50+ Eulogy Sample

What is a Eulogy Sample?

A eulogy sample is a sample document that can help you in creating a eulogy. A eulogy is a speech or written tribute that we make for our dead loved ones, friends, or acquaintances. We do it to offer comfort to the grieving family. This is a memorable way to say goodbye to the person who has passed away. A eulogy speech is a meaningful way to pay respect and honor to the dead. Best eulogy speeches make the funeral memorable and give a smile to the grieving family and give them hope after their loved ones have died. Whether you are delivering a eulogy for a mother, a eulogy for a father, or a eulogy for a friend, you should share the memories that you had with them. In form of anecdotes, you must tell the people at the funeral how they touched your life.

To help you have a good eulogy, you can consider a eulogy template or eulogy examples. There are PDF documents that can be your pattern to create a good eulogy. An inspirational eulogy can be better if you can have a guide to let you have ideas of the things that you can say. Write a eulogy as if you are making a coaching business plan or a product business plan. Make sure that all that can hear it will love it. You can never deliver a eulogy that can be boring for the audience. As a last respect to the dead, it has to be beautiful. Something that can move every person who is going to hear it.

Tips on Eulogy

In eulogies, we recount the life of a person, accomplishments, and positive qualities while he or she is living. We do this in honor of the dead. We show that we will remember them even though they left us. This gives a positive light to the grieving family. If you want to deliver the best eulogy, you can use the following tips:

Start by Reflecting on the Person’s Life: Usually, eulogies start by sharing some stories about the life of the person. We tell how we see them as a person. This is a great way to start a eulogy. Make it a work plan to reflect first on the life of the person before creating a eulogy. Through it, you can remember the things that are outstanding in the person. Consider all their achievements. It can help you make a good eulogy that can tell how good they are in their craft while they are living. Give a clear picture of who the person is. Reflect on how they deal with others. Through this, you can show what they mean to the person around them. The eulogy is a brief reflection of the life of the dead person. If you are not going to reflect on the past achievements and relationships of the person, you may not give a good picture of who they are. But by reflection, you will have something good to say at the start of your eulogy.Use Personal Anecdotes:  Personal anecdotes are a great way to pay honor to the dead. With personal anecdotes, you may be able to tell the kindness and good character of the person. This can be something that can truly be memorable for everyone in the funeral and this is an amazing way to mention the good things that the person who has died had done for you. For example, you can say that even if the dead person has a busy work schedule, he or she will never forget to have time with his or her family. In his or her daily schedule, he or she makes sure that he or she can allot some time for his or her family. In telling personal anecdotes, you can quote the good words that the person had said. This is to show that the person is a good person who has a very good character. You show that you remember their kindness and gentleness with you. Every personal anecdote can be memorable to anyone who visits the funeral. If they do not know the person a lot, it can bring a good reputation for the dead even if they are already dead.Keep It Positive: In all the words that you are going to say in the eulogy, keep everything positive. Even though the dead have had some mistakes in the past, you must completely forget everything. We know that when a person is dead, all we can remember about them are good things. So, show it in your eulogy. Never bring anything that can bring a blot to the person. Instead, say something that will give a good reputation to the name of the dead person. Remember the good things that they have done. Share a story about the good things that you can remember about them. Consider the good memories that you had with them. If this person has helped you while you are doing the marketing plan or the financial plan at work, make sure that you can cite the goodness that they have shown to you. Make everyone remember that the dead is helpful. By doing this, you can give a good scent to the name of the dead which is a good thing to do for them.Keep It Concise: When you are delivering a eulogy, be sure to keep it concise. Remember that you may not be the only one who wants to give tribute to the dead. As much as possible, do not let your eulogy last for more than 5 minutes. Make it concise but meaningful. Just make sure that you can pay honor by sharing the kindness of the person and telling them that this person means a lot to you. Make everyone know that it is a loss for you to lose this person. Thank the person for having some memories with you in some of the daily calendars of your life. You may not have another calendar to share with this person again but you must express that this person will be remembered forever.Be Honest: Yes, you should not tell any bad things about the dead and you should tell good things about them, but you should not exaggerate. Be honest in sharing stories about the dead. Share good things that have truly happened. If you exaggerate, others will feel it and they might not like your speech. This is not a proper way to pay tribute. To give the best respect to the dead, you must mention things that they have truly done. Mention only memories that you have truly shared with them. This is how you can show that you treasure your memories with them and you treasure them as a person.Offer Comfort and Hope: A part of the eulogy is comforting the grieving family. You must know how you can offer them hope. One way to do this is to tell that the dead person will be happy if they will see that their family will soon be happy again. That they will carry on even if they are gone. Comfort the family by saying that the dead person has been a blessing to others. Mention that this person will always be remembered. Though they are gone, they will remain forever in your hearts. They might have gone away in part but their spirit will always be with the family and everyone.

How to Make a Eulogy

Delivering a eulogy is the best program at the funeral. For this reason, you must be careful in creating a eulogy. You have to make sure that everyone will like it. The following steps are what you can do to have a good eulogy:

1. Gather Information

The first thing to do is to gather information. Talk to family members and friends to collect information about the dead. Ask about the good things that they have done and the accomplishments that they have achieved.

2. Consider Your Audience

You are not just going to write a simple case study or research paper proposal, but you are going to write a eulogy that should comfort the heart of others. For this reason, you must be apt to consider the audience. Be sure that you can write a eulogy that can move them.

3. Make an Outline

An outline can help you so you can create a meaningful eulogy. You can organize your thoughts and you can cover the important aspects of the life of the dead person. Divide the eulogy into sections so that you can construct the best introduction, praise for the dead, gratitude, comfort, and conclusion.

4. Practice and Rehearse

Delivering a eulogy may not be easy. So you need to practice and rehearse. You can also get feedback from others to know if your eulogy and delivery are good enough.


How long should a eulogy be?

It depends on the person who wants to pay respect to the dead. Usually, it can last for 3-5 minutes. But you can make it longer if you have some great things to say.

Who usually delivers a eulogy?

Usually, a eulogy is delivered by family members and friends. Sometimes, co-workers, neighbors, and other acquaintances can also deliver a eulogy.

What is included in a eulogy?

The things that are included in a eulogy are the life of the deceased, achievements, and good qualities. It can also contain personal anecdotes.

Delivering a eulogy can bring tears to our eyes and to everyone in the funeral. This is a good thing to do to pay honor to the deceased. If ever the deceased can see us from far away, they will know that they are loved and will never be forgotten. Be sure to give a eulogy to pay tribute to your dead loved ones or friends.