What Is a Catering Services Agreement Form?

A catering services agreement form is a document developed by a catering service provider. It serves as the agreement between the involved parties which should include the list of their minimum obligations to one another, catering terms and conditions, the timelines for deliverable provision, and expectations on payment and additional charges. A well-developed restaurant catering agreement or any other kinds of catering services agreement form can give a clear idea about the items that the caterer and the client has agreed upon which can be used for purposes of documentation and referencing.

Elements to Prioritize When Crafting a Catering Services Agreement Form

Your catering services agreement form can lead to the proper execution of the transaction. If you want to have a highly-usable catering services agreement form document, you have to ensure that your output is comprehensive and informative. With this, you have to gather all the necessary key points of discussion that can complete all the areas of the catering services agreement that you and your client should be knowledgeable of. Here are the major elements that you have to consider as you craft a catering services agreement form:

1. The Specifications on Catering Service Type, Staffing Requirements, and Food and Beverage Menu

Whenever you draft a catering services agreement form for a client, you have to ensure that you will put the right specifications of your services based on their actual requirements. What kind of catering service do they want? How will you serve the food to the number of expected guests? How many servers will be utilized during the event? What menu will you serve? These questions must be answered by your catering services agreement form to make sure that there is a clear and complete guide that your clients can rely on.

2. The Total Cost of the Catering Services And Your Accepted Payment Terms

You have to break down the costs of your catering services for a particular event. It is essential for you to present the minute details of all the items that the client needs to pay which constitute to the total amount that you will be charging your client with within a specific time frame. The catering services agreement form should be able to separate the payment for the approved budget proposal or the amount in exchange of the initial requirements of the client from the payment that will be added if there will be additional services, items, and/or materials that will be requested after the agreement form has already been signed. Aside from these, you have to make sure that you will clarify the payment terms for the transaction so you can get the complete payment or portions of it during the time/s when you expect to.

3. The Information About the Event Where You Will Provide Your Catering Services

You have to know the entity whom you are transacting with. It is essential for the catering services agreement form to describe the actual transaction, the specifications of the event that will take place, the requirements of the client, and the terms that you and the client need to agree with and finalize. All the event details should be drafted and presented accordingly, from the date and time of the event up to the contact information where you and your clients can reach one another.

4. The Terms, Scope, Limitations, and Conditions of the Catering Services Agreement

It is important for you to know how to balance the needs of your business and your clients. You should be able to properly set the terms and conditions of the agreement. Aside from this, it is necessary for you to scope your responsibilities and the conditions on which these will be delivered. Learning how to consider your business while ensuring that you are satisfying your clients is a great way for you to have a sustainable and profitable catering services business operations.

10 Steps for Making an Outstanding Catering Services Agreement Form

An excellent catering contracting can be challenging. However, it will be best if you have a catering services agreement form at hand rather than relying on what you can remember from the discussion that you’ve had with your client. Even if you have listed a number of items, it is still possible for your clients to easily say that they never agreed to your specifications if you will not let them sign a catering services agreement form. With this, are now convinced to develop the specific document? Here is a step-by-step guide that can let you make an outstanding catering services agreement form with ease:

Step 1: Download a Catering Services Agreement Form Template That Is Suitable With Your Formatting Needs and Requirements

The best way to begin the creation of a catering services agreement form is by downloading a pre-formatted catering contract agreement template that you can use for the development of the document’s layout and content. Select the template that appeal to you so you can have an efficient time as you present all the details of the specific agreement form. Make sure to have a title for the document to make it as identifiable as possible.

Step 2: Write the Basic Description of the Catering Services Agreement Alongside the Names of Involved Entities

Give the details of the entities who will transact with one another. Write down the name of the catering services provider and the client. Aside from this, you also have to briefly discuss the kind of participation that these parties will have within the entire transaction. After this, write the date when the agreement has been finalized by the business and has been approved by the client.

Step 3: Present the Details of the Catering Event

Describe the event where the catering services and expertise of the business are needed. Be particular with the date, duration, and location of the event as these are essential items that should always be found in a standard catering services agreement form. You also have to ensure that you will specify the number of guests that are estimated to come especially if you will be charging the client by the plate being served during the event.

Step 4: Give a Clear Idea About the Menu That Will Be Served By the Catering Service Provider

Make sure that the client is well-aware of what will be served during the event. Have a statement that can lead the client to the menu attachment at the last part of the agreement form. Present the limitations of your catering services alongside the additional items that your client can consider as a part of his or her contingency plan.

Step 5: Specify Concerns on Venue Coordination

If the venue where you will provide your catering services is rented, you need to let your client know the time frame that you need to prepare your set-up. Specify the allotted time duration of your event location access. You also have to make sure that it is the responsibility of your client to make necessary venue coordination arrangements on their expense and not yours. Clearing these concerns can make it easier for you to move and function during the actual date of the event.

Step 6: Discuss the Terms for Payment, Insurance, and Indemnification

In exchange of the catering services that you will provide to your clients; you need to have a concise amount that you will charge. Discuss the deposit that your client needs to pay so you can already prepare for the event. Aside from this, present the time frames where the balance for the transaction is expected to be given by your client. Have a set of responsibilities for related costs so you won’t have to deal with it after the event.

You need to be prepared if in any case the client decides to cancel the event. Let them know the measure of time where you expect to get a cancellation notice. You also have to present the types of cancellation fees that you will let them pay depending on certain circumstances like the time frame in which the notice has been given. List down all the limitations on cancellation and termination so you can protect your rights as a business. In addition to this, have a segment or a clause which focuses on your willingness to work with health departments and other relevant bodies to ensure the level of cleanliness incorporated during your food preparation and service.

Step 8: Describe Agreement Clauses Like Limitations of Remedies and Resolution of Disputes

Present all of the agreement clauses which you think are essential to be included in the catering services agreement form. When listing down these details, make sure to consider the range of your catering services provision and the minute details of the transaction where you will let your catering business get involved in.

Step 9: Wrap-Up The Entire Agreement Before Allocating Signature Blocks At the Bottom Part of the Document

Add any other information that you would like to put in the document. Summarize the catering services agreement form so you can already end your presentation. Do not forget to put signature blocks at the end of the agreement form so that a representative of your business and your client can easily locate the area where they should affix their dated signatures.

Step 10: Have a List of Document Attachments

Include the approved menu and any other attachments which are necessary to be viewed by your clients. Make sure that all of the attachments are relevant to the catering services agreement form and the catering event itself.

Benefits of Using a Comprehensive Catering Services Agreement Form

A standard catering services agreement form can clearly define your rights and duties. The specific document can also give an idea about the entitlements and payment obligations of your clients. Hence, having a catering services agreement form is a win-win transaction as it can benefit both parties involved in the agreement. Do you want to know more information about the advantages that a catering services agreement form can provide? To let you become more knowledgeable about this subject matter, here are more of the benefits of using a comprehensive catering services agreement form:

A catering services agreement form can help your customers be at ease when transacting with your business: 43.24% of caterers specified that it is in corporate sales where they have experienced the biggest growth last 2015 (source: brandongaille). If you want to continuously grow as a catering service provider, may it be on corporate sales or in any other areas of the market where you can experience improvement on sales and transactions, using a catering services agreement form can help you a lot as this can present your credibility and trustworthiness as a business entity.A catering services agreement form can present the specifics or particulars of the transaction: Do you know that 80% of caterers actually focus on catering opportunities that are off-site (source: brandongaille)? Since you will be dealing with different kinds of catering services needs, having a catering services agreement form can help you prioritize the specifications of a particular business transaction. The catering services agreement form that you will develop can specify all the essential expectations that both the caterer and the client should have with regards food service, catering fees, payment terms and procedures, scope of liabilities, and other related concerns.A catering services agreement form can help you keep your business protected while considering the rights and entitlements of your clients: An unbiased catering services agreement form can protect not only the clients but the catering service provider as well. If you will use the specific document, you can make sure that there will be no abuse that can take place within the entirety of the service provision. Through the proper usage of a catering services agreement form, you can present a blueprint of your client’s approved requests and demands which should be reflected in the services that you will provide during a given time period. More so, the agreement form can enable you to charge the clients accordingly so you can be paid based on the agreement relating to minimum requirements, charges on additional requests, and payment terms.

Dos and Don’ts for Developing an Effective Catering Services Agreement Form

Whether you are providing your catering services to a corporate function or an informal event, it is necessary for you to always develop a catering services agreement form. Having the document at hand, which should be signed by any representative of your business and your client, can help you solidify the specifications of the transaction. Through this, you can put your responsibilities as a service provider to the minimum while providing the agreed upon requirements of your clients. Are you ready to make your own catering services agreement form? Below are some of the tips that can guide you with the proper development of an effective catering services agreement form.


1. Do Prepare Your Catering Services Agreement Form Ahead of Time

Have a standard template that you can just update whenever you need to transact with another client. Having a readily available catering services agreement form can enable you to save your time and effort when dealing with the concerns and demands of your clients. Since you already have a layout at hand; all you need to do is to edit, add, and remove items so the final catering services agreement form draft can be suitable to the requirements of the new client. When doing this, make sure that you will keenly observe all the modifications that you will implement so you can have an output without any content errors and layout lapses.

2. Do Focus on the Important Information That You Need to Present in the Catering Services Agreement Form

Avoid putting irrelevant details in the catering services agreement form just to make it lengthy. Make sure that you will also use a simple and understandable language that can help you have brief discussions about the particulars of the catering services agreement. Prioritize the key points that you need to highlight in the agreement form so you can assure your clients that you are handing them a complete and thorough agreement document.

3. Do Consider That Clients Have Different Catering Services Needs

You have to let your catering services agreement form be flexible. Not all clients have the same requirements. There are some who would like to get a lot of services from you while there are also some who stick with the bare minimum. With this, you need to develop a layout that is open to changes. Being able to successfully do this can help you align the suitability and compatibility of your presentation with the expectations of your clients.


1. Don’t Settle for a Poorly-made Catering Services Needs As This Can Ruin your Caterer-to-Client Relationship

Your catering services agreement form is  a representation of your business. The way you present the document says a lot with how you would like your brand or image to be perceived by your stakeholders. With this, you have to make sure that you will do your best to come up with an excellent catering services agreement form. Review all the areas, segments, and clauses of the document so you can refine its features, content, discussion flow, and overall presentation.

2. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Having an Exemplary Catering Services Agreement Form

List down the benefits that you can get from the availability of a catering services agreement form. You need to be motivated as you try to put all the details of the document together. Knowing how the agreement form can be of value to your organization can enable you to become more focused and particular when creating the specific document. Never think too lowly of the catering services agreement form’s usability as doing this can only negate the purpose of the document’s development.

3. Don’t Include Any Inaccurate Details in the Catering Services Agreement Form That You Are Making

Having a standardized and error-free catering services agreement form can help you to veer away from potential disputes and misunderstandings. With this, you need to have a strategic plan when making a catering services agreement form. You need to ensure that you will screen all of the information that you will write in the specific document. Do not include details that you have not updated or any information that are deemed as inaccurate as these can only lessen the usability and overall quality of the document. As an example, make sure that all the costs that you will charge per catering services item are the updated costs that you have in your systems.

Create your own catering services agreement form now. Use our references for your advantage. Select from the list of templates and samples available alongside the discussion above so you can already start drafting your business’ catering service agreement form document in an effective manner.