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What is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is any signature in electronic form. It is used when signing online documents. Online signing is widely used nowadays. People have shifted to having a digital signature from a handwritten or wet signature. This is because document signing is sometimes done online. Many use signature software to accomplish e-Signing. Through e-Sign, you do not have to go to an office just to sign documents. Having digitally signed documents is easy with the help of signature software like DocuSign, Adobe Sign or Adobe e-Sign.

E-sign documents make the process of transactions easier. With just a few clicks, we can finish every transaction. It is easy to have business agreements and sales agreements. You can have legal transactions everywhere in the world. Creating a digital signature is a must nowadays. One way or the other, you can be faced to sign documents online. Having an online signature is needed to ensure that you can finish business transactions. E-sign documents are everywhere and you should keep up with the latest trends in technology. To help you with your business, one thing that you can do is creating online signature.

Tips on Electronic Signature

Because there are many remote operations, we should know how to sign documents digitally. It can be easy to have a free electronic signature. It is almost as easy as giving your handwritten signature. But to be adept at electronic document signing, you may need to have some tips that you can use. Maybe there is good advice in signing a Word doc or inserting a signature in Google Docs. Below are practical tips that you can apply.

Use Electronic Signature Solution: It can be a little challenging to sign documents digitally. Especially, if you are not very good at computers. At first, you may not know what to do. Of course, you can research and watch tutorials to learn digital document signing. But if you want the best result, you should use signature software or an electronic signature solution. There can be many websites that offer a great solution for digital document signing. They help you in your work plan to process transactions better. Some of the electronic signature solutions that you can use are DocuSign, Acrobat Sign, HelloSign, and OneSpan Sign. Using these sites can be easy, even if you just know the basics of the computer. These will help you to accomplish digital transactions easier. Some of them are free and some have very little cost to pay. But you can guarantee success for your transactions. Many businesses use these electronic signature solutions. It can be good for your business to use one of these tools, too. Things will be easy for all the signers that will engage in your business.Use the Traditional Method: One way to have an electronic signature is by using the traditional method. This means that you will use your handwritten signature and will convert it to an electronic signature. This is advisable for people who are not tech-savvy. The first thing that you need, of course, is your handwritten signature or wet signature. Get a piece of paper and a pen with black or blue ink. Then have your handwritten signature on it. After that, you will scan it or take a photo of it using your smartphone. Upload and save it on your computer. Now, it becomes an electronic signature that you can use in different documents. If you like, you can convert the JPEG version of your file into PNG. This is to have better use of your electronic signature. But you can use this electronic signature in some cases where you just have to copy-paste it. As simple as this, you can have an electronic signature using the traditional method. You do not have to exert a lot of effort learning a new tool or software. Though signature software is just easy to learn if you can just try it. But for the oldies, this traditional method can be good.Know the Reasons: It may be better if you will know and understand the reasons why you have to use an electronic signature. If you can only know that no monthly calendar will be complete without signing an online document in your business, you will realize that electronic signatures are a must. You can spend a lot of time signing paper documents. People who have to sign the papers need to be present in your office. So, you need to have a place in their daily schedule just to have the documents signed. So, if you work on sales and you want to generate many sales for your business, having online documents is advisable. There is no need for the clients or customers to be in your office just to accomplish every sale. In the comfort of their own homes, they can buy your services. This can apply to all kinds of products where customers will just purchase online and you will just ship the products. One of the examples of a good sales agreement with the use of an electronic signature is getting insurance. It will be easy for you to get insurance without the necessary meet-ups. Everything can be done online and you can sign the contract with your electronic signature. So, understand that electronic signatures are very required nowadays. Have your own electronic signature stored in your computer or understand that e-Signing is very recommended.Review the Security Benefits: You may not want to send a security incident report after signing an online document. To ensure safety, you must check the security benefits of what you are signing. Usually, there is an agreement that you should agree to before having any e-Signing. Read the provisions to ensure that your personal information is safe. Check if there is no risk in signing the document. There can be many scams online so you have to check your security. Before giving an e-Sign, examine everything carefully. This is to ensure that you are signing just for your benefit and not to your risk. On this modern day, we have to be careful, especially in matters where we have to give out some money. To avoid anyone who can take advantage of us, review everything before signing. This way, you can secure your safety.Know the Legal Requirements: Before giving out your electronic signature, you must be perfectly aware of what you are signing. Know all the legal requirements. Have the right knowledge of the document that you are going to sign. This means that you do not sign anything immediately. Read all the provisions of any document to know that you can perfectly agree with everything that is written in it. Remember, an electronic signature is final. When you sign an online document using an electronic signature, everything about that document becomes legal. You may not want to get yourself into a dispute so know everything that you are signing first. Every business contract and sales agreement that you are going to sign will be enforceable so you should know where you are going to.Gather Feedback: Getting feedback is always good. You can ask for feedback whenever you are going to use an electronic signature. To ensure your safety on online documents, you may need a friend or family member. Before signing anything, you can ask for their opinions. They can check if the legal requirements of a document can benefit you or not. Getting some help will be good because you will not sign anything in a rush. You can be sure that you perfectly know what you are signing. So, find some time in their daily schedule to get good feedback. You need this to ascertain your safety.

How to Create an Electronic Signature

The most commonly used document tool is Word. So, when we are processing documents online, we may need to learn how we can place our electronic signatures in Word. To be able to do this, we can watch tutorials that can show us the exact way. But if ever you need some plain steps that you can follow, you can refer to the following:

1. Place the Cursor on the Signature Block

The very first step is to place the cursor on the line of the signature block. This signifies that you are going to place your electronic signature on the signature block. This is applicable to all Word documents.

2. Find the Signature List

Click the “Insert Tab”. After that, find the “Text” button. Then search for the “Signature List”. Then click “Microsoft Office Signature Line”.

3. Fill Up the Fields

You will be given a prompt to complete the signature details. This is a setup box where you can choose your preferences. So, you can have some choices for your signature box.

4. Upload an Image

Right-click on the signature box. Then go to “Select Image”. You can now upload an image of your signature. There can be a reason for you not to go through this process if you are using a touchscreen. Just simply hand draw your signature above the signature line.


What are the benefits of an e-Signature?

The benefits of an electronic signature are easy updates, tracking automation, easy access, and enhanced security.

Does it make sense to use electronic signatures?

Yes, it makes sense. You can speed up the documentation process by using electronic signatures. With electronic signatures, you can have a business advantage because many industries use online documents.

The world is changing very fast. We have an urgent need to use electronic signatures because there can be many documents that are done online. Through electronic signatures, transactions are easier and this benefits a lot of people. So, make use of the electronic signature today! If you want some free templates on electronic signatures, they are available with this post. Download now!