What is a Task Report?

A task report is a document that consists of all the information of the tasks that an employee was about to do in their job. It may be one or multiple tasks. It contains an overview of the tasks. It has goals that a worker has to achieve. It states the problems and solutions within the task. It may have some questions that you can deal with while having the task. The time that the task was done or should be done is placed in the task report. It is a summary of the task and all the details of the work is written on it. Sometimes it was done before committing the task, but most times after the tasks had been done. It is necessary in work management so that the progress of the task can be captured. Tasks are parts of a project so it is essential to make a report about it.

With a task report, a manager can have the big picture of a project that they have. Task reports can be done by using a template. Task performers can input their work into it and put the particular date that they made the task. It is a means of communication to the management to know the progress of their work. This can be done electronically or can be written on a paper. It is collected after the execution of every task. It sums up all the work that has been done, all the goals that a worker has achieved, the problems that they have encountered, and all their observations and lessons that they have learned. Every task report is verified by supervisors then would go into the manager’s hand for analysis.

Elements of a Task Report

Certain things comprised a task report. They are the essentials that should be in your task report.

The Time of Every Task

The time that each task is completed should be in a task report. It should be written against the due date of the task. Put the exact hour and the date that you have accomplished the task. Be accurate in putting the time so that the manager can assess the progress of the project well.

The Actual Cost of the Task

The amount that you have spent on the task should be recorded. It would show how it would fit the cost that was originally alloted for the task. It would tell whether the company has saved some expense or has some additional cost.

The Resources Used in the Task

All the materials that you have consumed should be in the task report. It would be used in the inventory of all the resources that the company has spent on a project. It is continually recorded so that no resources will be wasted.

The Issues You Have Encountered

Whatever problems that arise when you are doing your task should be in the task report. Put a note of all the problems that you have encountered. If you have a lesson that you have learned, you can also put a note about it. All your observations should also be written.

The Checklist of All the Objectives

You must clearly set key objectives that you will follow or you have followed on committing the task. This checklist are realistic things that you will do while you perform the task. You can list 2-5 objectives that will make your task better.

Strategies on Making a Task Report

You may want to impress your boss by submitting a great task report. You can use these following strategies.

Your report should contain the estimated time. This will show that you are productive. If you will perform a certain task through the estimated time, it will show that you are an effective worker. The project will be finished more accurately. Be sure that your task report should follow the estimated time and it proves that you have done your part of the job.Save time when making a report. Do the task report in a quick manner. Do not waste time just by making it. It is necessary that you will make it carefully but it must not consume your working hours. You should be making it after all your day’s work but you must allot enough time for it. It can be done before a few minutes that your shift would end.Use a good software in making a task report. You cannot afford to waste your time just by making report so a software is much useful. Just by a few clicks, you can make your task report done. By using this win-win tool for both the employer and the employee, you will be able to submit a more presentable task report. Set filters for every task. Display the task that you will only make for the day. Export it in MS Word or Excel or you can print it out if you want.Record all unaccomplished task. If you have tasks that you are not able to finish, do not be ashamed to record it. It will be good if you will honestly admit if you have missed something. You will build your integrity by putting all your unfinished tasks in your task report. With this, you are promising that you will finish it somehow. Record them so the manager will have a good track of all your work.Be cooperative with your team. There are times that you will do a group task report. Be cooperative with your group so that all of you will achieve your goals. A confluence task report will be better in cooperation. Even if you will submit an individual task report, you must cooperate with your team for all of you to have a good output. Then you will have a better output for yourself that you can put into your task report.Make a diagram for better presentation. Task management report can be done with diagrams. Visual memory can be better and it will make things more easier to your manager. Diagram the data and your manager will see what your task report contains more clearly. Your task summary can be well-delivered when you use diagrams.Evaluate your effectiveness. Do a self-evaluation every time you make a task report. This will improve your work as you will know where you are lacking. Know how effective you are and on which areas you excel better. Improve on areas where you are not good enough.Be concerned on the output volume. Know how much you are making in your work. Be sure that you are complying with the quota and that you are actually doing your job. The volume of your work should adhere to the tasks that you should actually make. Concentrate on each day to have the desired output and be consistent on it. The task report should contain the right output volume each day.Use the task report to make progress. Monitor your daily task report. You can improve by having the purpose of making more output on the following days. Add a little on it each day and you will become the best employee that your company can have. You can contribute well to your company and you will have the best productivity. Your company will have a good use of you and you will have a chance of good promotion in your job.Use task statistics in your task status report. You can keep track of your progress better if you will use task statistics. A better chance of improvement can be there. You will know what tasks you have completed and what are the tasks that you still have to do. This statistics can be done in a weekly or monthly frequency. Study it carefully and you will know what to do to make your work better.Have guidelines on estimating the project. Define the project using qualitative parameters. Use guidelines that will suggest how your tasks can be done to make the project successful. Estimate the whole project so that you will know what should be done in every task. The guidelines should benefit the project in the whole and will make everything easier.Follow business standards. Whatever is the standard of the business, you should follow it. It was what should reflect in your task report. It should tell that you have comply with all the company’s format and standards. A good task report is always in accordance to it.Make a good task report structure. Your task report must be written well. Use sentences that can relay your report well. Its structure must be good. Be clear about all the details that should be included in your task report. The information must be exact and must be done with honesty. You cannot fake your task report or you can be caught and you might lose your job.

How to Create a Task Report

One of the challenges in our job is to make a task report. This activity should be presented to our subordinates so a task report must be done properly.

Step 1: Choose a template that will be approved of.

Finding the best template may be the first best thing to do because it was where you will put all the details of your task report. Choose something that will make your subordinates praise you. It should be well-presented so choose the best. Also, pick something that will be easy for you to use. If you cannot use an electronic template, you can make a table format in a paper where you can write your task report neatly.

Step 2: Know the purpose of the task report.

If you will have in your heart the purpose of the task report, it will be easy for you to do it. Define your purpose first so you will know what you will put in your task report. Objectives should be listed. Think of all the good objectives. Think of possible problems and solutions that you can place in your task report.

Step 3: Put all the necessary details.

Be definite in your task report. Be honest about the work or the tasks that you have completed within the day. Put the time that you have finished that particular task. All the materials that you have used must be included in the report. The cost of all your work must also be there. Put a description about your task and all the necessary details about it.

Step 4: Have a good summary.

Make a task status report. Provide a summary of all the work you have done. The details about it should also be summarized. This summary should give a quick understanding to the reader of the report.

Step 5: Write the problems and solutions within the task.

Of course, there were times that you can encounter some problems while you are at work. You should list all these problems at the end of your task report. All the solutions to these problems must also be written. You should report this kind of things. If you have observations, you should list it, too. All the things that you have learned within your workday can be noted at the end of your task report. This will give a clearer understanding of your progress with your work everyday. With this, the management will know if you ever need some help. They can assist you if you ever need something.

Step 6: Give recommendations.

You can also put some recommendations in your task report. This will be about the things that can make your work better. The management will know about your recommendations and they can approve of it. This will also show that you love your work because you search for means on how you can make it better. You can cite 1-2 recommendations that you can think of.

Step 7: Double-check your task report.

You must do a complete checking about your report. Double-check it to be sure about mistakes or something that you have missed. The report should be accurate. It also should not contain grammatical errors. Ensure that you will submit a right report so that the management will rightly assess the progress of the project that you have been working on.


Is Task Report Necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. It contains all the work that you have done within the day and the company must know all of it. They must keep track of your everyday work. Project tracking and reporting is a must in all companies.

Do I Have to Submit a Task Report Daily?

It depends upon the regulation of every company. Usually, a task report is submitted daily. There can be a few companies that can need weekly or monthly report. It is important that the tasks are evaluated daily so that the progress of every employee can be monitored better.

Be diligent in making your task report. It will reflect your performance as a worker. Do it neatly and with honesty. Use various tips in making your task report better. It is a part of our jobs. It should be done properly. Who knows if by always presenting a good task report, you can caught your boss’ attention and you will have a chance to be promoted in your job? A task report can state how well you are handling your job and whether you are doing your part. Always make a good task report.