in the process. Check and use our diverse selection of sample PDF document templates such as a sports event proposal, a sports invoice, and a sports coaching proposal.