What is a Project Memo?

A project memo is a written document that is sent to team members or board members announcing an upcoming project. It is an efficient way of communicating to do a project. It is an intraoffice tool that can have many purposes. Through the project memo, you can have a note or record of the project that can be used in the future. All the assessments of the project can be written in the project memo. It may even contain the progress report of a project. It has the implementation that team members have to do to make the project possible.

A project memo or project memorandum is a business memorandum that is needed in every business. Whether your business is construction or web design, you need a project memo to ensure that all your employees can participate effectively in your projects. The memo has the project management that needs to be done. It can even contain the budget and the evaluation that you have for the project. Sometimes, a project memo is given in response to a formal proposal of freelancers who are about to do a certain job. The project memo is usually given by a manager or any officer that is in charge of doing the project.

As a memorandum, the project memo should be adhered to. When you see a project memo on a project memo board, it means that the project is urgent to be done. Whether it is a project management memo or a project overmatch memo, you need to ascertain that you will have a very positive response to a project memo. Your project memo should also have a good format to be effective. You must be careful in writing it. You can follow a good format by referring to any good memo example. The things that you have to remember when creating a project memo are the following:

Parts of a Project Memo

If you have seen a project memo sample, you may be wondering about the essential parts that you have to put in it. There are basic parts of a memo. You need to know them so that you can write a professional memo. Read the following to know the important parts of a project memo:

Opening Segment: A project memo should have an opening segment. This is where you can find the purpose of the memo. The opening paragraph should contain your motive for why you have written the memo. By doing this, you can give a brief overview of the memo. You can give a hint of what the memo is all about.Context: The context is the circumstance that you want to solve. This is important so that your readers will know the importance of your memo. They might have a better understanding of the project if you can write a good context. You have to show the urgency of the project. Include the most important details that make the project feasible.Task Segment: This is the part where you have to relay the steps that the readers have to take to do the project. You have to be clear about the tasks that they have to do. Only state the needed data for the tasks that you will give. To succeed in this segment, you must do the planning first to be sure that you can provide the perfect steps. After planning, you can be sure that all the steps will be effective. All the tasks can be accomplished in a good way.Summary Segment: If the memo has pages more than one, you must provide a summary. This way, the readers can instantly get your message through the summary. The summary must be meaningful and must contain the content of your memo. It should greatly describe the topic of the memo. Be sure that the readers will get your main idea through the summary. If the memo is one page only, you do not have to write a summary.Discussion Segment: This part is where you will discuss the details of the project. This is the longest part of the memo. All the information should support your idea. You can start with the general information before stating the specific ones. Include facts and research in the discussion. This can help the readers to understand the project better.Closing Segment: By using courteous words, you should write this last part. You can encourage your readers to take positive action for the project. Be sure that your readers understand the project before you end your memo. Writing a call-to-action is a must for project memos. You have to be clear on what your readers should do.Important Attachments: At the end of your memo, you should provide the necessary attachments. They are important so that the readers will know the details that are related to the project. They can have a better understanding of the project through the attachments. They can help the readers in doing their tasks. They can be more efficient with the attached documents.

Advantages of a Project Memo

Giving a sample memo to employees for projects may be something that can make you ask about the advantages of a project memo. A project memo is helpful. It has advantages. They are the following:

Information Will Not Be Distorted: If you want to give a clear message, you should give it by having a project memo. Other ways can have a chance to have a distortion of information. The memorandum can reach the intended readers personally and they can clearly get your message. You do not have to use other means how you can reach them. You can hand over your message directly to every employee. You do not have to waste your efforts on other means that may seem to be more disruptive. Handing them a project memo can give them a good time to read it and understand your message.Misunderstanding Can Be Avoided: Because you can pass a clear message to your intended readers, there will be no misunderstandings. They can perfectly understand your purpose. The project memo is a clear document that expresses your idea and purpose of the project. Just by reading it, your readers will understand what you want them to know. If you want to reach a person directly because of a project, the project memo is the best way. You do not have to use your office staff to explain everything about the project.Information is Preserved: The information that you want to say is better expressed through a project memo. It is a good way how you can preserve information. It may be a little complicated to discuss the details of a project. But through a project memo, you will find the best way how you can tell your team members about the information about the project. All you have to do is to include the necessary details in your project memo. It is also a great way how you can recall every important information about the project.A Quick Exchange of Information: If you want the most efficient way of sharing information about a project, the project memo is the answer. It is a convenient and quick way how you can relay the details of a project. Having a meeting can be time-consuming. Sending someone may require a lot of effort. But through a project memo, it will be easy to exchange information about the project. You can save a lot of time and effort by using a project memo.Less Expensive: A project memo is less expensive than other means of relaying a project. Meetings can cost you some money. Using staff to discuss the project may need a budget to pay for their salary. With a project memo, you do not have to spend money. You just have to send an email and you can share the details of the project. No need to do a lot of things. It is easy and inexpensive.

Tips on Project Memo

Are you looking for a project memo example? Do you need it because you want to have some tips that you can use in writing a project memo? Well, we can provide you with some tips. Have the following tips:

Know Your Audience: You should know to whom you are writing. This can make the project memo effective. If you know your audience, you will know how to motivate them to work best for the project. It requires different encouragement to motivate a manager and a staff. You must know how to tailor your project memo. You need to speak personally to your audience so that they can respond at their best.State Your Purpose: Stating your purpose is the best thing that you can do in a project memo. It can motivate your readers to respond accordingly to your memo. If they will know that you have a good purpose, they can consider your project a very important project. You can be sure that they will do their tasks with all diligence. Stating a good purpose is a good way to communicate to your readers to be a part of the project.Attach Appropriate Information: Be careful with your attachments. You should attach relevant information only. Information that is not appropriate may confuse your readers. If that happens, they may not want to do the project. This is especially needed if you want a freelancer to do the project for you. If they will see that the project is difficult to do because of obscure things, they might not take the project. So, include appropriate documents only that can lead to the success of the project.Proofread Carefully: You must carefully proofread your project memo. If it will have grammatical mistakes, the readers will be disappointed with it. They might think that your project is mediocre. They might not work hard on the project. So, you have to be completely professional in the project memo. Send a perfect project memo with no errors.

How to Write a Project Memo

Do you need a project memo template? Are you going to create a project memo? Maybe you need some steps that you can follow. Well, we have some steps that you can apply. Consider the following steps:

1. Start Your Memo

Start the memo by writing the “Date”, “To”, “From”, and “Subject”. Provide the details on this four. Address the memo to the team member who will be working on the project. Choose a good subject line for your memo.

2. Give an Overview

In your first paragraph, you should tell the importance of the employee’s cooperation in the project. Make them understand your purpose and why you want to have the project. You may state your goals so that you can get their cooperation in doing the project.

3. Address Questions

Next you have to anticipate the questions of the employees. You should provide answers to the possible questions for the project. If the employees will understand the project, they can do their tasks better. They do not need to approach you also just to satisfy their questions.

4. Provide Project Details

Then you should provide the details of the project. Be as detailed as possible so that employees do not have to ask questions. Make them understand the whole nature of the project. Give accurate steps that they can follow in accomplishing the project.

5. Close on a Positive Note

After giving all the details of the project, you can end your memo. Remember to close on a positive note. Use courteous words. Your courtesy can make the employees work better for the project. Then send your memo or post it if that is your preferred way.


How will you write the summary of a project memo?

You should give an overview of your main points. You should give your main request and recommendation. Summarize the main facts and arguments.

How should I begin the project memo?

You should begin with your purpose. You can use the words “I’m writing to inform you…” or “I’m writing to request…”.

To make sure that a project can begin successfully, you should give a project memo to your employees. They can better understand your project. They can respond to your request to cooperate through the project memo. Well, do you need a template for a project memo? This post has 20+ SAMPLE Project Memo in PDF | MS Word. They can help you to write a great project memo. Download now!