And of course, they studied of good ways on how they will deal with all their clients. It is the most important element in the business. With clients, we could tell if a business would sell. We could know whether the product or service of a company would be bought. They were the ones who are going to buy the company’s service. Dealing with them has certain rules. One of the rules is to offer them a company proposal. It is usually done in business. A company should present a company proposal to every client to serve their purpose. With it, they could tell how they mean to do business with the other person. It actually tells that a company wants to make deals with a client.

What is a Company Proposal?

A company proposal is a professional document given by a company to propose a particular product, project, or service. Also called business proposal, it is given to prospects for the purpose of securing a business. A business plan is different from a company proposal in the way that it is not selling the business but only the product or service of the company to a prospective client. It is usually given by suppliers to secure sales at clients. A business partnership proposal is used in this kind of dealings that is common in B2B companies. A sales pitch, however, can be compared to a company proposal. It is also like a job interview. You will tell how you fit for a certain job and you will sell yourself. With a company proposal, you will tell how your product is the best for the client’s company.

Types of Company Proposal

Company proposal has three types and they are the following:

Formally Solicited Proposals

This kind of proposal is a formal response when a certain client requested about your product or service. They have learned about what you are selling and they would like to do business with you. They have sent you an official request to know everything about your service. With this, you are aware of all the information about the client. You simply have to make a proposal for them to evaluate everything. This type of proposal is a sure proposal because you are almost positive that the client will really buy your service. All you need to do is to accept their official request.

Informally Solicited Proposals

This is almost the same with the formally solicited proposal. The only difference is that the request is not official. The client also requested for your proposal because they wanted to know about your product but the request was verbal only. With this, you will have to do a research about the client for your safety.

Unsolicited Proposals

Unsolicited company proposals are proposals made when the company has no information about the client or is given without a request from a client. Some forms of this are through marketing brochure and lead email. This proposal is the most common proposal because the companies are usually the ones who are summoning the clients. This is the reason why we have to make a good business proposal example.

Elements of a Company Proposal

There are certain things that you have to include in your proposal brand or business project proposal.

The Proposal Title

A captivating title will decide whether the client will read your proposal or not. A neat title page should contain your name, the name of your business, the name of the client, the name of their business, and the date when you have written the proposal.

The Summary

An executive summary is needed with all the contents of the document. Consider these objectives with your executive summary:

The Problem and Solution

Clients should be rest assured that their problem will be solved with your company proposal. That you can provide all their needs. It should have a business proposal outline or business proposal ideas with the problem statement and the solution to this problem. The problem statement will give urgency to your client. They will see that you have a solution to their problem. Make a different section about the problem statement and the solution. This would make them more clearly to be understand by the client.

The Qualification of the Company

This states all the company’s positive attributes. The client may not have confidence in you in providing them the promised service. For one thing, they are doing business with a total stranger. You should convince them that you will be able to fulfill what you have promised. This part of company proposal is a proof that you can provide what they need. Highlight all the things that the company can do and put how qualified your company is.

The Timeline of the Service

A timeline of all your deliverables is detailed. This timeline could be something that would encourage the client. It should not be overly long or the client would not buy from you. Give a specific short time that is realistic for you to deliver your product. Use a flow chart to better picture your timeline.

The Price and Payment Terms

This states all the fees and payment schedule about the deal. It also includes all legal aspects that both of you will have. Have a good option of prices to have a better chance of acceptance from the buyer. Do not scare your clients with an expensive price. But do not undervalue your service also.

The Terms and Conditions

This part is essential to have all legalities. You can consult a lawyer to make this section of your business proposal better. Put terms and conditions that the both of you will possibly follow. Whatever could serve your interest, you can put in terms. You just have to be sure that it is something that your client can accept.

Tips on Company Proposal

Our clients should be impressed with our company proposal or they would not buy from us. For this reason, we should use some tips on how to make good business proposal samples.

Begin with a good outline. Have a business proposal outline first so that you will know what to write. This will keep you in writing smoothly and will not make you to forget anything. Perfect your outline first and you can make an effective company proposal. Follow this outline carefully as a guide. Note the outline with the best phrases so you will not forget your thoughts.Put visuals in your company proposal. To capture the client’s attention, put quantitative data in form of visuals. This will clearly state information about your business. Chart, tables, and graphs will make your proposal better. If you can find captivating figures to include in your proposal, you can put those. The client may consider your proposal beautiful and attractive and they can be more attracted to your business. When they see that your proposal is good, it could also mean that you are also good in business.Include proofs or testimonials. Because the client do not really know you, you can have some ways to make them have some ideas about you. Put some social proof in your company proposal. Talk about how successful your business is doing. Add testimonials of clients and persons that have used your products or services. It will add appeal to whatever you are selling. If they would hear about the good comments of fellow customers, they would know that your product is good and that they would not be sorry for it. Social proof is a good way to market your product.Use multimedia in your proposal. If your proposal is in PDF, you can add a video as an introduction of your proposal. This style clicks these days and would be good to use. You can better show some things with the use of videos. You can also show that your proposal is up-to-date. Also, the client will have a better proposal experience and you will have an ace for them to accept your proposal.A call-to-action is necessary in your proposal. You must be clear with the CTA. The client should know what to do next in case they will accept the proposal. You must guide them every step of the way. Highlight the steps that they should take. Do not leave your client hanging or they might lose interest in your product. Every steps should be clear to close the deal effectively.Do upselling and put add-ons. You should entice the client to buy by putting add-ons that can make them to have discounts or avail a greater product. Most clients are encouraged this way. It is the normal way of selling that you can use. Think of ways on how you can make your product to sell better.Maintain the simplicity of your proposal. The client will appreciate your proposal better if it is simple. Do not use business jargons that will only complicate your document. Focus on the quality of your proposal and not on quantity to not make it too long. Use straightforward sentences with good sense that would easily make the client to pick what you mean. A simple proposal could mean a simple ‘yes’.Focus on your brand. Let your brand shine through your proposal. Describe it in amazing sentences and captivate the readers by all the attributes of your brand. Tell them what is your brand’s ace against your competitors. Include its achievements within the past years. If they will know the fame of your brand, the client may be enticed to accept your proposal.

How to Write a Company Proposal

A businessman may have a business but do not know the ways in creating business proposal. You can have these steps and make your own company proposal.

Step 1 Secure all the information. 

The first thing you have to do is to have all the information necessary in making a company proposal. Here are the possible questions to ask before creating a business proposal:

Step 2 Write the details about the project.

Create an outline that will detail all the works involved for the project. Write these afterwards in full details. This outline can answer these possible questions:

Step 3 Proofread your company proposal.

Read the proposal carefully to know if it has already meet your expectations. Edit it when necessary. Make it better if you can think of another ideas that can make it more acceptable. Then when you are contented with your proposal, proofread it to avoid errors or mistakes. It is important that your proposal is perfect because it is a formal document.


What is the Aim of a Company Proposal?

A company proposal aims to make B2B business process easier. It is a sales pitch that is done between a buyer and a company who was selling. The proposal is given to be accepted by the client whether they would buy a specific product or not.

How Long is a Company Proposal?

There are 1 page company proposals. But sometimes it can be two pages or three pages. It depends on how long you would like your company proposal to be. Of course, it will have more chance of reading if it will be shorter. You should not bore your clients. With a shorter company proposal also, you can put a hint of urgency and you can talk business more directly. If your company proposal will be better off with two pages, then make it with the number of pages that you intend it to have. There are no particular number of pages needed as long as you can make your company proposal effective.

We cannot afford to fail in our company proposal. Sometimes it is what our client needs and they solely rely on it. In this case, we should make the company proposal perfect. Let us be efficient in writing it. This will decide whether our product or service will sell or not. The success of our business depends upon the company proposal. Let us not forget it.