On your community service acknowledgment letter, you will have a mission statement and a volunteer vision statement. This is a form of a personal statement that you have to present to the organization. It conjures your sincerity to do the volunteer job, and it will explain your motivation and interest. You have to make an elaboration about your purpose. This is needed as you start to engage in volunteerism. In this article, you will know some things about volunteer statement. You will encounter some sample of volunteer statements. You will know its benefits. You will also learn how you can write a volunteer statement. Are you a person who needs these things? Well, good for you. Now, relax and just keep on reading!

45+ Sample Volunteer Statement

What is a Volunteer Statement?

A volunteer statement is a kind of personal statement that we use as we volunteer to an organization. It can be a volunteer statement of faith or a volunteer statement of understanding. The volunteer statement definition is profound in the way that you have to present a professional statement about your purpose of volunteering. The statement can be presented in your volunteer letter or can be written in the volunteer statement form. In this statement, your interest in joining the organization will be written. You will tell the reasons why you want to serve in the organization. You will tell your mission and your vision. Volunteers has a good heart to offer their service to others. You can explain your altruistic views in your volunteer statement. There are many reasons why a volunteer will want to help a particular organizations. Their advocacy might be directed to this organization. They might have a soft spot on the specific things that this organization does. Most people who volunteers really search for the organization that have their particular interest. It is by no means a chance. So, a volunteer statement is something that is easy to do for volunteers. They just have to relay all their heart’s desire and they can have a moving statement that can make them to help others within that organization.

Sample Volunteer Statements

When you make a volunteer statement, what are the things that you are going to say? Do you have to say a volunteer mission statement or a volunteer motivation statement? Here are samples that you can try to use:

You want to have a unique contribution to the work in the organization. The organization should know that you are willing to make a good contribution for them. You will not just work but you will ensure that you will do your best so that the organization will benefit from you. You will express that you will be dedicated to the job. With that, you may discover some breakthrough that you can contribute to them. You may finish all the works in an excellent manner. In all your undertakings, you can ensure good works.You will develop a positive attitude. Not because the nonprofit organization will not pay you, it means that you can do what you want. You must remember that you should have a positive attitude when you are in the volunteer work. The more that you have to. The organization caters for the needs of other people. It shows humane characteristics as it serve others. So, you have to show positive things, too. The more that you have to behave in the best manner. A volunteer has a mission of goodness, you must not forget.You will be responsive to changes. As a volunteer, you need to be obedient, too. Whatever aspect about your work, you need to comply with. If ever there could be any changes, you should have the flexibility to adhere to it. Work accordingly to what the organization requires. You are not playing as a volunteer. You are doing a job. So, if there are something that you have to follow through, you must be enthusiastic to do it.You will help on the mission of the organization. With your volunteer philosophy statement, you must state that you are willing to help the organization with its mission. You should be one with them in heart. You should desire to do the same good things that the organization has been purposing to do. You should not miss with the mission. It is the most important thing. You should have the same purpose with the organization. It will be better for you as you work with them. You will know that you are moving for a good definite purpose. You have a mission to look forward to.You will participate in all the activities. Through your volunteer work, you must also have to do service with all the activities that the organization have. It is a part of your job there. You need to participate in everything. Do not be so choosy with the things that you do. Participate in meetings and in all other important events. It can make you to know all your co-workers better. The organization will be a better place for you to work.You will support other volunteers. Aside from helping other people, you must tell your interest to help your co-volunteers. You will support them as they do their job. If you can do anything for them to ease their work, you will do it for the sake of the organization. You will not work alone. You will have in mind that the organization is not a solitary place. It is a place where you can enjoy to work with other volunteers.

Benefits of Volunteering

Wondering why people volunteer? Why would someone work without a salary? Who will want to take that kind of thing? Well, you must know that volunteering is good in some ways. Come, read its benefits and learn why there are people who commits to be a volunteer.

You can have confidence. Volunteering is a good exposure to anyone. You can build your confidence as you face different kinds of people. You will learn new things that can boost your confidence. Volunteer job is a good ground where you can improve your personality. You can learn something new and you can have a sense of achievement. Your works of love can give you a good sense of pride. You know that you are doing something for the world and that you are a good person. It can give you a very good feeling and a self-confidence that can be built only through volunteering.You can meet new people. There are different kinds of people that you can meet through your volunteer work. Your network will be enlarged. You can gain new friends and you can even meet strangers that can be a help to you someday. Who knows if one of them can be a way to a job that will be good for you? You do not know what can life bring to you. But if you will have a big network of connections, surely you can gain help with some things someday.You can have new skills. With your job in the organization, they can taught you new skills. You will have new experiences that can make you have better qualifications. Some people volunteer because they want something good to be written in their resume. Volunteer work will prove to be beneficial. You can learn new skills through your work and you can use those skills someday. Who knows? You might need those skills in your future job. You may not have salary but you can profit from the skills that you can learn from the organization.You can make a difference. Being a volunteer is a good thing that you can do. You can make a difference for the world. You can help people and you can contribute to the wellness of others. The main reason why people volunteer is that they want to do something good. They want to have a community service that can give a difference. Only through volunteering can you be able to have this thing. You will not be payed. But your heart will be filled with gladness.You can get some fun. You can have a great time while doing volunteer work. It is a good thing to help others. It is fun to fulfill a mission. You can help and you can be happy with what you do. You can have a fulfillment that you can never have with a paying job.

How to Write a Volunteer Statement

There are people who are interested in successful volunteer programs. They are willing to volunteer. Well, before they can start, they have to make a volunteer statement. Here are the steps that you can use in writing a volunteer statement:

Step 1: State the reason for the statement.

First, you must have a volunteering personal statement. Tell your vision and mission of volunteering. You must explain your purpose. Tell why do you want to become a volunteer. Maybe you want to help the particular group of people that the organization are helping. Maybe the things that the organization does are according to your faith. You must make the organization understand why do you want to be a part of their group. Let them know why you are interested with their organization. Telling these things will make the organization to have the basic things that they should know from you. Foremost, what they need for a volunteer is its purpose. They need the heart that can do the work. They do not need someone who is not serious with the job. So, make your reasons clear.

Step 2: Enumerate your skills.

You must not forget to tell the organization about your skills. It must know all the things that you can do. You must showcase your skills to show that you are apt for the job. The organization needs this. Yes, they will not pay you. But they will entrust you a job that needs proper care, too. You are going to use their resources. They have to be sure that you can do the job.

Step 3: Show your passion.

Show that you can be a part of the mission of the organization. Tell your desire to help on the same way that the organization is helping others. You must have a passion on all the things that the organization does. You must express this in the volunteer statement. Have a volunteer philosophy statement that is according to the philosophy of the organization. Your purpose must coincide with the purpose of the organization. With this, the organization will know that they can benefit from you and that you can give a good contribution to them.

Step 4: Show that you match their qualifications.

The organization should see that you are a good match to the position that you are applying for. Aside from showcasing your skills, you must ensure that you meet all their qualifications. This is to ensure that you can do the job properly. Show all your credentials to the organization. You can also have references that they can contact. Your references can be a good means to know that you are a good person who will not fail their organization. In case, there are some points where you do not meet their qualifications, you should at least be honest with all you have. You may not know it if they can still consider your application even if you have not met all of their qualifications.

Step 5: Make a good closing.

Make wonderful sentences that can be a good closing for your statement. You can promise to perform your job well and contribute to their mission. A good closing may be the unforgettable remark that can make the organization to engage with your services. Be courteous as always and end your statement with the most captivating words that you can give.


How Much Time Will I Give When I Volunteer?

The time that you will be working will depend on you. On the volunteer forms, the organization usually asks how much time can you give for the job. Tell the available time that you have. Most organizations require at least 1 hour per week of work. It is such a small amount of time. There are organizations that require more. But it is up to you to say how many hours you can give.

Is There a Volunteer Opportunity from Home?

Yes, there are volunteer opportunities where you can work from home. You can search on the internet for the organizations that provides a volunteer opportunity from home. Christian organizations and other kind of organizations have this kind of opportunity.

Is There a Training for a Volunteer Work?

Volunteer jobs usually have a training. You have to undergo with this training before you can actually start working for the organization. It is like any normal job. You need to be trained with some things about the work that you will do.

To be a volunteer is a noble thing to do. You can help others with the service that you will give. It is rare for anyone to work without expecting payment, but there are people who commit themselves with this thing. Having a mission in life is not bad. It is good. It is a very good thing. Are you ready to make a volunteer statement? You might need a letter template that can guide you. Look no more. This post has 45+ SAMPLE Volunteer Statement in PDF | MS Word. It will be a great help to you. Pick a template. Download now and make a compelling volunteer statement!