It is not that companies have inequalities with people who have mental diseases. Persons with that kind of disabilities are accepted to work most especially in the U.S. But companies want to know the psychological status of a person. Psychological background is important to assess the abilities of employees. The test will tell their personality. A company may give an employment to a mental-diseased person, but every employee should pass a psychological test to let the company know whether they have mental illness or not. Not only in companies that psychological assesments are done. It is also used in court in cases of child custody and others. A psychological assessment report is requested by the court so the psychological condition of a person will be revealed. This report is also given when we examine the psychological capabilities of a child. With this report, we can assess whether a child is normal or has autism. Psychological assessment report is greatly used in the present society. The percentage of persons who have mental diseases becomes high and it is greatly needed.

What is a Psychological Assessment Report?

A psychological assessment report is a document that contains the psychological assessment of a person. Psychological assessment is the way of testing the behaviour, personality and abilities of a person using techniques where the psychologist can arrive with hypotheses. It can also be called psychological testing. The assessment states whether a person is suffering from a mental illness or not. The purpose of this report is to give information about the mental conditions of a person. It is used in a variety of ways. Companies commonly used psychological testing as a part of recruitment process in hiring. Psychological report is used in children to assess whether they are normal or not. It can also be used in court as an evidence that can help in the trial. Not that mental health should be in question, but the fact that we know the mental condition of a person can help the person who can have the illness and the people around us. We have to be a little concerned about our mental health. We have to know the mental history of an individual. We can help them if we will do so. If an employee was proved to have a mental illness, we can be careful about his condition while we are at work. In case of our children, bringing them to the psychologist at an early age can make us to give an early solution if there could ever be found a diagnosis of mental problem. The psychological assessment report is useful and we can take care of our mental health.

Diagnosis in a Psychological Assessment Report

After examining the behaviour of a person, the psychologist can come up with different diagnoses. Here are the diagnoses that can be found in a person who takes psychological assessment:

Depression Depression is an unusual sadness. When you are experiencing sadness in a prolonged time, then it may result to depression. This mental illness is common nowadays. It is a serious mental illness that negatively affects how a person feels. The way how they think and how they act are also affected. But good news, this illness can be treated if you will have the proper medication and psychiatric help. People who suffers from this lose interest to things that they are fond of before. Their capacity to function is decreased because of this. The symptoms of depression are always feeling a sad mood, not liking the things that you have enjoyed before, changes that you can experience in your appetite, having trouble in sleeping or having too much sleep, feeling of fatigue or losing your energy, unusual feeling of unworthiness and guilt, difficulty in making decisions, and having suicide. When you see this symptoms in a member of your family, better bring him to a psychiatrist.Autism Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that has symptoms like lack of social communication or interaction. Some of cases of this are detected at an early age when a child has no capacity to interact with the members of the family. Those who have this have repetitive actions and activities.Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Traumatic events sometimes happen, and everyone of us may have experienced this in our lives. This mental illness is a psychiatric disorder that anyone can have after having such traumatic events. A person may have lost a loved one and cannot take the truth of it. Someone can have this illness from battling from war. If a person has experienced sexual violence, PTSD can also result. It can occur to any people in every nationality. People who have this have disturbing thought about the thing that has happened to them. They have nightmares and even flashbacks about it. They always relive the memory. It makes them sad, fearful, or angry and it detached them to the people around them.Anxiety Anxiety is sometimes normal, but when you are continually having it, then it is an anxiety disorder. It is an overwhelming feeling of fear or worry. When you are always worrying about the little things that has been happening in your life, and you always feel the fear out of anything, you may be having this kind of mental illness. It is harmful because you may try to avoid many things like your work because of anxiety. But this illness can also be treated. One of the treatment that you can have is hypnosis.Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ADHD is a mental illness that is common to children. Its symptoms are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsitivity. In children, 8.4% are estimated to have this. While in adults, the estimate is 2.5%. It is identified early at the school age of children when they do disruptions in the classroom or is unruly with schoolworks.Drug or Alcohol Addiction This is a condition that a person can have when they excessively drink alcohol or having drug abuse. They are so immensed with the substance that it affects their social and personal lives. Signs of this are delinquent behaviour and deterioration of relationships

How to Write a Psychological Assessment Report

Writing a psychological report is crucial as it would contain the delicate issue about the mental health of a person. If you are new in psychological assessment report writing, you might want to try these steps in writing:

Step 1: Make the patient relax.

Before having a psychological assessment, you must first examine the person. As you meet your patients, make them comfortable so you can have the right answers to the questions that you will ask them. They have to feel at ease and be comfortable with you. They might tell you something that can be a symptom of mental illness that they would not tell if they are not at ease with you. Be friendly to them because mental problem is an issue that usually people do not share to others. It is hard to tell. We can only tell it to the persons that we have complete confidence. You can see in every psychological evaluation report that a patient has secretive thoughts. It cannot be let out that easily. So make your patient relax so that your psychological evaluation will get its purpose.

Step 2: Do the test with care.

As you do the interview with the patient, you must do it with proper care. Speak in a warm tone and ask questions that will not hurt the feelings of the patient. You have to remember, be a good counselor to your patient. To get the best counsel, do not make the interview short. Take a great time to let the patient speak their thoughts, so you can know if they have a problem or not. Apply all the knowledge that you have learned in your psychology course. You may have learned some great skills on how to handle a patient. Do not ask too personal questions instantly. Let the patient open that kind of conversation. Remember that our thoughts are too personal to be intruded. Before a patient would hide themselves because of awkwardness, ask questions that would make them feel more at ease with you. They might open up if you will choose right questions. One of the best way is to ask how they are doing. Ask what is going on with their thoughts. Ask if something has been troubling them. Ask all of these in a friendly tone where anyone can tell their worries and fear.

Step 3: Analyze the data.

As you finally have done your best in interviewing the patient, you can now come up with a good psychological assessment that you can use to give psychological report recommendations. Analyze the information that you have collected. Make a summary of what you have gathered in the interview, so you can see better the diagnosis or the result that you can give if ever the person seems to be free from mental illness.

Step 4: Do the writing.

When the data is already analyzed, you can proceed into writing. You can refer to any psychological assessment example or psychological report sample to be aware of the most latest style in writing the report. You may already know how to write a psychological report, but it is better to consider any sample clinical assessment report. It can improve your writing. While you are doing the psychological report writing, have in mind that you have to make it accurate, so that you can be a help to the mental health of your patients. You cannot be wrong in your diagnosis because the patient has to take the proper medications if ever they are diagnose with a mental illness. If they are free from it, then there is no problem. You just have to properly put your observations about their behaviour and write their capabilities.

Step 5: Consider the audience.

When writing, you must know the audience that you can have. Adjust your writing according to them. Make sure that the reader of the psychological assessment report will understand all the contents of your psychological evaluation. Avoid jargons in your writing to make sure that even the least in knowledge can have a full understanding of the assessment. When you are sure of these things, then your psychological assessment report is ready.


Why Should We Have To Undergo a Psychological Assessment?

There are various reasons why we have to undergo a psychological assessment. Sometimes we have difficulties and we have to take the psychological testing to assess the problem that we are having. We can know if we are struggling with a mental problem. We can provide the right solutions for it. We can make solutions before it is too late. When a person starts to have struggles with his thoughts, and can notice unusual behavior with himself, it is time for him to seek help before the problem gets worse. It is not usual to have unusual attitudes, so we have to take a psychological test to ensure that our mental health is not in danger. Aside from these things, a psychological assessment is needed in different situations like as evidence in the court or a test that we should take in the recruitment process in an employment. When our behaviour is needed to be examined, we have to undergo a psychological assessment. It is not bad. We will know the extent of our behaviour and we can be released with the mental stress. We can know if we have a mental problem or not.

How Can I Find a Psychologist That Can Give Me a Psychological Assessment?

In searching a psychologist, know the expertise of the particular test that you need. Then there are many ways on how you can find the psychologist that can conduct the assessment for you. You can ask a medical practitioner that you know. They can refer you to a psychologist that can give you this work. If you want your children to be tested, you can ask their school. Maybe they have a psychologist that can do it for your children. To provide a quick answer to your search, you may contact APS “Find a Psychologist” service. Their phone can be accessed at (1800-333-497). They can give you a suitable psychologist.

How Much Does a Psychological Assessment Cost?

There are government services that can provide psychological assessment to you free of charge. Examples of these are schools and health centers. But sometimes you have to meet eligibility requirements. The cost of the assessment with private services depends on the reason on why you are having the assessment, the number of tests that you need, the information that is needed, and what psychological report example do you need.

How Can I Make My Psychological Report Writing Better?

Verify the solid data that you have. Be sure that you are going to include accurate information only. To have some great skills, use any psychological assessment example as a reference. You can have better ideas on how to write a psychological report.

A psychological assessment report can inform us of our current mental state. It can give us understanding of our mental condition. If we are near to depression or anxiety disorder, the psychological assessment report will let us know. We can take the immediate action that we need. Do not be afraid to take psychological tests. This will help us regarding our true condition. Mental health is important just as our physical health. We must take this into account. Have a psychological assessment report if you have any worries about your mental health.