What is a Pet Care Agreement?

A Pet Care Agreement, also known as a Pet Sitting Agreement or a Pet Walking Agreement, is a contract signed by a service provider (the pet caretaker) and a customer (usually the pet owner). A Pet Care Agreement is a contract between a service provider and a client to deliver specified pet-related services. These can include any form of pet care service, such as dog walking, cat boarding, or even snoozing.

Other names for the document: pet sitting agreement, dog boarding contract, animal care contract, pet care contract, pet care agreement sheet, pet care agreement form, cat pet care.

What Makes a Good Pet Service

As a professional, or an independent pet sitter, you should make a lot of research and learn from your experience to give the best service to your clients. Here are some tips.

Be curious about the pet: To better care for a pet, you have to know what are its needs. Spend time to know what makes that dog active, or that cat playful. Ask questions from the client about the hobbies of the pet and what to do in instances when they get different than their normal state. Communicate: Let the owners know what is going on with their pets. As loving owners, they would most likely long for updates in times when their pets are away from them. Let them know important details and what your observations are so that they have a picture of what their pets experience towards the pet service are.Consistency: Always be consistent in taking care of the pet. Never treat them less just because their owners aren’t watching. Remember, pets know who they like and don’t so if you abuse them, they’ll most likely not react good when brought to you. That means you lose a client. 

How to make a Pet Care Agreement

If you leave your pet in the care of a professional border, they will very certainly have their own contract. However, if you employ someone who is not a professional to care for your pet, you must have your own PET CARE AGREEMENT in place to outline his or her responsibilities and duties.

1. Names of the owner and the caregiver:

Like every other agreement, using your actual name gives your writing legitimacy. Coming out with your genuine identity, increases the credibility and trustworthiness of your statement. Details like location, as well as more detailed contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses.

2. Pet information:

the agreement should also indicate several information about the animal such as its name, kind, gender and age. It could also include the animals’ medical needs, habit and history of biting. As long as there is a clear picture what the animal is like.

3. Date of duration:

The agreement should include effective date or when your contractual duties begin and end date or when your duties end. This is know if there is a failure in the contractual responsibilities. If someone fails to fulfill their responsibilities within these dates, they could be sued for breach.

4. Service Details:

Your pet care agreement’s very important part is the service details. This part covers all of your terms and rules, which clients must accept before becoming clients. The service agreement’s primary aim is to safeguard you, your employees, and your company, so all of these terms should be crystal clear and firmly enforced.

5. Payment Details:

the contract should have a place for the payment information. Let the clients know your rates. You should provide your clients clear information on how to pay their invoices in either way. If you require a credit card on file and will be billing that card for the customer, you should be absolutely clear in describing this procedure to them.

6. Emergency Person:

Whenever there are times when an emergency happens and the owner of the animal cannot be contacted, the emergency person is the next one to call. This person is trusted by the owner to look out for the animal if he isn’t able to attend on time

7. Signatures:

Signing your contract means that you have understood everything that the agreement says and you accept it. Signatures are important in any agreement as well as pet care agreement because this indicates consent.


1. Why do I need a pet care agreement?

A Pet Care Agreement allows Pet Owners and Pet Sitters to exchange the finer details so that your pet receives the finest care possible while you are away.

2. Is there a need to seek an attorney for making a pet care agreement?

No, hiring an attorney is not required to form a pet care agreement. However, the counsel and direction of an attorney could improve your agreement in a way that it could make more fair suggestions between both the client and the pet care giver, so it is strongly recommended.

3. How to find a pet care professional?

To have your pet taken care of, you must first select a person or organization that you can trust to care for your pet. And that individual or organization must be willing to do so. So, regardless of whatever option you pick, have an open talk with your pet’s possible carer about how to care for your pet and how payments will be addressed.

At the end of the day, what matters most is how you enjoy what you are doing. Pets aren’t objects and they are family to their owners. If you only do the job for the love of money and you don’t really have compassion towards pets, might as well not be a pet care giver. Let the job be done by someone else who is more passionate.