What is a School Note?

A school note is a short written letter we make at school. It is a simple document that gives information about a certain thing. It is usually simple or brief. But a school note is also usually can be designed or colorful. It is because it is used in school and reflects the students’ vibrance of youth. You can make a school note with all the design that you like. The most common form of a school note is an excuse letter. You might be wondering how can an excuse letter be designed. But it is what in the current trends nowadays. The school note can be done with beautiful fonts. It is not like in the old days that the school note are simply plain. School note are also done when you make an appointment in school. It may be a doctor appointment note or a guardian appointment note. There are also thanks note for teachers or a thank you note from parent to teacher. There are certain variety of school notes, all done for school with a definite purpose. A school note is easy to construct. You just have to give that certain information that you need from school and the letter would be fine. Policies and regulations in school can also be delivered in the form of a school note.

A Simple Sample of A School Note

Here is a sample of a school note. It is a school absent note. This absence note for school or school excuse note can be used by you when your child cannot make it at school.

June 17, 2000

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to address Ms. Walker. I am Mrs. Alice Perkins and I would like to let you know that my child, Anna Perkins will miss school today. She cannot go to school because she is sick with fever. We promise that she will be back at school as soon as she gets well. If you have any questions, you can call this number – 09074535678.

Thank you so much.


Mrs. Alice Perkins

Kinds of School Notes

Variuos kinds of school notes can be written for school. These are the letters that we use in our everyday lives in school. It can be used or written by students, parents, teachers, school doctors, and other school staffs.

School Note Policy

This school note contains the school policies of the school. It has the rules and regulations that should be implemented in the school. It is a way of letting all the children know what are things that they need to follow in school. With this school note, all the pupils can learn obedience. They must adhere to these policies. It may contain little rules and big rules.

School Bus Note

This is a school note giving your permission to let your child ride on the school bus. This may be necessary to give authority for the school staff to take care of your children for a while. The parents and the school staff will feel safer if we send this kind of school note because both knows that the children are in good hands.

School Excuse Note

There will always come a time when a student needs to be excused in school. This letter is done when a student is sick or have to attend important matters. They just have to make a simple letter detailing their absence and address it to the teacher. This letter is signed by the parents. All of us may already have experienced writing this letter when we are in school. This letter is a part of school life.

School Planner Note

It is a letter from the student promising to fulfill all their tasks in school. It tells that they will submit all the school’s requirement in a particular time. This letter can make a student persistent at school. Because they had promised to do their duties well, they would be obliged to do it.

Doctor’s Note

This letter contains the information when a student consults the doctor when they are not feeling well. It contains the diagnosis, recommendation, and prescription of the doctor. This is a simple note that tells when you have seen the doctor and some personal information of the student.

School Teacher Home Note

This school note tells all the things that the teacher will have to fulfill at school. It tells some information about the rules of teaching in school. It is used as a reference by teachers, students, and parents. It is done so that all would know what to expect from the teachers.

Guardian Note

Written by our parents, this guadian notes tells all the consents of our parents for certain things that must be done in school. It detailed all the information about it. It contains the activities of the children. It also tells when they are absent. This school note is important because it tells that your parents is really guiding you.

Principles in Making a School Note

A few guidelines can be followed in writing a school note. These are principles needed for you to construct a good school note.

Find a good format for a school note. A school note is a formal letter so you must get a right format for it. Available templates can be downloaded. There are templates that a student, parent, or teacher can use. Choose a template that will be right for your purpose. You can also consider a format that is simply designed because it is used with children. Edit the template and fill in all your information.Do not use slangs and jargons. Be formal in your writing. Make your sentences easy to understand. Avoid using slangs and jargons that will make your letter informal. Construct good sentences that will relay what you want to say in your school note. Remember also that the school note is used by children so be sure that it is done properly. If you will use slangs and jargons, there is also a possibility that your teacher will not accept it or simply chide you about it. Do not do something that is improper. Be serious in making a school note. It is used in school. We must not take it for granted.Do not forget to put a date on a note. A school note must be properly addressed. Put a date into it. It is important that the reader will know when the letter was made. Do not forget it as a date will make a school note whole.The school note must be concise. Your school note must be brief and clear. It must be direct to the point. You must state clearly the reasons why your child is absent for example. It is nesessary that the letter would be clearly understood. Being concise is needed so that no questions will be raised against the matter and you will get your purpose better.Provide documents together with the school note. It is also necessary that you will submit your school note with supporting documents. These can prove that all your statements are true. Your letter becomes more valid with it. One of the documents that you can provide for example is a doctor’s note with an excuse note for school. Give it both to your teacher and they would easily approve of your school note.Make sure your school note has no grammatical errors. After writing your school note, proofread it. Remember that it is a formal letter. No grammatical errors should be found in it. Read it twice to be sure that it is perfectly written. Do not shame your children to their teachers. Show that their parents can be good in writing.Have your own copy of your school note. For recordkeeping, keep one copy of every school note you submitted. It can make you keep track of your child’s affairs at school. Who would know if you may need it in the future?

How to Construct a School Note

Creating a school note may be a little hard because it is a formal letter. But with steps to follow, it can be breezy and easy.

Step 1 Be clear on your purpose.

Know your purpose in writing the school note. You can begin from there so that you will know what to write. If you will be clear on your pupose, the letter would be brief and concise. It is important that you can relay the needed information. Think of the best way on how you can say those things. Do not beat around the bush. Say what you have to say.

Step 2 Be sure that all your spelling and grammar are correct.

Your letter must be constructed with right grammar. Write your sentences carefully or check it for grammatical errors. Also, the words should have right spelling. Your child’s school is the one who is going to read it so make your school note good.

Step 3 Include all the details.

Be sure to include all the information needed in your school note. The date must be placed, the name of the child and parents, the name of the teacher and school staff, and the signatures. The reason why you write the note should be included, too.

Step 4 Have courtesy in your school note.

Of course you should be respectful in your school note. Give the due respect to school authorities. It will make your letter formal as you give courtesy. Be human enough to show respect. It will profit your children because the school will know that they came from a good family. That they have parents with virtue.


Can We Have a Doctor’s Note From Other Physicians Or Should We Get it Only From the School’s Doctor?

You can have a doctor’s note from doctors outside the school. What is important is that they will give you the document that you can use together with your excuse letter. The same will give diagnosis and prescription. It is up to you to decide where you will get your doctor’s note.

What Will Make a School Note Great?

The school note’s grammar and spelling will make it great. It is good to read a school note which is properly constructed. Everyone will approve of a letter written in good grammar and spelling. If you want to never go wrong, make a school note that has no grammatical errors and has right spellings.

A good school note is something that we can be proud of. Create one that can benefit you better. It is a formal letter after all, so be careful in making it. After we have done our best, then it was ready for use in school. School notes are always commonly used in school. Have knowledge about it and when it is time for you to create one, you will not experience difficulties.