50+ Sample School Contracts

What Is a School Contract?

Depending on an agreement of the contractor and the client, the terms and conditions are modified. A school contract is any contract that is related to school. In the simplest definition, it is an agreement enforceable by law in which two or more persons’ consent are required to make a contract, and one of them will make an offer and the other accepts it. Usually the school gives the contract to the person who offers services.

What Are the Types of a School Contract?

There are various types of school contracts. Whether the school teaches elementary students, middle school, high school, or college students, contracts are still present. To show you some examples, here are a few types of contracts that are available in printable templates which are shown above.

Driving School Contract: If your service renders a driving lesson, then this type of contract is what you might need. This contract is applicable and a must-have to all institutions that provide driving lessons. Teaching students how to drive is not an easy job, even school teachers. It secures your terms and agreement with the school including your responsibilities. Tutoring Contract: This type of contract refers to those individuals who render tutoring to students. This contract can also refer to an after-school tutor or a high school tutor, as long as it involves tutoring. Many tutors have been used to improve students’ grades. According to NAIS, in 2004–2005, 30% of students in Buckingham, Browne, & Nichols School (BB&N)—a pre-K-12 school in Cambridge, Massachusetts—used private paid tutoring and the students have used tutors for most of their career at the school are 10%. The 10th, 11th, and 12th grades are the highest percentage of students being tutored by grade which reached an average of 35% – 40% followed by the 2nd and 6th grades which has an average of 35%, 7th grade has an average of 32%, and the other grades are significantly lower which only reaches the average of 20%-25%.School Photography Contract: When the school decides to advertise their institute, they will be needing a bunch of wonderful pictures to post on their websites and social media. Photographers are the best choice to do the job as they are known to be the best at taking amazing photos. The school should provide a contract for the both parties’ terms and agreement. The templates above will surely provide what you need. The number of photographers employed in 2019 are 133,500 according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics and some of them are school photographers.School Teacher Contract: Not to be confused between the school tutor and the school teacher. School teachers are the ones who follow the curriculum in a structured learning environment and they teach a bunch of students at the same time. On the other hand, tutors are best known for helping a student understand certain lessons and giving additional or special instruction. The school teachers need to sign a contract as they work full-time in the school.Summer School Contract: Summer school is a school or a program that provides activities and lessons to students during the summer vacation. It is sponsored by a school or a school district, or maybe provided by a private company. This type of school program has shown great beneficial effects on educational progress. Implementing a summer school program also needs a contract. Consider also making a summer schedule to keep the program flowing.Virtual School Contract: Virtual learning has been a trend since 2020 due to the pandemic. According to Statista, the K-12 virtual schools in the United States has declined since September 2020. The schools that were teaching students virtually had an average of 62.4% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It gradually declined to 36.4% by February 2021. Therefore, nowadays, students need to be taught inside their homes with the use of their computer and internet. Even if it is virtual, a contract is still needed to be signed.

How to Make a School Contract?

Writing a contract is necessary and handshakes are not enough. On making a school contract, there are two ways—one starts from a blank, and the other starts from a template. Depending on your services rendered, the terms vary. If you seem to be in a hurry or you just want less hassle, then a ready-made template suits you the best. In this article, we also provide you a step-by-step guide on how to make a school contract. In addition, we also give some tips and things you should include.  

1. Discuss with the Other Party

Both parties are needed to discuss each other’s terms and conditions, and in order to be clear, they have to set an agreement. Before the official discussion, you should introduce yourself first and the institution that you’re under and the same thing also goes for the client. The school representative should list down the terms discussed with the client to write it down on papers later. If you want less-hassle, you can also choose to download a ready-made template that you can check out above. After downloading, edit the template and delete those terms that are not applicable to your agreement and add those that are missing in the template.

2. Get Those in Writing

After having a chat with your client, you should start preparing your writing instruments as you will write those things on your notes into a proper and legal contract. If you’re having problems on how to write it, you can refer to the other school contracts that can be found on the internet, especially on this site. Things to consider in the contract are the clauses which play a very important part. It is basically a specific provision that states you and your client’s duties, rights, and privileges under the terms and conditions of the contract.. It also specifies the terms on how to deal when unforeseen natural disasters occurred. For more information about this, please refer down below as we give you some examples on it and it might give you some ideas. The other thing that shows an important part of the contract are the details and basic information of both the school and the client.

3. Keep It Simple

Instead of having legalese or fancy words to make your contract a contract, keep it concise, short, and clear so that both of the parties understand the terms clearly. Make sure to organize the order and the lists if there’s any. Misunderstanding the terms might give you a headache if the situation when you and your client start to argue happened. Remember to always check the grammar, punctuation, and fonts as it can affect the reader’s way of understanding somehow.

4. Recheck the Contract

For some reasons, It is really important for you to really need to check the terms and conditions that are written in the contract to avoid some errors. Edit it immediately if mistakes are spotted. Afterward, make sure to see with your client ahead and discuss the agreement. The school is obliged to explain the terms again for their clients to have a clear understanding. Afterward, both parties should sign as you both agreed on the same terms as most contractors used to do. Take note: if you want to change one or some of the terms, make sure to negotiate with the contractor before signing so it can be changed immediately. Otherwise, you will regret it.

What Are the Clauses to Be Included in the Contract?

Clauses are very important in contracts. They are certain provisions that state the duties and responsibilities of both parties including the liability if certain situations occurred. Regardless of the type of contract, these are the few of the most important clauses to be included that you should know. 

1. Termination Clause

Termination is one of the most common clauses that most contracts have. It is when the contract is terminated or ended. It automatically takes effect when the contract is expired or when certain action/s is completed. It can also happen for some other reasons such as when unforeseen natural disasters occurred and neither party is held liable for these types of causes. In contracts, criteria or statements must be added whether it is appropriate to terminate the contract.

2. Indemnification Clause

This clause plays a very important role in the contract. This is a contractual agreement of the both parties that sets out to protect one party from the liability of a scenario when a third-party or third entity is harmed in any possible way. This type of clause will only apply to liability for claims that the third party had brought. This clause also clarifies the agreement if one party agrees to provide indemnification to the other party.

3. Confidentiality

This clause can be seen often in most of the contracts that you have signed. It is also known as nondisclosure agreement. This refers if one party wants to prevent the other party from leaking the information to any third party without any proper authorization.

4. Cancellation

This clause describes certain instances in which each party may cancel the agreement. There are also terms included if one party decides to cancel. This is commonly found in many contracts including the ones you have signed. The contract can only be cancelled if the particular reasons met the conditions that both parties agreed.

5. Payments

This section is also one of the most common of all where most contracts have. This clause addresses the methods your clients give payment to your service. Whether the client gives you an advance payment or your pay will be every milestone, it is stated in this section if a certain action is completed. It also includes the dates when you will get paid including the amount.

6. Time Is of the Essence

If one party failed to perform by the time and date specified will result in a material breach of the contract. This clause simply means that one party must achieve their contractual obligations at the required specific date and time. Most contracts have this clause as it is also important for the client to get their job done as soon as possible.


Are school contracts legally binding?

The relationship between the students, parents, and the school is based on a bunch of documents, including the enrollment agreement, student/parent handbook, the code of conduct, and more. However, the enrollment agreement is the only legal contract.

Can teachers get out of contracts?

Yes, a teacher may breach a contract by resigning before the end of the contract which is usually at the end of the school year. Asking formally to be released from it is a proper way to get out of contract. There are certain situations that the school considers granting their release requests especially to emergency needs such as medical or family issues.

How do you review an agreement?

To review an agreement, make sure you understand the things you expect and the things you don’t want to include in the contract. You should also consider reviewing the contract’s action sections to make sure the terms are written properly. Overall, read everything and make sure that everything follows your agreement. If there are some important terms that are missing, make sure to negotiate with the contractor or if you want to request some changes.

What is a social contract in school?

It is an agreement that is negotiated between the students and teachers which address the classroom principles, rules, and consequences for their classroom behavior. This is different from the classroom rules. These types of contracts ensure clarity of the rules and the consequences that are not punishments. It also protects the dignity of students and increases communication.

Contracts have played an important role to everything that involves agreement whether you are from a small entity or a big international company. If you want to protect yourself from being scammed or from a fraud, the best option is you should make them sign a contract as the time both of you agreed on the terms. 

Contracts are not only limited to school contracts. If you wonder what else contracts are present, you can check out on our site for more contracts that you might need in the future. There are tons that you can use including insurance receipts, business brochures, authority letters, and construction proposals. Make sure to take your time scrolling down and clicking on our site to choose the best templates you will use.