PDF Converter

What is a PDF Converter?

A PDF converter is a versatile and expertly developed software platform designed for converting important business documents, and other files for personal or professional use such as HR documents, and sales documents from different file formats which include DOC, Excel, PowerPoint or PPT, Word, HTML, PNG, and JPEG to PDF format or vice versa. It is a one-of-a-kind file or graphic converter that enables the user to easily and rapidly translate the information stored in a PDF and contribute to making it comprehensible to another software by digitally altering the contents. The technicalities of this conversion, which vary depending on the format and might be extensive, all happen in the process.

Also known as a PDF editor and PDF reader, a PDF converter is generally used to make PDF content accessible. The procedure entails selecting the output format, selecting the extension, and converting any documents to PDF. The PDF converter makes data entry and retyping less time-consuming and simpler. PDF files can be opened and viewed by a number of PDF readers and applications. To make modifications to the PDF, however, you will need more complex options. In general, PDF converters accelerate the editing procedure. With the help of this all-in-one PDF tool, you may alter or convert PDF files into a number of other formats that are compatible with well-known PDF software.

Basic PDF Converter Tools

PDF converters offer a variety of features and tools to help you in converting your files. What are the basic PDF converter tools that you may use for your documents and projects? 

Word to PDF Converter/PDF to Word Converter: With a Word-to-PDF converter application, you may instantly convert your Word document into an easy-to-share PDF. When converting a Word document to a PDF, choose the Word file that needs to be converted and use a free online converter. Alternatively, you may convert any PDF into an editable Word document in a matter of seconds by using a PDF-to-Word converter. When you convert a PDF to Word, you first select the PDF file from your computer that you want to work with, use the PDF to Word converter to extract the text, photos, and scanned pages (OCR), and then a nicely formatted Word document is generated and ready for download in a matter of seconds. Excel to PDF Converter/PDF to Excel Converter: With an Excel to PDF converter, you can quickly convert your Excel spreadsheet to a portable PDF file. Choose the XLS or XLSX file from your computer that you wish to convert, use the free Excel to PDF converter to properly format your Excel spreadsheet into a PDF file, and then wait a few seconds for your PDF download to be ready. Use a PDF-to-Excel converter to transform your PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet. In order to convert a PDF to Excel, you must first choose the PDF file that needs to be converted from your computer, use the PDF to XLS converter to convert the file to the Excel spreadsheet format, and then wait a little while for your new Excel file to be downloaded. PPT to PDF Converter/PDF to PPT Converter: Your PowerPoint or PPTX files can be easily converted into a PDF document using a PPT to PDF converter. Choose your PowerPoint from your computer, utilize an online PPT to PDF converter to quickly convert your PPT or PPTX to a PDF, download your new PDF, and store it on your computer to complete the conversion. If it’s the other way around, utilize a PDF to PPT converter to quickly and easily convert a PDF to PowerPoint online. The PDF file you want to convert to PowerPoint should be selected. Then, utilize the PDF to PowerPoint converter and download the PPT version and save it to your PC. Online JPG to PDF Converter/PDF to JPG Converter: Need to quickly convert a JPG, PNG, or other images to a PDF file? For a speedy file conversion, use an online JPG to PDF converter. Choose the JPG files you want to convert to PDF, then add the files to a JPG-to-PDF converter. Use an online JPG to PDF converter to convert your JPG files, then download and save the PDF versions on your PC. Use a PDF-to-JPEG converter if you need to convert your Document to a JPG image. Choose the PDF that you wish to turn into a collection of JPG files. Give your PDF pages a few seconds to convert to excellent JPG photos. Download and save your JPG files to your computer once they are complete.

Top PDF Converters

Numerous PDF converters, PDF editors, and PDF signer apps are available out there and can be used on your Windows, Mac, Android mobile, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad, and other smart devices. What are the top PDF converters you can easily and quickly use for file conversion?

PDF Converter Ultimate: It is a powerful file-to-and-from PDF converter. Every PDF can be converted to Excel, JPEG, PowerPoint, CAD, Word, and text files, as well as the other way around. It also has OCR, or optical character recognition, which allows it to read individual letters and words from scanned documents rather than just detecting them as images. Users can now edit the document right within the app thanks to this. In comparison to other PDF converter apps, PDF Converter Ultimate transmits the files to their servers rather than processing them locally, which makes it suitable for phones with lower processing power and RAM as well as saving battery life. PDF Creator & Editor: An easy-to-use PDF app for Android is called PDF Creator & Editor. Text files can be converted into PDFs, divided into pages and files, or combined into a single PDF. Also, you can annotate, include photographs, reorganize the pages, export PDF images, and do other things. It is a minimalist app that just performs the job and does it effectively, without the fancy frills that expensive apps offer. This one is likely to work well for you if you need something quick to use to edit and convert files into PDF. PDF Photos: There are customizable templates available for this iOS photo and PDF converter app, which you can use to design layouts for the photos you wish to convert to PDFs. This works nicely if you want to create a straightforward PDF presentation or transmit images instead of just documents. Similar to utilizing a Photo Grid tool where you can fit 2-4 images in a square, in a way. Further, you may use this program to rotate your PDF, modify the margin and paper size, resize the image, fill the entire grid, etc. PDF Converter Pro: For a monthly subscription, the Android software PDF Converter Pro converts PDF files and offers features like backup, preview, and support for different formats. Many popular input formats are supported, including ODT and all Microsoft formats as well as PDF and image formats including JPG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF. Output types include PDF and image formats. You can preview the converted files using this software, and it will automatically back up the finished documents. PDFelement: PDFelement is one such choice that is absolutely outstanding when it comes to desktop PDF converters. It is feasible to convert PDF to JPG, PNG, Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, RTF, HTML, EPUB, and HWP with PDFelement for Windows, Mac, and iOS. The finest program for you to convert files to PDF or produce PDF from other file types. From the streamlined user interface to the program’s functionality, PDFelement is purely one of the top PDF converters because it offers document conversions into a broad range of formats such as Word, Excel, images, etc. It has sophisticated OCR technologies that enable the program to recognize letters and characters in images precisely and translate them into their text equivalents.

How to Convert Files to PDF

Files and images in different formats such as Docs, Word, Excel, Ebook, HTML, PPT, JPEG, PNG, and many others can be professionally converted using the top PDF converter apps available in the market What are the simple steps to convert files to PDF or vice versa using a PDF converter?

Step 1: Choose a PDF Converter App

Consider the PDF conversion tool that best suits your requirements and choices. If you need an easy-to-use Android PDF converter for quick tasks in your office, for instance, use PDF Creator & Editor. When it comes to desktop PDF converters, use PDFelement if you’re a business professional in need of one. It’s a top-notch PDF converter tool. Utilizing PDFelement for Windows, Mac, and iOS, it is possible to transform PDF to JPG, PNG, Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, RTF, HTML, EPUB, and HWP.

Step 2: Open the PDF Converter

Open the PDF converter tool after finding your PDF converter app on your Windows, Mac, Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone, or iPad. If you’re using Adobe Acrobat, choose the document you wish to convert by clicking the Choose a file button above or by dragging it into the drop zone. Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint files can all be converted to PDFs with Adobe Acrobat. PDFs can also be changed back to their original format.

Step 3: Save and Download the Converted File

Wait for the PDF converter to convert your file after you’ve uploaded it. Once ready, you can either sign in to share it or download the converted file. You don’t have to begin from square one. Using the Acrobat PDF converter tool to reuse the content of documents to maximize productivity.


How to convert to PDF online?

To select a file, use the button above, or simply drag it into the drop zone. Choose the document that has to be converted. Let Adobe Acrobat work its magic with the PDF conversion and then, sign in to share or download your converted file.

What is the easiest free way to convert a PDF to Word?

Click the “Export PDF” tool in the right pane of Acrobat after opening a PDF file in the program. Choose “Word Document” from the list of export options for Microsoft Word, then click “Export” to create a new Word file.

How to change PDF to JPG?

Click the Export PDF tool in the right pane after opening the File in Acrobat. Choose JPG after selecting Image as the export format, and then click Export. It shows the Save As dialog box. Click Save after deciding on a location to save the file.

Eliminate all data entry and retyping by using a PDF converter. The majority of programs have PDF conversion tools that go beyond the simple one-time rapid conversion and even improve the quality of your conversions. Extract PDF content into various editable formats where you can quickly perform the necessary analysis. Select the optimal PDF converter tool based on your individual needs and preferences like a PNG to PDF converter, or HTML to PDF converter. Check to see if the PDF converter will enable you to fully convert documents, annotate your PDFs, and sign electronically using your customized electronic signature. Plus, Sample.net offers a vast library of templates for PDF documents and forms for your work such as a business model report, small business budget, etc.