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What is a Text?

A text is a passage of words that brings a message to someone who reads it. It is a written work with structures that are composed of sentences and phrases. Together, it conveys a meaning to the reader. So, texts are a group of words that are used to communicate. Every communication plan needs text to convey the right information that we need for projects. It is impossible for a marketing communications plan not to have text to talk about the strategies. The text has a great effect on how we can deal with another person. That is why sometimes, we put an emoji to denote that we are sad or happy. Texting is cool and even with video conferencing today, it is still a popular way to communicate.

Now, when we create text, we have a chance to make it beautiful. Aside from emojis, we can improve the typography by using any design that we can incorporate into it. In business, for aesthetic appeal, texts can be sent with a logo to present our business. This is available in some features where we can include some media. An icon is also common in text. It can make your text cute and have some art. The common truth is, we cannot live without text.

Tips on Text

Using text is easy. It may depend on your wireless plan but usually, we use this to message our friends and family. Using texts is the most popular non-voice communication. According to studies, a person has an average of 42 messages sent per day. This proves that everyone uses texts. So, practical tips are a must so we can communicate better. Consider the following tips:

Be Yourself: When you are texting someone, you have to be yourself. Show your true personality. The person you are texting can have a better impression of you if you will be yourself. Be honest and show respect for others to see that you are a good person. There is no point in hiding your personality because you have to be honest with whom you are communicating. This can make you build a good relationship with them. Others may be more likely to like you if you will be yourself. You may have a personal touch on your communication. Just do not forget to be professional, especially in business, you can be yourself when you are communicating with others. Even in an integrated marketing communications plan, you do not have to fear showing your true self. You may feel good if you will do it.Choose Lighter Topics: When you communicate in text, you must use lighter topics. It is because harder topics should be talked about on the phone. Or in person. Detailed conversations are hard to make in texts. Sometimes, there can be a misunderstanding between you and the person you are communicating with. But there can be a benefit in using texts because you can have fun communicating with others. You can do this by sharing emojis and icons. If texting is not your preferred communication and it is hard for you to communicate in texts, you should ascertain that you will only use lighter topics.Make No Grammatical Errors: Communication in texts needs some caution. If you type the wrong spellings, you may not convey your meaning to the reader. So, your communication should not have grammatical errors. You should be careful with punctuation. There is a need to punctuate your texts correctly so that you can deliver the right message. Be careful with periods and question marks. When you make a lot of communication in texts, it can be good to include improving your grammar in your work plan. This way, you can appear intelligent in the eyes of other people when you do not commit grammatical mistakes. If you want to communicate correctly, this is a skill that you should have.Make Your Message Clear: Remember that you are using plain text when you are communicating in texts. There can be a possibility that the reader may not understand what you mean. This requires the need of being clear with your message. When you have to say something, you must explain what you mean as much as possible. Do not count on the reader will understand you just by reading between the lines. You have to be clear if you want your message to be conveyed rightfully. Because we do not see the person that we are talking to, we have to deliver messages rightfully. This is the only way that there will be no misunderstandings. You can also communicate faster if you will explain what you mean.Make Your Message Personal: Do not sound like a chatbot. Make your message personal. It should have a human touch so that your communication will be effective. Your daily calendar may be filled with tasks of messaging other people because you are a text representative, but if you want to connect with individuals, you have to make texting personal. Have fun while texting. Make your reader laugh with your message if needed. Do not make your messages spammy. Everything should be meaningful and personalized. Use icons and emojis to make communication more fun. Also, pay attention to the messages that you are sending to build a good relationship with people. Make your messages personal so that you can touch other people.Be Professional: Professionalism is important in everything. When you are communicating with other people, you need to be professional. Always be polite so that other people will think good of you. They will think that you have the right manners and you are a good person. Pay respect to everyone in all your communications. If you want to have a good reputation, be good at communicating to all kinds of people. This way, you can prove that you are someone who is educated and you are someone who deserves the respect of others. Be friendly with everyone so that you can have easier communication. Being friendly can enable you to have fun while communicating.Optimize Your Schedule: You can have a work schedule when you can send text messages. This can be good for you so that you can be organized. Choose when you are going to make communication through text. Receiving too many messages at a time may not be good. You may lose the message that is conveyed to you. This is especially needed when you are making business deals. Be sure that you are having the right schedule for all your text communications. Remember that there can be a chance of misunderstandings through texts, so you need a good time when you can do this communication. So, set and optimize a good schedule for your text communications. This can help you to communicate effectively.Be Patient: Sometimes, our patience can be tested when the person we are communicating with is not responding instantly to our text. Know that it requires some time before your text can be read sometimes. There can be times when the other person is busy. Or the other person is taking some time to make decisions. There can be many reasons why someone cannot reply to us immediately. So, you need to be patient when you are having text communications. Consider the time and the possible reasons of others. Never be impatient because this can give you a bad reputation. It just may be text but know that there is a person behind this text who might think that you are an impatient person. So, be always good when communicating, even with texts.

How to Send Good Texts

Texting someone is an important task. We are communicating with people so we have to be careful about what we send. How can we communicate well? What can be the things that you need to do? The following are some of the steps that you can do to make good texts:

1. Send Good Messages

To have a good text experience, your messages need to be good. Remember to be polite and have a good daily work schedule for your text communication. Ensure that your messages are great and can please other people.

2. Respond Promptly

One way to give respect to other people is to reply to their messages. As much as possible, reply at the earliest time. Be prompt with responding. Do not make other people wait for a long time. If you see that they messaged you, respond immediately.

3. Make Clear Expectations

Be clear with the person you are communicating with. Set clear expectations when you are talking about something. Especially, if you are doing a business deal. Be sure that there will be no mistakes in your text communication.

4. End with a Call-to-Action

If you want to get your purpose in texting, you should end with a good note. Provide a call-to-action so that the other person will know what to do next. Guide them to know the steps to take for the purpose that you need. This way, you can have effective text communication.


How much can you spend on text communications?

A text message plan can cost $29 per month. You can get 500 credits from this cost.

What is better? Texting or calling?

Calling may be better than texting. This is because you can have in-depth conversations. Tone and attitude may be hard to read from text messages.

Text is a part of our daily lives. From text messages to textbooks, we rely on text for knowledge and communication. It can be good to learn the text structures so that you can be better at it whether in communication or academics. Hone the skills that are needed for this thing. This way, you can make your texts effective.