37+ Sample Approval Sheet Templates

What Is an Approval Sheet?

An approval sheet has different definitions, and it depends on how you apply it. For example, the sheet may refer to a document with postage stamps in indicating approval to purchasers. Also, approval forms can be what authors submit to a panel in checking if their thesis or research paper has passed the requirements. Regardless of its many meanings, the common denominator is that approval sheets are official documents submitted by those who seek acceptance from people authorized to approve.

Did you know that there are around 6.9 million scientists and engineers who worked in the US back in 2016?

And according to Statista, around 505,000 females and 327,000 males of pupils in America would earn a Master’s degree in 2020.

Why Is the Approval Sheet Important?

In reality, there is a hierarchy of positions. Students and teachers are not at the same level. The same goes for employees and managers. And when people at the bottom of the pyramid need help to achieve specific goals, they may need the approval of those who belong at the top level. Hence, approval sheets are vital to certify acceptance. And the ones on top will decide whether to approve or deny.

Furthermore, the approval sheet is necessary for documentation purposes. Maybe other individuals need proof that a particular request got approved by authorities. And to make the acceptance believable, showing the approval sheet with the authorized panel’s signatures will serve as evidence. On another note, an event planner with no signed approval form could be stopped in setting up a party. Hence, this document is worth keeping.

Who Prepares Approval Sheets?

Expect anyone who needs the approval to prepare the approval sheet. For example, a researcher makes this document to have his or her thesis accepted and graded. Researchers will comply with the regulations set by those with authority to approve. On the other hand, approval sheets can also be made by the people with the power to approve. So, they send out the well-formatted sheets to anyone who plans on getting their approval for formality purposes.

Yes or No: Examples of When to Use Approval Sheets

For anyone who creates the approval sheet, expect the response to be a yes or a no. Although you expect either from the two answers only, you should know that approval forms apply to numerous functions. So, where else can these forms apply to? In this segment, we outlined some common examples of when to use approval sheets.

Research: Researchers seek approval from their advisers, the dean, or the whole panel. For example, researchers might ask permission if using a particular topic is allowed for them to study or not. The same goes for wanting to know if the final thesis is already approved, meaning the approval grants a passing grade. In fact, 505,000 females and 327,000 males expect a Master’s degree in 2020. So, the students’ grades and researches matter a lot.Employment: Many approval sheets are at play in the corporate world. An example is someone who wishes to be a scientist or an engineer. And according to the Federation of American Scientists, there were already 6.9 million scientists and engineers who worked in America back in 2016. With that said, competition is high on applicants who want a spot for certain companies. So, applicants need confirmation if they got in. Also, employees would need their employer’s approval for particular requests at work.Budget: What if an advertising employee has an interesting idea of how to pull off a costly commercial yet he or she doesn’t have the budget to manage it? This employee can simply ask for a budget from managers, advertisers, and many more. But this person should not just beg. He or she needs to share what the whole plan is to whoever is capable of giving the budget first. And most importantly, prepare an approval sheet to know if the money will be granted or not.Internship: Approval forms matter to OJT students. Maybe these pupils need to know if they finished the required hours and tasks to fulfill in their internship. Hence, they send their approval sheets to whoever rates them during the internship. If these pupils cannot complete their job, then they might not graduate.Design: There are strict measures on how to handle any design too. Take artwork, for example. What if you want to use someone’s art in designing a tee-shirt? You would need the artist’s approval first. Otherwise, you could be sued for copyright. So, the best way to manage this is to reach out to the artist and submit the approval form.Travel: During a field trip or any sort of travel, approval forms can be done similar to consent letters. Children would need their parents’ permission to join a trip. And the approval sheet with the parent’s signature will grant the kid’s permission to join the trip. On another note, the school administration may be given an approval sheet, too, if an educational trip should commence in school or the other way around.Medical: What if you need proof in checking someone’s medical records or history? You may seek permission from the hospital by filling out an approval form. So, you wait for any personnel to approve your request for seeing someone’s records. Also, you can use the approval form in asking consent for a medical operation. And when you use the signed form as proof, then the operation commences.Loan: Asking for a loan can be daunting. But it can also be easy if you have a good credit score or history, meaning you can be trusted. However, there are strict protocols to observe in loaning too. And one example is to fill out a loan approval sheet. It will be used as a basis if an applicant should be allowed a loan or not.Event: Another common application that uses approval forms is for any party, gathering, or event. When you need to use a venue, always ask for approval if the place is ready for use. Otherwise, conflicts would take over if other people are already assigned to use the place. The same importance applies to ask permission for the budget plan for such events.

How to Make an Approval Sheet

As you learned about the approval sheet down from the meaning to its many examples, you are now prepared to create the approval sheet itself. Don’t worry. It is not as difficult as you might think when you follow a step-by-step guide in completing the process. So without further ado, here are the easy steps on how to make your approval sheet:

Step 1: Write the Specific Header or Title

When a random person views the supposed approval sheet, can he or she determine right away that it is an approval sheet per se? If not, then something must be done with the title. Ensure that the words, “Approval Sheet” will be there. And specify it further by stating which example it is used for. Is the document a case study approval sheet? A business plan approval sheet? Or maybe a narrative report approval sheet? Write it down.

Step 2: Insert the Introductory Statement

To expand the header’s message, include an introductory statement. This part explains what the approval form’s purpose is. But work on being concise here. If you need approval for a field trip, then answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions. Those with authority to accept requests would not just approve without knowing who will be going on the trip, where the destinations are, and so forth.

Step 3: Stipulate the Terms

Now for the serious part of the approval sheet, incorporate the terms and conditions. Be careful in stating such matters, or there will be conflicts. State in the sheet that once everything is approved, the following terms, which you will expound, take effect immediately. The conditions may include topics involving indemnity agreement, commissions, or termination of approval. And if everything is discussed clearly, you are on the right track.

Step 4: Organize the Format

Have you tried adjusting the format of our sample templates yet? Take that opportunity to change the form’s presentation and base it on your preference. A tip is to keep the sheet simple yet professional. By being simple, that means everything written in the document is understandable and straightforward. And at the same time, being professional retains the form’s credibility as an official document.

Step 5: Certify the Sheet with Signature Blocks

Lastly, incorporate the signature blocks at the very end of the approval form. The standard is to place the full name of whoever is expected to grant a request and also the name of who submits the form. Also, don’t forget to use the legal names in capital letters. Leave extra space on top of the printed names as those will be where people would affix their signatures. And when you’re already confident with the form’s final look, print it.


What is the approval process?

The approval process refers to the technique which organizations use in approving anything down from official forms, invoices, loans, purchase orders—you name it. And every organization has its protocols on what can be accepted or denied in an approval process.

What is an approval sheet in the thesis?

A thesis approval sheet is a document that proves if authors completed their requirements and followed all the rules for the thesis. And it will be signed by the assigned panel.

Does sending approval sheets ensure an approval?

No, using approval sheets does not guarantee you with a hundred percent approval. The decision is still down to the one authorized to accept or deny the request.

Author of The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass, Mandy Hale, once said, “You will never gain anyone’s approval by begging for it.” With that said, people who seek approval in whatever purpose they desire should prove that they deserve to be accepted. Business means business anyway. For example, a panel would not accept a student’s thesis if it did not follow the rules. And to whoever is assigned to approve or deny requests, the key is to introduce people to a well-thought-out approval sheet. Hence, everyone will know the rules and your standards about what it takes to be approved.