What Is Kansas Sampler?

Kansas Sampler is an organization that builds projects for a non-profit and operates stores that sell jerseys and everything that you need. It caters to service to give local food. You can find gifts and souvenirs in its stores. Its main pride can be the jerseys of Jayhawks, which has the choices of Kansas City Chiefs jerseys, Kansas City Royals apparel, and Sporting KC gear. But aside from selling jerseys, it is proud to have projects that can give activities to Kansans.

Kansas Sampler online is available. You can buy their products through the internet. Kansas Sampler locations are Kansas Sampler Oak Park, Kansas Sampler Olathe, Kansas Sampler Overland Park, and Kansas Sampler Lawrence. Kansas Sampler Olathe is in Kansas Sampler Wichita KS. Kansas City Sampler also has Kansas Lottery Sampler and Kansas Sampler Foundation. The stores are a town center or a rally house. The rally house operates in more than 140 locations. The owner of Kansas Sampler is Peg Liebert while the Kansas Sampler Foundation is founded by Marci Penner. Kansas Sampler has a lot to offer so this organization can truly give you great deals.

Projects of Kansas Sampler

Kansas Sampler Foundation is the best program of Kansas Sampler. It has the mission to educate the people of Kansas. It supports every community and gives a spirit to help one another. It believes that every Kansan has an untapped gift which is why it builds projects that can be good for every Kansan. To preserve the community, the following projects are available at Kansas Sampler:

Big Kansas Road Trip: In this project, you can experience the best road trip you can ever have. This is designed to help people explore communities in Kansas. For one thing, Kansas communities are filled with people who love to explore which is why this project has been built. As you go on a road trip, you can visit historic attractions like The Biggest Little Town in Kansas, 1899 Limestone Jail, and Ad Astra Mural. The Biggest Little Town in Kansas was established in 1887. This is a very good place that you can explore. The next attraction which is the 1899 Limestone Jail can be found in Jewell County Jail. It is in the Historical Society Museum. This place is in Mankato, Kansas. The jail operated from 1899-1982. To have a tour of the jail, you need to call their number and arrange for someone to take you to it. The jail has been restored and can be a good place to visit. Also in Mankato, the Ad Astra Mural is painted to celebrate the 150th birthday of Kansas in 2021. The painting has a Kansas theme. It was painted by Callum McNichols. Aside from these historic places, you can also be a part of the events in Kansas. The events are the Bake Sale, Baked Potato Bar Lunch, and Buffalo Hunt. The Bake Sale is a freewill donation event. You can get baggies full of goodies. The bakery sales depend on the donation that you can give, but you can get a handful of baked goods in return. The second event which is the Baked Potato Bar Lunch can feature all your favorite toppings. This is a lunch event that you can truly enjoy. On the other hand, the Buffalo Hunt is made up of 15 buffalo statues that you should see in the community. You can have a self-led tour where you can have selfies with the buffalo.Kansas Explorers Club: Kansas Explorers Club has trip ideas on how you can have an adventure in Kansas. To give you the best explorer mindset, they have thematic suggestions. You can have an explorer quest which includes eating pancakes in every city, going to the 8 wonders, or boating in every state lake. There is no need for you to conduct brief research just to know the best things that you can explore in Kansas. With the Explorer Club, you will become a part of an amazing group. It can be fun to do things with them to appreciate Kansas. The marketing campaign for every member is to push everyone to explore the roads, visit locals, and put some money into the community.8 Wonders of Kansas: With this project, you will be able to see the 8 Wonders of Kansas. This includes the Big Well, Cheyenne Bottoms, Cosmosphere, Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum, Kansas Underground Salt Museum, Monument Rocks & Castle Rock, St. Fidelis Catholic Church, and Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve & the Flint Hills. The Big Well is an engineering wonder where you can see the biggest hand-dug well. This well was created on August 9, 1887. Jack Wheeler and his crew made a work list to dig a 32 feet wide and 109 feet deep well. Next, the Cheyenne Bottoms or the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge is a migratory stop for shorebirds. Here you can witness the beauty of shorebirds while they fly together and inhabit the wildlife. The place is a 41,000-acre lowland basin. Another wonder is the Cosmosphere which is a great collection of US and Russian space artifacts. It is a small planetarium of the Kansas State Fairgrounds. This place is internationally acclaimed by the space science community. Now, you should also know that Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum tells the wonderful achievements of Dwight D. Eisenhower. As one of the Presidents of the United States, he has many military achievements that you can see in the galleries of the Eisenhower Museum. It tells the story of his childhood days up to his retirement years. Next, the Kansas Underground Salt Museum is a place that showcases the natural treasure underneath the Kansas plains. This became an attraction because of the exotic environment carved from salt deposits. This thing was formed 280 million years ago. It is 650 feet below the Kansas plains. The next wonder will be the Monument Rocks & Castle Rock which are significant fossils that make a wonderful landmark. They are heavily sculpted chalk monoliths that are called Chalk Pyramids. Another wonder is the St. Fidelis Catholic Church. This is a wonder because of its architectural grandeur. It is made by Volga German pioneers. The last wonder is the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve & the Flint Hills. This is a wonder because it represents the tallgrass prairie in North America.Kansas Guidebook 2 for Explorers: Kansas Sampler Foundation has created a book that can be good for any Kansas resident. The guidebook has an online version. With this project, they incorporated great research on the 626 cities of Kansas. They know they should make the guidebook complete. So, they made a work plan that can make a book good for any explorer in the state of Kansas. The book is 6 x 9 inches with 4,500 entries. So, this is a very comprehensive book that can make you learn many things. It tackles the best places in 105 counties and can make you know the best spots on the road. If you will be a reseller of the guidebook, you can get a 60% discount. This book is very recommended as it has a very good book review.We Kan!: We Kan! is a project of the Kansas Sampler Foundation that can give a flow of information about rural communities. It is a support group that can help develop the identity of each town. Through We Kan!, Kansas can attract visitors. We Kan! is composed of supporters, volunteers, and leaders who do things to enhance the community. With a good volunteer statement, everyone in We Kan! strives so that communities in Kansas will become better. Every member can enjoy friendship with one another. Members share ideas and motivate each other to sustain rural Kansas culture. They work to give favor to small businesses. With just the small business budget of some companies, they believe that they can make a difference by helping these companies. The pages of We Kan! present tactics to make a difference in the world. However small can be life in a small town, We Kan! has the advocate to help everyone in their endeavors.

Tips on Buying Jerseys

Now that you already know the projects of Kansas Sampler in its foundation, you may want to know some things about the main pride of Kansas Sampler which is its jerseys. It may not be easy to buy a jersey. You may need some tips so that you can buy the right one. Here are some tips that you can apply:

Consider Color and Logo: To be sure that you will get an authentic sports jersey, you must take a look at its logo. Be sure that there is no poor spacing in the letters. If there is uneven sizing, the jersey is fake and inauthentic. Compare the color of the jersey to the pictures online. If you can see a difference, it is also fake.Look at Stitching and Finish: The jersey is fake if there is any loose stitching. You should also notice the hole patterns. It should not be too big or too small.Find High-Quality Stores: For you to get an authentic jersey, buy at Kansas Sampler. You can be sure that you can get authentic apparel or shirts. Kansas Sampler is the official store of the Jayhawks so you can be sure that you can get authentic jerseys.Make Research: To be sure of authenticity, do some research. You should know the things that make a jersey authentic. This way, you will know how to choose the right jersey.

How to Buy Jerseys at Kansas Sampler

Buying a jersey may not be easy. As a fan, you want to ensure that you can have the best one. To buy a jersey in Kansas Sampler, we have prepared some steps that you can follow:

1. Choose Designs

The first thing that you should do is to choose designs. There can be many designs available. So, you have to settle for designs that you like. Be sure that the designs will look good for you. Be wise to choose the best graphic designs.

2. Choose a Size

After you have chosen designs, you can choose the size that will be fit for you. To know this, you can prepare your size or you can try fitting the jerseys that will suit you best.

3. Consider the Price

When you have found some that suit you perfectly, you should now consider the price. Which of them suits your budget? You can choose the cheapest of them if you like.

4. Choose What You Like

Of course, what can be more affordable can be better, but this is not always the case. You may have liked a specific design so it is up to you to settle for the jersey that you like. The last decision that you should make is to choose the jersey that will be best for you.


What is a rally house?

The Rally house was launched by Kansas Sampler in 2009. This is a town center with local foods and sells the best jersey. Some of its stores are located outside of Kansas.

Who are the competitors of the Kansas Sampler?

The competitors of Kansas Sampler are Fans Edge, 47Brand, and NFLShop. They are the top competitors of the Kansas Sampler.

Getting the jersey of your favorite players can be fun especially if there is a specialized store that can give this service. Kansas Sampler is not simply a jersey store, but a foundation that can help you have a good life in Kansas. It is a brand with a good brand strategy that provides many good things to its customers.