34+ SAMPLE Staff/Employee Memo

What is a Staff/Employee Memo?

A staff or employee memo is a written document with a business message that is sent to the employees of a company. Its purpose is to inform the employees or the whole group. Usually, it contains a request to do a certain action. It is given in times of misconduct of an employee or in times that you want to say something special to an employee. When the Human Resource wants to say something about the employee attendance policy, a staff or employee memo can be given. The memo can contain the attendance punctuality that the company requires. Through the memo, employees can start to follow new policies in their company.

An employee memo or employee memorandum is a great way to have communication with employees. It has a simple process of letting them know what they should do. For example, if a company will want to give an employee disciplinary memo to an employee who has done something wrong, the best way to let him or her know of his or her mistake is to give a memorandum. It is better than giving a warning notice that might scare the employee. Employee discipline can be easier through the use of memos. It can make employees change while not giving them too much pressure.

Some examples of staff or employee memo are office staff memo, staff meal memo, internal staff memo, staff accommodation memo, staff appreciation memo, employee memo for tardiness, and staff promotion memo. An employee memo can come in many forms. If the company has to say something important to an employee, the best way to reach out to them is through memos. The staff or employee memo is usually given by HR because they are the ones who implement policies in a company. If there is a need for improvement, HR can give a staff memo for sustainability.

Whatever is the reason for a memo, whether it is promotion, appreciation, or disciplinary action, employees are expected to respond to the memo. They should follow what is written in the memo. If it is an appreciation memo, they ought to give a thank you letter or a return memo. Every memo should have a good format. Remember that it is a business memorandum. You can refer to a workplace memo example first before writing your memo. This can give you ideas for writing your memo and you can learn good writing skills. Writing a memo can be fun because it can make you have good communication with your work colleagues.

Importance of a Staff/Employee Memo

Are you wondering what an employee memo sample or staff memo example is for? Would you believe that it is important? Yes, it is needed in every company. Without a memo, how can they effectively communicate with their employees? Employee memos should be written to reach out to their employees at various times. If you want to know the importance of an employee memo, you can read the following:

Making Orders with Instructions: It will be easy for a company to issue orders with the use of a memo. The good thing about this is you can make orders with instructions. You can provide the complete instructions on what you want your employees to do in the memo. It can give you an easy process of getting things accomplished. Staff or employee memo can be given to a group of your employees and it can be easy for you to make them work as a team. The memo can show them what to do that they do not have to allot some time to understand your projects. You do not have to talk to each one of them or make an effort to have a meeting. The process of getting things done will be easier.Easy Changing of Policies: Through the staff or employee memo, you can easily change your policies. It is the best way how you can inform your employees about the changes that you want to make. You do not have to call for a meeting just to inform them of the new policy. Making meetings can cost the time to work of your employees. Through the memo, they can have better productivity. Instead of spending some time to know the new policies, they can continue working and will never be disturbed. Besides, it is easier to implement new policies by using a memo. Just a short read on the memo and the employees will know what to do. You can also be sure that the new policy will reach them personally. This will be better if you want your policies to be easily implemented.Chance to Seek Suggestions and Recommendations: Because the staff or employee memo can reach your employees personally, it can be the best way how you can get suggestions and recommendations from them. It will be good to reach out to them one by one. They can share their opinions on how you can make your work better. It can be a chance to make them bring out their voice. Who knows if their thoughts can do something good for your company? The staff or employee memo can bring out their creativity and ideas. If you want to hear what your employees will want to say, you can easily communicate with them through the memo. You do not have to exert too much effort to gather their suggestions and recommendations.Getting Help Request: Sometimes, you may need the help of your employees. Maybe you want to achieve a better quota for your products. Maybe your sales are getting lower and you need to energize your employees. Maybe you need a better marketing plan for your services. At these times, it will be easy for you to send your request through a memo. You can be sure that your employees can get your message. It is a great way how you can message them directly to help your company. Your request will be better appreciated if sent through a memo because you can deal with your employees personally. With the help of a memo, your requests for your company can be granted because you can have open communication with your employees,Getting Information Easily: A staff or employee memo is a good way of how you can gather information from your employees. If you want to know something from your employees regarding their work, the best way to communicate is through staff or employee memo. The employees can easily respond to you. They will know the urgency of your request. Because a memo is important, they will not wait a second before giving you what you need. You will get the information that you need quickly.Best Way to Inform Your Decisions: Through the staff or employee memo, you can easily impart your decisions to your employees. Again, you do not have to spend time on meetings just to let them know of your decisions. You can also be sure that every one of them will receive your decision. This can be better because they can read your decisions by themselves. There will be no excuses that they never know about it. If you want to be effective in giving your decisions to your employees, you must use a staff or employee memo that can be personally received by them.Inexpensive: Meetings can cost you some money. Even if you will not spend on it, the productivity of your employees can be affected. And it can cost you to have a lesser profit. Giving memos are inexpensive. All you need is to send an email and you can have the responses that you need. Not only that it is efficient but it is a faster way. It has many benefits that you should think of. If you are thinking about the cost, you must use the technique of giving memos for all your agenda. You can save time, money, and a lot of effort.

Tips on Staff/Employee Memo

Are you looking for tips on staff or employee memos? Are you looking for a pattern like an office memo sample or a memorandum example? Well, if tips are what you are looking for, we have got you covered. Here are some tips that you can use in writing a staff or employee memo:

Consider the Audience: You should consider your audience in writing a memo. You should ask yourself how it can be effective for them. A memo should be effective so that you can get the response that you need. So you must know your audience first so that you can tailor the memo specifically for them. You can get an immediate response if you will create the right memo. Whatever you want to be accomplished will be done by considering your audience. And be sure that you will sound professional in your memo. Remember that you and your employees are working together for a business. Consider the culture of your company. Be sure that your memos will follow the mission statement of your company.Keep It Simple: You have to make your memo short. Do not create a lengthy memo. It can bore your employees. They might not read it immediately if it is long. Keep your memo simple. Speak straight to the point. Remember, the employees will read them during their working time. So you should not waste any time of your company. Make the memo direct to the point for a faster communication.Attach Documents: To be effective with what you want to say or implement to your employees, you should attach documents with your memo. This way, if you have to speak about a project, for example, the employees do not have to question you about it. Documents can help to make everything at work easier. The employees can easily follow instructions if you will attach documents. Both of you can have what you need easily to get the job done by attaching documents.Good Subject Line: A good subject line will be good for your staff or employee memo. Through the subject line, the employees will know the urgency of your request. If your subject line is good, you can easily get the interest of your employees. You can be sure that they will read your memo immediately. If you want your memo to be executed as soon as possible, use a good subject line that can make your employees move quickly.

How to Write a Staff/Employee Memo

Do you need a staff memo template or an employee memo template? Are you about to write a staff or employee memo? Maybe you need some steps that you can use. We can provide them for you. Have the following steps in writing staff or employee memo:

1. List Your Purpose

In your introductory paragraph, you should list your purpose. This is a good way how you can set goals for your employees. Before speaking in detail, give them an overview of what you need. List the important things that they have to know. This can be a good introduction to your document.

2. Keep a Positive Language

All throughout, you have to speak professionally. This is the best way how to communicate with your employees. They can better understand you if you will use good language. Be positive with everything that you have to talk about. Be ready to encourage them with whatever your purpose. Speak directly to the point so that the employees will get everything that you mean.

3. Give a Conclusion

After communicating your message, you can give a conclusion to your memo. This is to better explain to employees the things that you need. Insert a call-to-action at the end of your memo. You should let the employees know what they should do in response to your memo. If you need urgency to your request, you can leave a reminder to your employees.


What can be a good format for a staff or employee memo?

You should add space between paragraphs. Use short sentences. Your paragraphs should be short also. Instead of having long texts, you should use bulleted and numbered lists.

What are the elements of a staff or employee memo?

The elements of staff or employee memo are the name of the employee, the title of the employee, the names of other recipients, the name of the sender of the memo, the title of the sender of the memo, the date when the memo is made, and the specific topic of the memo.

Receiving a memo can be fun. You can be a part of the important matters of your company. It can be used as a good communication tool for all the employees. Anyway, do you need a template for a staff or employee memo? This post has 20+ SAMPLE Staff/Employee Memo in PDF. You do not have to look further just to find a template. Download now!