36+ Delivery Receipts

What Is a Delivery Receipt?

Generally, official receipts are commonly used as evidence that a transfer of something with value happened. As a business transaction, food delivery services also issue receipts as proof of purchase. It usually contains relevant details used during the transaction such as the merchant’s business name, location, contact information, receipt number, and date of purchase. Additionally, the receipt contains some of the customer’s information like name, address, and contact information. Other details are included depending on the business.

Based on a report published by Statista, the revenue in Online Food Delivery is projected to reach $28,486 million US dollars in 2021. On top of its largest segment, which is the Restaurant-to-Customer Delivery with a projected market volume of $16,564 million US dollars.

Based on an article by Chron, invoices and receipts are different. An invoice is a request for payment, while receipts are proof of purchase.

The Different Elements of a Delivery Receipt

Delivery receipts are similar payment receipts because it contains the same elements. The only difference is that delivery receipts are used when something of value is delivered. Find out more about the components below.

Label: Like most important business documents, the delivery receipt also has a label. The title is written at the top of the document in bold font style so that it is easily recognizable. Proper labeling helps you differentiate a receipt from a bill.Basic Details: Basic details include the merchant and customer’s information used during the transaction. The details are the following: customer name, merchant business name, complete address, date of purchase, and receipt number.Purchase Items: The most important part of a business receipt is the list of purchased items. It is usually in a tabular format to neatly organized the information. The list describes the purchased items, unit price, quantity, and subtotal. Just below the table are the applicable tax, discount, and overall total. Signature Block: Some delivery receipts contain a signature block in which the merchant can sign the form. This validates the transaction and also means that the items listed are complete and ready to be delivered.

How Do You Create a Delivery Receipt?

Creating a cash receipt is easier if you use a template. However, you can start from scratch if you want a new format. Start by browsing through our website and unveil a collection of various business stencils suitable for every business needs. Before downloading your template, make sure you fully understand the delivery process. This way you can align the elements to the receipt’s purpose. Continue reading below.

1. Select a Template

You would not have a hard time selecting your template because our website offers different kinds of ready-made templates. Just press the download button to get your copy. The best thing about using a template is that it comes with a suggested content editable using an editing tool.

2. Edit Your Receipt

Access an editing tool that is compatible with your template’s file format. To check, go to your source’s website. All compatible editing tools are featured on the website. Do not use an editing tool that is not recommended by the template’s creator. Otherwise, you will have a hard time working on your sale receipt.

3. Make Appealing

Even if the fee receipt is a formal document, it must not be plain and bland. You can make it visually appealing by incorporating designs and symbols that are easily recognizable as your belonging. This is also an effective way to keep the receipt on brand.

4. Finalize Your Receipt

Do use your delivery receipt without editing. You might not know it, there could be errors and misspelled words in the receipt. If you review the document once more, it will allow you to make the necessary adjustments.


How a receipt is different from an invoice?

Based on an article by Chron, invoices and receipts are different. An invoice is a request for payment, while receipts are proof of purchase. Moreover, invoices commonly provide a list of goods or services provided by the seller along with the corresponding prices, credits, discount, taxes, and total due while receipts are a record that proves the existence of a transaction.

What are the different types of receipts?

  • Official Receipt
  • Business Receipt
  • Monthly Rent Receipt
  • Day Care Receipt
  • Medical Receipt
  • School Fee Receipt
  • Sale Receipt
  • Vehicle Receipt
  • Service Receipt
  • Payment Receipt

Is it illegal not to issue receipts?

Yes, it is illegal not to issue receipts. Non-compliance to this will invite lawsuits and fines and face legal action by the Federal Trade Commission that could cost them fines of $100 to $1,000 per violation.

Generally, properly storing receipt forms and other business records are essential to your business. It initially monitors your business progress by helping you see how your business is doing. Whether you are improving in terms of sales or declining customer feedback, accurate records help measure your business. For a customer, a delivery receipt is crucial in exchanging items or asking for a refund as the business owner requires proof of your purchase. Receipts aren’t just a piece of paper because it is crucial in transactions more than you think.