What Is a Brochure?

Brochures are undeniably one of the best marketing materials you can get your hands on. With its ability to reach a broad audience, you can never go wrong when you choose a brochure as your business’ promotional tool. Using a brochure enables you to thoroughly discuss what your business can offer to your customers, such as the benefits they can get when they buy your products or avail of your services. It also allows you to provide business information that is vital in raising brand awareness.

Types of Brochures

To make the most out of this promotional material, you must have the basic knowledge of the different types of brochures:

Bi-fold Brochure: Most businesses prefer handing out bi-fold brochure as this usually involves low-cost production. This type of brochure is folded in half, making it less complicated for readers to browse through.

Tri-fold Brochure: These types of brochures are also commonly used by companies as it is inexpensive to produce. You can be sure that this type of brochure can help you maximize the copy and visual elements that you want to incorporate.

Gate Fold Brochure: A gate fold brochure might be one of the least used as it has a fold that resembles that of a gate. This type of brochure is usually printed on high-grade material as it is commonly used for high-end advertising.

Z Fold Brochure: Folded like that of an accordion, choosing this type of brochure will surely leave your readers impressed. This business brochure also enables you to present your brochure elements in a different but still attractive way. Instead of the usual tri-fold, this type of fold is an excellent alternative.

Create Attention-grabbing Brochures

Be able to support your unique selling proposition with the use of a well-designed and well-structured brochure. To get access and make one of your own, be sure to browse from our high-quality sample brochures and create a brochure that successfully grabs the attention of your target readers. Download one today and start designing a professional and creative brochure for your business.