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What is the 1619 Project?

The New York Times Magazine has the 1619 project as the ongoing initiative to reframe US history by recognizing the contributions of Black Americans to American history. This places the consequences of slavery. This is first developed by Nikole Hannah-Jones in August 2019 at the 400th anniversary of the first arrival of the African slaves in Virginia. This project has a work plan to raise awareness so that slavery will not happen again. The 1619 project has been a subject of controversies and debates. Though some praise its efforts to recognize the neglected aspect of American history.

One can learn about the 1619 project through a 1619 project documentary or the 1619 project curriculum. There can be 1619 project lesson plans that can help a student know this. You can also visit the 1619 project website. Or if you want, you can see the 1619 project book or the 1619 project movie. There are even 1619 project episodes and 1619 project podcasts. When you see the 1619 project trailer, you can say that this is a worthwhile subject to know because it can make you aware of American history. So, what is the 1619 project in education? This can help students know the aspects of slavery that happened decades ago, making them aware of how they can respect the rights of other people these days.

Benefits of the 1619 Project

In any history sample, we can get lessons and we will learn how to become a better citizen. It has no difference from the 1619 project. You will come to consider the slavery that the black people have experienced and this can give you the right attitude today to treat other people. The 1619 project gives a lot of benefits to every people in America, whether they be black or white. Below are some of the benefits that you can get from the 1619 project:

Raise Awareness: The 1619 project gives awareness to every people in America. They will know how the discrimination against black people has started. They will become aware of the things that they should not do to not continue the slavery that began decades ago. If they will know some of the events that have happened in the past, they can give special lessons to the people today so that they will never do again the things that white people have committed in those years. Everyone can be aware that discriminating the black people because of color may not be good. Yes, they might be slaves long ago, but that was decades ago. Those years were not good for the black people. Today, they have the freedom to be treated as equals and that kind of thing must not happen again. Though there can be some instances of discrimination that still happen, we must learn from the past so that we will know how to respect people of other colors.Promotes Critical Thinking: One can have great knowledge through the 1619 project. Through the essays, stories, and poems that are written by various scholars, you will come to understand American history more. You can have a good understanding that you can apply to the present life. We know that the past can affect the present day. Through good critical thinking, you can better shape today. You will have the right thinking in treating other people. This will help you to respect black people though they are different in color. By understanding the past, you will understand both black and white people. It gives you critical thinking that you can use to better treat anyone around you. So, if ever you have hesitations about having a business contract or a business agreement with a black person, you can refer to the 1619 project so that you can correct your actions.Inspires Action: Just like when an action plan is needed in every implementation plan at work, the 1619 project is like a match that lit up the fire to remind everyone that we should not discriminate the black people. The 1619 project inspires everyone to give full respect to black people. This reminds everyone of the mistakes that the white people have committed in the past. Though this gives an understanding that Black Americans are just slaves before, this gives knowledge about the contributions of Black Americans in American history. Through this, you can find a reason to respect all black people nowadays. You must not continue the discrimination that has happened a long time ago. Because of the 1619 project, you can learn from what happened decades ago. You will have the courage to stop discrimination because this is not good for anybody.Knowing the Contributions of Black Americans: The 1619 project can give you a good knowledge of the contributions of Black Americans. So, whenever you are going to make a work contract or a work agreement with them, you can come to respect them the most. You know that they have a good part in American history. By knowing that they are good people who have served white people well, you can see them as very good people. You will not commit the mistakes that white people have made in those days. But instead, you will become good masters to them just like the white people who have been good masters to them before. This will erase any discrimination in your heart just because of color. You can treat them just like you are treating your fellow white Americans.Challenging Traditional Historical Narratives: Just as the 1619 project is controversial, it challenges any traditional historical narratives. It boasts about the contributions of Black Americans in American history. It gives good prestige to black people though they have been slaves before. A 1619 project PDF document is enough for you to understand the history of Black Americans in America. It gives a good background of what you should think about the past of black people in America. It can be better than other narratives about Black Americans. It exposes the truth that one should believe. It is a good narrative that can help anyone to have a good understanding of the past of America in 1600.Encouraging Further Research: By reading the 1619 project, it can give you the curiosity to know more about the past of America. It encourages you to do further research to know the truth about American history. This can be good for anyone because they can be better citizens who know the past of their country. With the 1619 project, you can be enticed to know more so that you can understand better the contributions of Black Americans in history. There can be many ways to do this as many readings are there to make you know about Black Americans. By having enough knowledge, you can have a better vision of the difference between Black Americans with white people decades ago. It can help you to become a better person in the present.Highlighting the Legacy of Slavery: The 1619 project highlights the legacy of slavery of Black Americans in the past. It tells the impact of this event on American society. This way, we can understand why until now, there can be some discrimination to be found against Black Americans. Though we know that people do everything to avoid discrimination, we will come to understand why it is happening. The 1619 project leaves a choice for every white American to not continue slavery. While it honors Black Americans, the project aims to put a stop to every discrimination against black people.

How to Know the 1619 Project?

Is the 1619 project new to you? Well, there can be many ways to know about the 1619 project. Try to know this project and it can give you good knowledge. You can do the following:

1. Read the Original Article

The best way to be informed is to read the original article. Search for the New York Times Magazine issue where the 1619 project is featured. It is published in August 2019. It is also available online. You can read essays, stories, and poems that cover the topic.

2. Explore the Curriculum

A downloadable curriculum is offered by the 1619 project. You can have a better understanding through this curriculum. You can download the curriculum and study it anytime in your spare time. You can include this in your weekly schedule or daily schedule.

3. Reading Critiques

The 1619 project has become a controversy and debate. So, you can find many write-ups from critiques on this project. This can make you know what other people are thinking about the narrative of the 1619 project. This will surely give you a better understanding.

4. Attending Events

The 1619 project has been so popular that it becomes the topic of many lectures and panel discussions. It can be a topic in universities, museums, and other places. You can go to these events so that you can be a part of the discussion. This can give you a good knowledge of the 1619 project.


What are the tips for the 1619 project?

The tips for the 1619 project are to consider criticisms, supplement your reading, discuss the project with others, reflect on the project’s implications, seek out diverse perspectives, explore related resources, reflect on your own assumptions, engage in dialogue, think critically, and take action.

What is the goal of the 1619 project?

The goal of the 1619 project is to reframe US history with the contributions of Black Americans. It aims to raise awareness of slavery and racism in the United States.

The 1619 project has enough controversy which makes the project popular. This only proves that the 1619 project is a good topic. This is something that is worth reading and should be discussed. If the 1619 project can give a good benefit to every American people, then we must continue to know this curriculum and be a part of it. It can give the awareness that every American people should have.