50+ Sample Door Hangers

What Is a Door Hanger?

Door hangers have so much potential in marketing and many people have failed to realize this as many only see it as an ordinary sign that we see hanging in many hotel doors. Door hangers can be used as a marketing tool for a business’ door hanger marketing. Door hangers are similar to that of flyers that are distributed to a target market. Door hangers have so much potential in marketing and many people have failed to realize this as many only see it as an ordinary sign that we see hanging in many hotel doors. When designed and distributed right, a door hanger can bring your business closer to your target audience. Door hanger marketing can be used to advertise real estate services, event promotions, door-to-door campaigns, direct-to-door advertisers, and so on. Door hangers are also especially efficient as campaign door hangers and are effective in promoting store launchings, limited and special deals, small businesses, and a whole lot more.


Benefits of Using a Door Hanger

Door hangers may come in small sizes, but it’s actually a great marketing tool when used by businesses in getting the word out about their products and services. That is why if you are still in doubt whether or not you should make use of a door hanger, consider reading its benefits to get additional input regarding the usefulness of a door hanger in marketing. Listed below are some of the benefits of using a door hanger as part for business’ marketing efforts.

Door Hangers Hard Not to Miss: If you want an inexpensive but durable promotional material that is hard not to miss then a door hanger is all that you need. Compared to business flyers, door hangers are not easily forgotten since it’s more unusual for people to see a door hanger than a flyer. And the location of door hangers are also unique and this increases the chance that people will take more notice of it other than flyers, brochures, and other printed marketing materials.Door Hangers Are Not Easily Set Aside: Door hangers are hard not to miss; it’s also not easily pushed aside. When you receive a flyer, you can easily put it aside for later reading until you eventually forget about checking it later. With a door hanger, you are seemingly forcing an interaction with your target customers because upon encountering a door hanger, one has to touch and remove it. And as soon as they remove it from their door knobs, they will be compelled to read it.Door Hanger Are Highly Customizable: Door hangers can be fully customized to suit your business’ marketing objectives. If you use a template, you can easily customize its ready-made contents to fit your needs. But even if you won’t make use of a template, it wouldn’t be so hard for you since door hangers generally come in small sizes and you wouldn’t be too overwhelmed and compelled to incorporate various unnecessary elements into your door hanger design.Door Hangers Are Inexpensive to Produce: Similar to flyers, door hangers are also easy to produce since it’s printed in inexpensive materials that won’t make you break the bank. Even if some door hangers come with more durable materials, it still won’t cost you that much to produce. It also does take up too many resources because, unlike posters and brochures, door hangers do not require intense content planning and design preparation. In fact, you can come up with your own door hanger design within a day. By opting for door hangers, you can save so much of your resources.Door Hangers Effectively Reach Your Audience: Whoever your target audience may be, rest assured that your door hangers can reach them and deliver them your marketing message with utmost ease. All you have to secure is that you know who your prospects are and then you can already easily disseminate your door hangers because you already know who to distribute it to. Door hangers are especially advantageous for small business marketing because it is an inexpensive way to market their products and services directly to their prospects. 

Elements of a Door Hanger

Door hangers are not that complicated to design but if you don’t know its elements, then you will certainly find it challenging to come up with your own door hanger design. But worry not because below are brief descriptions of the basic and necessary elements of a door hanger that you should incorporate in your door hanger design.

Catchy Headline: Of all the texts that you should incorporate in your door hanger, the most important is your headline. Like most advertising materials such as promotional posters and flyers, door hangers should contain a headline that can successfully grab the attention of your prospects. Through headlines, you can easily relay to your target audience what your main marketing message is and what the entire door hanger is all about. Ensure that the headline of your door hanger stands out among the rest of the elements of your door hanger design. Headlines can make or break the success of your door hanger marketing?make sure it’s worth it. Supporting Body: Even if your headline is considered as the most important text of your door hanger design, a supporting body of text can help you in conveying your message in a detailed manner. In case your prospects find your offer interesting, they would naturally check for additional details. See to it that the supporting details should sustain the attention it has grabbed from the attention-grabbing headline. To do so, you may list information in bullet form instead of paragraphs so it will beyour dor hanger.manageable for them to read and remember.A Call-To-Action: To lead your prospects to what you want them to do next after reading the contents of your door hanger, you need an effective call-to-action to do the trick. You may introduce a limited-time offer that will give your target customers a sense of urgency to do what you want them to do which is to purchase your products or avail of your services. Be sure to make this element as visible and noticeable on your door hanger design so that it won’t get missed out.Creative Design Elements: Another element that could make or break the impact of your door hanger to your target prospects is its design elements. Along with the headline, the design elements of your door hanger is responsible for catching the attention of your target audience. To form an effective visual appeal, choose the best typography, color palette, shapes, and images. Consider your door hanger’s design elements as a crucial one so you will not take its creative direction for granted.Contact Details: No matter how well-designed your door hanger is, it will be of no use if you will not include information that allow your prospects to reach you. These details include your full store name, store and office address, contact numbers, email address, and social media handles, such as your Facebook page or Instagram account. Once your target customers find your offer interesting, they will definitely look for ways to get their hands on it.

How to Create a Door Hanger

As you have already read, door hangers provide so many benefits as a marketing tool. But before you jumpstart your business’ door hanger marketing, ensure that you already know how to make one. That said, read below to understand how to create a door hanger that will undoubtedly work well in your favor.

Step 1: Download a Ready-Made Door Hanger Template

While you can always start from scratch, it won’t hurt to download a ready-made template that can help you start your door hanger design process with ease. This article contains many quality door hanger templates that you can conveniently download for your business’ marketing efforts.

Step 2: Incorporate Necessary Elements

Even if the template you downloaded from the internet comes with ready-made content, it will still be ideal to customize it with your preferred elements to make sure that the final design will be tailor-made to your business’ needs. Ensure that all of the items of a door hanger mentioned above will be incorporated in your design and see to it that you won’t overwhelm your door hanger design with any unnecessary features.

Step 3: Finalize Your Door Hanger Design

If you think that your door hanger design is already close to completion, then take some time to ensure that it’s indeed ready to go for printing. Check if the information in your door hanger is correct and see to it that the design elements are on its proper and strategic positions in your door hanger.

Dos and Don’ts of a Door Hanger

If you are preparing for your door hanger campaign, take notes from our list of dos and don’ts that can further guide you toward your campaign’s success.


1. Do know the best time to distribute your door hangers.

No matter how well-designed your door hangers are, it will still be ineffective if you distribute and hang these on the doors of your target market at the wrong time. That is why right from the very start of your door hanger campaign, you should already know the best time as to when to disseminate your door hangers. For example, you want to take part in two of the most significant shopping events of the year Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is not ideal for distributing your door hanger a month before the said sale events, and you wouldn’t want only to promote a few days before the sale events or else you will be too late.

2. Do keep your door hanger design simple but effective.

You can never go wrong when you keep things minimal, and this also applies to your door hanger design. Sure, you want to make your door hanger design visually appealing enough to attract your target market. But if you design one that contains too many unnecessary text and design elements, you are only making your door hanger look overwhelming. Keep in mind that your door hanger comes in limited dimensions. Only incorporate the details that will help you in achieving your marketing goals. Overloading your door hanger design with too many features won’t help you in your promotions in any way.


1. Don’t underestimate the value of evaluating your target market.

It is crucial to identify and evaluate your target market first, like with any other campaigns of other marketing types. Consider researching before you launch your door hanger campaign. You can start simply by coming up with a customer profile that can help you to pinpoint the audience you should target. Upon evaluating your target market, consider asking yourself questions that determine the buyers of your products or services, who does not, who your competitors are, and what areas in your city who are still not aware of your business. You can then use the demographic details derived out from your research in identifying who in your area can make use of your products or services. You wouldn’t want to advertise your roof cleaning services to a neighborhood that only consists of high-rise condominiums, right?

2. Don’t forget to keep track of your target market’s responses.

To find out whether your door hanger marketing is successful, you should never forget to keep track of how your target market responded to your campaign. One of the things you can do to keep track of responses is including a business coupon. Attach it along with your door hangers. With a coupon, you can figure out whether or not your door hangers were a success. If a customer comes in your store with the coupon, you can conveniently determine how many of them have seen your door hanger. You can also take advantage of technology by giving each coupon a unique code that can help you in determining where your customers with coupons come from.

If the use of door hangers did not cross your mind as an advertising tool for your business, then it’s about time that you should right after learning about its uses and benefits. The use of door hangers can increase the chances of catching your target market’s attention toward your business offer. However, ensure that you will come up with a well-designed door hanger to make your door hanger marketing as effective as possible. Consider downloading the door hanger templates and examples provided above should you want a good start or a guide if you are still not familiar with creating one. No matter how you will design your door hanger, ensure that it fulfills your purpose for creating one, and that is to call your target market to your desired action, which is for them to respond to your business promotions.