What is an Affidavit of Employment?

An affidavit of employment is a legal document that can prove that you are working in a company. It is evidence that you are employed. A proof to show that you are capable of paying rentals, mortgages, or loans. It is a sworn statement of an affiant who is currently employed in a company. There are times that the affidavit of employment is needed when you are about to have a job. A pre-employment affidavit is needed to be proof of your previous employment. It can also be evidence of unemployment that you can use if ever a company is about to hire you.

An affidavit of employment letter is needed as a form of verification that is used by landlords and loan companies when you are going to rent a property or take a loan or mortgage. Through the affidavit, they will know that you are capable of paying what you will owe them. Your certificate of being employed may not be enough. You need to give a notarized affidavit of employment which is by far more legal. So you will have a notarized document to prove that you are employed. You can use it for many purposes, including on your application for immigration.

Affidavit of certificate of employment usually goes with a bank statement, tax return, or payslip. This is to provide complete proof of your employment. This thing is done by landlords or lenders to avoid all the scammers who will start to have business with them but cannot pay afterward. If you can prove that you are employed, you can surely pay the money that you have to pay them. Besides, the process for loan applications and rent applications will be easier when you are going to submit an affidavit of employment. This is because you will easily convince landlords and lenders to give you what you need.

Do you know where to get an affidavit of employment? You can write it on your own. Refer to any affidavit of employment template and draft a letter that can prove that you are employed. Have an oath about your employment. You just need to be careful in stating facts. Be sure that everything is true. Remember that an affidavit of employment is a legal document and any false thing that you will say can bring you to jail. If you had a separation from your previous employer, you need to tell the truth. Do not hide any termination. And do not forget to include an income verification letter with your affidavit of employment.

Benefits of Affidavit of Employment

What is a signed affidavit of employment? Can you get many things from it? What can be its benefits? Why do you have to make an affidavit of employment? If you want to know some of the benefits of an affidavit of employment, we have got you covered. Read and consider the following benefits of an affidavit of employment:

Loan Benefits: You should know that you will not have a hard time getting loans if you have an affidavit of employment. That is why it is used in times when you will want to have big loans that you can use for your family. Maybe you want to build a house or start a business. You can have the opportunity to get big loans by having an affidavit of employment. Loan companies can give you the chance to have big loans if you can show them a sworn statement proving that you can pay them afterward. You do not have to worry about where you can get money in times of need. If you have an affidavit of employment, you can convince any loan company to grant you a loan. You can do anything that you want to do to make your life better. You can use the loan money for good opportunities that can improve your life.Gaining Trust: The main benefit of an affidavit of employment is you can gain the trust of others. They can trust that you are capable of paying. Proving to them that you truly have employment can make them give you loans and make you rent their properties. Today, it is hard to trust other people because there are many scammers. But an affidavit of employment will prove that you are truly employed. Whoever you will have business with will have nothing to fear that you cannot pay them. They have your work to rely on that you can give whatever money you will owe to them. You can build the trust of others through the affidavit. They will have the assurance that you have the means to pay. It will not be hard for you to take loan agreements and pass rental applications. Trust is important. So, if you want others to trust you, let them see something that can be proof of your credibility. Have an affidavit of employment.Easy Rentals: Landlords are picky. Before they will have someone to rent their property, they ascertain that they are good payers. They make screenings and they truly examine the rental application. Before having a tenant agreement with anyone, they ask for credit reports and proof of employment. To make your tenancy easier, you should use an affidavit of employment. By using it, you can find landlords trusting you. They will know that you are a good payer and someone who is honest in legality. If ever you will rent a house, you do not have to convince the landlords to let you rent their property. The affidavit of employment is enough proof that you are a good renter. That you are a good person whom they can trust. It will not be hard for you to pass rental applications. You will even have a good reputation in the eyes of landlords. They can consider you a decent person.Easy Mortgage: You cannot have a mortgage unless you pass their requirements about employment. A certificate of employment is not enough to use in times of getting a mortgage. Your income statement and tax return sometimes will never also do. To make the process of getting a mortgage easier, you should prefer to use an affidavit of employment that can be a completely legal document to prove that you can pay for the mortgage. Not many questions are asked and mortgage companies can give you the opportunity to loan a house from them. This is especially useful for people who truly want to afford a home. The first thing that you should do is to have an affidavit of employment to ascertain that you can pass loan applications for a mortgage. The affidavit can help you to have the credibility that you need to pass mortgage applications. Getting a mortgage is not easy. So, you need to have the resort to having an affidavit of employment.Eligibility Proof: In many businesses, we need to prove that we have credibility. An affidavit of employment can give you proof of eligibility. People will know that you are capable of paying anything that you will owe. It can give you the chance to have many opportunities like having a loan and passing the immigration. An affidavit of employment is a very useful thing that can help you in all legal matters. You can easily get business loan agreements if ever you want to start a business. You can have the lease agreements that you need. You do not have to do much just to prove to anyone that you can pay them. You simply just have to show your affidavit of employment and they will know that you are eligible.

Tips on Affidavit of Employment

Are you looking for an affidavit of employment sample? Do you need it because you want to have some tips that you can use in creating an affidavit? You do not have to look further. We can provide you with some tips that you can apply. Have the following tips:

Include Relevant Facts: To support the oath of your employment, you need to include some relevant facts that will prove that you are truly employed in that company. You can tell the complete story of your employment. Give a summary of how you became employed in that company. You can tell some things about your work. You need to convince others that you are truly employed. Facts will help them believe your claim.Write in First Person: To emphasize that you are the one who is swearing an oath, you must use the first person in your affidavit. This is better than using the second person or third person. Because you are swearing an oath, you need to have complete recognition of your statement. Write in the first person because this is the best.Attach Documentation: Documentation is important in every legal document. You have to attest that you are telling the truth. To make your oath more believable, you should attach applicable documents to your affidavit. You can include your income statements, tax return, and payslips. You can also attach photos and videos that will be proof of your employment. Just be sure that every document is true. You may not want yourself to face legal consequences if you will provide false documents.Use a Good Format: You should have the best structure for your affidavit. Use a good format that can make your affidavit look good. Make it look professional. Do not use many colors and do not include images in to design. Remember that it is a legal document. You can refer to affidavit examples to know how your affidavit can look best. Use them as a pattern so that you can make your affidavit better.Be Specific: You have to be specific in the affidavit of employment. If you have to tell something, use a definite description. You need to clear everything. You should ensure that everyone who will read it will not have questions about your credibility. So, you should be careful in stating your sworn statement.Be Honest: Remember to be truthful in your affidavit. Know that you have to state honest things only. Be honest. Never swear a thing that is not true. Remember, you can face legal consequences if you will not tell the truth.

How to Write an Affidavit of Employment

Are you looking for an example of an affidavit of employment? Are you about to create an affidavit of employment? We can help you in creating. We have some steps that you can use in writing an affidavit of employment. They are the following:

1. Identification of Affiant

You must first determine who the affiant is. You need to firmly establish who is going to take the oath. A sworn statement is something serious. So you have to be clear about who is going to have the sworn statement. You must write the name of the affiant clearly. Include some relevant details like birthday and age. Do not forget the address and contact information.

2. State a Declaration

The second thing is the declaration of truth. The affiant has to swear a statement saying that he or she is currently or previously employed in a company. The affiant has to include the details of the company. He or she must clearly state the business name of the company. The business address and contact information are also included. The affiant can also say the status of his or her employment, the job position, and other relevant details about his or her work.

3. State Facts

After your sworn statement, you need to include facts that will prove that you are truly employed in that company. If possible, you can include a chronological of events that will prove your employment. Be careful in stating facts. Be sure that all of them are honest things.

4. Sign the Document

After stating facts, you should allot a signature block where you can sign. Print the document and go to a notary public’s office. You need to know that your affidavit of employment should be notarized. Sign the document in the presence of the notary public and let him or her notarize your affidavit.


What is an employment verification letter?

An employment verification letter is proof of your income and compensation. This is useful with an affidavit of employment especially at times when you need to have a tenancy or loan.

What can make an affidavit of employment valid?

An affidavit of employment is valid if you sign it without coercion. Everything that is written in the affidavit should be accurate and acknowledged by the affiant.

An affidavit of employment can be very useful to anyone. You can find ease in having loan agreements and tenant agreements. You can use it every time you have to prove your employment. Well, are you looking for an affidavit of employment? This post has 20+ SAMPLE Affidavit of Employment in PDF. These templates can surely help you. Download now!