50+ Sample Submission Forms

What is a Submission Form?

A submission form is a simple documentation tool used by businesses, companies, employees, individuals, and professionals such as data analysts and researchers to collect personal information and other data related to what is being applied or submitted to from an applicant, a client, or a user. It helps the data collector to obtain a number of submissions and provides clients or users the opportunity to include their necessary details and files for easy application, registration, and submission. This form is designed to send a document, a photo, a text file, a video, or a selection of files.

Moreover, submission forms like scholarship application forms and job application forms are data-collecting tools that enable individuals and people to gather a variety of information from respondents. They are simple yet versatile as these forms can be used to gather information in different formats and can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, online submission forms can be used as simple questionnaires on a company’s website to collect feedback from customers and prospects. In this way, they are able to collect, organize, and monitor extensive data.

Examples of Submission Forms

If you need to gather fundamental information about your clients or visitors in your business, there are many submission forms that you may use for gathering data like feedback forms. Here are some common examples of submission forms used by academic professionals, artists, business managers, writers, event managers, filmmakers, medical professionals, and many others in numerous fields and sectors.

Article Submission Forms: These submission forms are used by researchers after writing their manuscripts and then sending their works to a suitable journal. They consider if their research matches the topics of the journal while selecting the journal where they want to publish their manuscripts. Before article submission, researchers need to go through a comprehensive process which includes running a plagiarism check, preparing their artwork, checking for formatting requirements, and including a compelling cover letter. When filling up an article submission form, indicate the date, full name, and contact details. Explain your professional skills and experience as well. Artwork Submission Forms: Artists, designers, and illustrators use artwork submission forms when they plan to submit their creative works to museums, gallery shows, or art competitions. If you are an artist who aspires to submit your artworks to gallery shows, use these forms to submit your work. You need to choose the artwork you want to submit to the exhibition, prepare your submission files, and follow the instructions for proper submission. In your artwork submission form, write your full name or artist’s name, address, email address, and phone number. Include the title and the medium you used for the artwork you want to submit in the artwork information section. After that, double-check your artwork submission for any mistakes and pay the submission fee. Business Plan Submission Forms: Business owners, executive managers, and other key people of a business firm use business plan submission forms for the application of financing needs to invest and support in their business. An all-inclusive business operational plan must be included in the submission form. Make sure that the plan must be discussed with the management about the history, industry, product, and service of the company, as well as its corporate management and current ownership. Submit your business plan to a legitimate and valid capital investor. Use a business plan submission form into their system as you type your first and last names, phone number, website (if possible), address, email address, and business plan PDF document. Submit the completed submission form by email of the investor. Essay Submission Forms: These submission forms are used by students in different grade levels. In order to pitch a personal essay, develop an engaging cover letter, pitch a story, submit to the proper places, closely follow the submission guidelines, set a thought-provoking subject line, tailor your full draft, and add your bio. Before you submit an essay, you need to use a final draft checklist, read your references, and be careful on your references when it comes to quoting or paraphrasing them. Check if they are accurate and correct and if you have referred major sources for your essay. Edit your submission for any grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, style, and vocabulary. Event Proposal Submission Forms: Event planners, event managers, and other professionals use event proposal submission forms to identify and outline their key goals, objectives, and plans. They submit their event management plans and submission forms as they plan to list down the information of the event and their contact information. Include your full name, email address, phone number, event type, event title, event category or primary audience, start and end dates, time, event duration, and cost. Add an event image in your submission form. Specify the event sponsor and add tags. Write a brief description of what can an attendee anticipate in your event. Film Submission Forms: Film directors, producers, and other filmmakers use these submission forms when they are participating in film festivals, film competitions, or when they want to sell their films on video streaming platforms. Some common film submission categories are feature films, short films, and immersive projects (virtual, mixed, and augmented reality projects, 360 films, 3D films, interactive digital or multi-platform projects, immersive multimedia installations, immersive audio, augmented live performances, and virtual worlds). Include in the film submission form the film type (animation, documentary, full-length, music video, or short film), the contact information (name, address, connection to the movie, email, office phone number, and mobile phone number), film information (film title, director(s), producer(s), writer(s), film runtime, language, and film synopsis), and technical information (sound format, screening format, and video resolution recommendations). Grant Proposal Submission Forms: If you are applying for grants, complete a grant proposal submission form. These submission forms are used along with grant proposals when submitting a set of documents to an organization with the aim of securing funding for a research project. Specify in the grant proposal submission form the project manager’s name, project manager’s department, email address, phone number, title of the proposal, and the due date of the proposal.  Write a brief summary of the major goals and objectives of the grant proposal. Explain how the proposal aligns with the organization’s mission and strategic plan. Manuscript Submission Forms: These submission forms are used by authors and writers when they want to submit their manuscripts to a publisher. They conduct research on agents and publishers, develop a comprehensive plan to monitor manuscript submissions, make a shortlist to submit their book, write personalized queries according to the website guidelines, and then, submit their manuscripts. Medical Documentation Submission Forms: Healthcare providers use medical documentation submission forms to apply for medical record documentation to facilitate patient safety and quality of care. Most hospitals and medical facilities submit these documents online. Thesis Submission Forms: Students working on their dissertations and theses must fill up and submit these forms as they follow the respective guidelines of their school or university. They must go to their school website to start the thesis submission process and make sure that they have a single PDF file of their thesis, their abstract, supplemental material, and a certification of completion.

How to Create a Submission Form

Business surveys, order forms, registration forms, and custom forms are some online submission forms that many people use in various aspects of their lives. Most of these forms use text boxes and checkboxes. Type the answers to simple questions in the text boxes, while using checkboxes for drop-down menus, multiple-choice questions, and submit buttons. Follow the simple steps below to help you create a submission form.

Step 1: Select a Submission Form Template

Browse Sample.net for simple submission form templates that you need. Choose from our diverse document form template collection. Look for a submission form template that is perfect for your needs and preferences.

Step 2: Download the Selected Submission Form Template

When you are done browsing and searching for your preferred submission form template, now is the right time to download your chosen template. Check the format of your submission form template if you need PDF or Word format.

Step 3: Edit and Save the Submission Form Template

After you download the submission form template you selected, customize or edit the template’s content. Indicate the essential details to collect from the customers, users, or respondents. When you are finished filling the submission form with the required information, check the details you included to correct some parts if you have any typographical errors. Then, the next thing you must do is save the submission form. Save it in a proper format that can be easily accessed and shared by you and others.

Step 4: Upload and Share the Final Submission Form

Lastly, upload your final submission form and share it with the clients or respondents you need to gather essential information from.


What are some examples of submission forms?

Some examples of submission forms are article submission forms, artwork submission forms, assignment submission forms, business plan submission forms, commercial payroll submission forms, essay submission forms, thesis submission forms, serology submission forms, dissertation proposal forms, detailed idea submission forms, prototype submission forms, manuscript submission forms, medical documentation submission forms, event proposal submission forms, grant proposal forms, informational claims submission forms, synopsis submission forms, and tutorial submission forms.

How to create an online submission?

Create a new form using an online form builder. Edit your submission form as you include preset or custom fields, questions, and responses. Check and test your online form if it is accessible and easy to use on multiple web browsers and devices. Fill out and submit the form in your non-default web browsers and phone. After reviewing and testing your online form, send it out to your prospects and publish it as a web page on your site or attach it to an email marketing campaign.

What are the types of submissions?

The types of submissions are best practices, book reviews, literature reviews, perspectives, research report critiques, and scholarly or research articles.

How to create a Google submission form?

Create a Google submission form by constructing a new form or quiz in Google. Customize and plan the format of the submission form by adding, editing, or formatting images, texts, or videos. When you are done, send your submission form for people as you gather their responses.

What is the purpose of a submission letter

The purpose of a submission letter is to inform about the details and status of a document submission made in an educational institution or business firm. It contains a document for verification.

Whether you want to collect abstract submissions from individuals for a research paper, gather essential details from all the artists who want to display their artworks at your art exhibition event, or collect and organize journal entries from respondents, it is fundamental to be skilled in preparing various submission forms. Keep in mind the aforementioned importance and examples of submission forms, and the basic steps to create a clear and well-structured submission form. Easily download and use our sample submission form templates and other PDF form samples such as delivery forms and policy proposal forms.