32+ Sample Company Profiles

What is a Company Profile?

A company profile is a professional written summary or introduction of a business. Its objective is to make others know your company. It also make others know all your business’ activities, the reputation of your company, and the products that your company can offer. With a company profile, you can get a capital through investors. It is a promotional tool that can make them attracted to your brand. You will just have to show them your business profile and if they like it, they can raise a capital for your company. You can also use it to give informations to stakeholders and clients. Company profile vary in lengths. Some who have just started their business makes a 2-page profile. Others have larger portfolio and can present a company profile of about 30 pages long. Company profile is important because it is what our clients and investors can look into. You cannot do business and be successful out in the blue without a company profile. Progressive profiles are even shown in social media. There are business profile on Facebook or business page in Linkedin. You can see there a lot of company profile examples. If you are needing a company profile template, you can search for it in websites. They can be in Powerpoint templates or Word templates. If you have a small business, you can take a simple powerpoint template to use in your Linkedin company page.

What are Included in a Company Profile?

There are things that should be included in a company profile. They are the following:

Importance of a Company Profile

You may think that your company can run without a company profile. But it was way too wrong. You must know its importance for you to not take it for granted.

It is a document that can tell the strength of your company. The company profile highlights your company’s achievements. The clients and investors will be pleased at such thing to read about. It is a way to tell all the strength your company has so that many would engage business with you. If they will read about your achievements, they will be enticed to your brand. They will know that they are in good company. They can never go wrong with a company who already has achievements and can show strength.Investors will more likely to invest into your business. They will know if your company is awesome and you can fetch investors. They need something to see so if you can show them a good company profile, they can decide to invest to your company. Without it, you cannot enticed them to engage in your business. Most investors are careful in investing. They must know first if doing business with you will be right. They must ensure if they will have profit when they invest to your business.It sketches a total look to your business. A company profile is an asset to your business as it tells the company’s history. It tells a story about how your company grow and it can make clients to sympathize with your business as they read the story. It is a dramatic way of attracting clients. The one who will read it will know what your company is and they will not be in confusion on knowing about your business.You can be above your competitors. It is a chance to shine brighter than your competitors. Write a unique company profile and it will make your business stand out among the rest. Be sure that when someone reads your company profile, they will choose you over other companies. You will have a chance to beat your competitors if you can create a better company profile.All the information is placed in one document. As your company profile has all the information about your company, it would be easy doing business. All the client has to do is to look at your company profile and you can easily do business with them.It is a detailed description about your products or what your company can offer. For clients who are looking for specific products, a company profile is the answer because it tells the information about your products. The client will instantly know if they will like your product and if they will choose to do business with you.The company’s credibility and the image will be established. By having a company profile, you can make your credibility in the market. People will have a clear image about your business. So make your profile good because it is what other people could see.

How to Write a Company Profile

You may be intimidated to write a company profile, but creating a profile may be easy if you follow some steps.

Step 1: Know the purpose of your company profile.

You must first realize what is your purpose in writing the company profile. Know how you can impress your audience so that you will know how to start. There are different scenarios that you can use. Every variation has a definite purpose. Use one that you think will suit your company profile best.

Step 2: Choose a style for your company profile.

When you have all the information, choose a tone that will be good in your company profile. Use a style that will be appealing to all your possible audience. You can use timelines and images. Make your company profile look attractive. You can use graphic design in your presentation. Do experiments and be innovative to make the company profile better.

Step 3: Tell an enchanting story.

Make a good story about your company. Be creative in telling your company’s history, how you build it and how you keep it. If you can tell a captivating story about your business, the reader’s will be enthused with your business and will probably like your company. They are more likely to have business with you.

Step 4 Have a good mission statement.

State the values that your business have. With these, people will know how professional you are and how much value you have. The reader will be encouraged to deal with your company if you can show values.

Step 5: Have everything in chronological order. 

Everything that is from the past should come first before the things that happen in the present. You have to be clear about the things about history. Have a chronological order of events. Do not let the readers be confused. Highlight the most important events.

Step 6: Make a clear format for the company profile.

Maintain professionalism in your company profile. Be clear about your thoughts and do not use confusing words. Show a proper decorum in writing it. The profile must bear professionality because it is used in professional business.

Step 7: Make your statements valuable.

Put values in all your statement. All your sentences must be good. It should be something that would put the reader in awe. If all your statements are good, the reader will not be bored and will surely finish reading your company profile.

Step 8: Do not forget to put testimonials.

A couple of testimonials will make your company profile better. It is essential to have those. Get testimonials from other people and put it in your company profile. It can attract more investors.

Step 9: The company profile must contain all your contact information.

You can add credibility by putting all the company’s contact details. It includes the company’s phone number, website, email address, fax number, and physical address.

Step 10: Proofread and revise if necessary.

You need to read your whole company profile after writing it to be sure if you have made any mistakes. Your company profile should be free from error. It is a professional document so you must ensure that it has no mistakes. Proofread it. Read other companies’ business profile so you can see where you stand with your competitors. Then revise your company profile to make it better than the company profile of your rivals.

Tips to Have an Effective Company Profile

Of course you would like to have an effective company profile. You can apply these tips to make something that could instantly win your clients.

Make your company profile brief.

Make your profile precise. You would not like to bore your readers so make your company profile concise. Put statements that are brief and informative.

Pick a good platform for your company profile.

Unlike in old times that company profiles are just in papers, now we can put our company profile in the internet. Choose the best platform for your company profile. Do not just post it anywhere. Choose a platform that will served you well professionally.

Put all your objectives.

You can have a good impression if the readers will see good objectives at your profile. List them all down and put it all in your profile. Good objectives can make a good structure for your company profile. It will make appealing sentences that the reader can be fond to read.

Consider your audience.

If you know who are meant to read your company profile, you can adjust the tone on how you will write it. Target your audience and know their preferences. They should not get bored with your profile. Entertain them in a professional way. Be sure that they will read the entire profile.


Can I Make My Own Company Profile Or Should I Have to Pay Someone to Make it?

Of course, you can make your own company profile. You just have to write in a professional or business manner. You can hire a business writer if you like. It can make your company profile better sometimes.

Does a Company Profile Costs Much?

No, it is not. You can although find company profile that is expensive, but there are those that are cheap. It depends on the design of your company profile. Also, consider the fee of every maker.

Having a company profile can make our business successful. It means more clients. It can provide stability to our business. Ensure that your business has a good company profile. It reflects what your business is. It can tell everything about your company.