What is an Enterprise Software Proposal?

An enterprise software proposal is a comprehensive and well-integrated document that comprises major goals, objectives, methods or strategies, and the scope of services such as enterprise resource planning and enterprise application integration.  It is an integral communication tool that demonstrates a sample format for preparing requests for proposals (RFPs) and other quotes. Creating a captivating proposal for your enterprise software development project enables you to pitch your unique enterprise applications, business management systems, and technological solutions to your prospective clients, funders, and investors. 

According to a published survey of companies looking to buy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, the most fundamental ERP function identified by 89% of the surveyed companies is accounting, and other functions included are inventory and distribution (67%), CRM and sales (33%) and technology (21%). The new ERP systems allow various departments and team to increase their efficiency and success in their projects.

Many businesses and organizations invest in ERP systems for their critical management operations like finance and accounting. Thus, writing an impressive enterprise software proposal is a beneficial method for enterprise software developers, software project managers, and other enterprise software resource project planning professionals to have the opportunity to work on their enterprise software solutions and management systems to help their clients to have optimal management programs.

Different Types of Enterprise Software Proposals

Software developers who are in charge of developing enterprise software solutions must be skilled in writing project proposals in order to establish credibility and expectations in a professional way. These documents are crucial for decision-makers to have a clear understanding of the enterprise software project plan.  There are different types of enterprise software proposals used for many purposes. 

1. Enterprise Software and Implementation Services Proposal

An enterprise software and implementation services proposal contains important details about the needs, goals, objectives, and desired outcomes of the business, community, or organization. It provides a detailed introduction to the project and client requirements. For instance, include in your proposal that a certain community seeks to replace several enterprise applications with new solutions to better fulfill their needs. Explain that your business or community requires both software and implementation services.

2. Enterprise Resource Planning Software Proposal

Create a simple enterprise resource planning software proposal to encourage software agencies to prepare their RFP presentations. Describe the general requirements the firms need to provide like a product demonstration. Indicate the specific dates of the presentation. Inform them that the invitations were sent to each software development agency so that they can give further details about the major capabilities and advantages of their enterprise software. 

3. Enterprise Anti-Virus Software Proposal

Most businesses and companies use anti-virus software to protect their business accounts and websites from malicious software such as ransomware, worms, rootkits, Trojans, and/or phishing.  There are a lot of different business cybersecurity software products that are uniquely designed and specialized to protect specific data. An enterprise antivirus software proposal is used to invite bids from vendors for the installation, update, and support of their enterprise anti-virus software. It contains the project scope, time for completion, payment terms, earnest money deposit, and the last date of bid submission. 

4. Enterprise Application Software Solutions Proposal

Develop an appealing request for proposal to invite qualified vendors to present their enterprise application software solutions to your business or organization. Write a brief and cohesive overview of the project definition and the major goals of your business or organization. For example, include in your RFP that your business or institution has an intention to have procurement of crucial enterprise application systems to improve or replace existing systems and encourage firms to indicate on their proposals the software cost, software user license cost, annual software maintenance cost, hosting and cloud service estimates, installation costs, data migration cost and all other costs that will be incurred in the enterprise application software solution installation.

Basic Components of an Enterprise Software Proposal 

In this section, you will learn how to craft an impeccably written enterprise software project proposal RFP so that you can capture the interest of your proposal readers like your clients or vendors. What are the components of this proposal? Take into account the following elements for you to create a worthwhile document:

Background Overview: One of the important elements of an enterprise software proposal RFP is the background overview of the company, community, institution or organization. It is a compelling part of the document that explains what your community or organization is all about. Inform them about your purpose and services. Define the long-term goals of your community, institution, or organization and point out what fulfilling these goals makes possible on a bigger scale. Project Description:Describe the project goals and desired outcomes that are crucial in order to start and accomplish the overall enterprise software applications and solutions. Explain the valuable qualities of the project. Project Requirements and Objectives:Indicate the specific requirements or needs of the project and explain why the project needs these requirements. Specify smart, realistic, and timely objectives of the project. Project Timeline and Budget: Ask your proposal bidders to construct their timeline for the procurement and installation of the enterprise software. Tell them that they must state the total estimated cost of working on each project activity over each stage of the enterprise software project. Contact Information and Deadline for Submission:Include the details of the contact person such as phone number, e-mail address, and many others. Establish the specific dates of the deadline for the submission of the enterprise software proposals. Accuracy, Clarity, and Precision: Write accurately, clearly, and precisely while incorporating both short words and short sentences and logical phrases and terms in your proposal document. Be specific on the needs and requirements of the proposal bidders. Avoid using too complicated words and phrases.

How to Write an Enterprise Software Proposal

Writing a well-coordinated enterprise software proposal and RFP is a fundamental way to let your prospects see what your software development firm wants to work on and carry out in their enterprise software development project and what you want to know on your prospective bidders. Follow the simple steps below while freely using one of our enterprise software proposal templates in this article:

1. Describe the Project Team and the Purpose of the Enterprise Software Project

Introduce your IT software project team to your proposal readers like your prospective clients and investors. Include some major enterprise software solutions implementation and specific work positions of your software project team members, as well as what your enterprise software project is all about or the main purpose of the enterprise software. Show them what is special and unique in your enterprise software.

2. Identify the Goals, Objectives, and Desired Outcomes

Define clear-cut goals and objectives for your enterprise software development services. Be straightforward while describing your project goals. For example, write in your goals and objectives that your enterprise software can be easily accessed and it maintains a cost-efficient system architecture for information management and financial records tracking.

3. Set the Project Timeline

Outline your plan of action or timeline for your enterprise software project. Tell your readers when you will understand the requirements of your customer when your team will design the software layout when you will start the software architecture development, when will your team import and synchronize all relevant data on the software database, and when you will make necessary changes to make improvements for the software.

4. Highlight the Significance of the Enterprise Software Solutions

A 2019 survey showed that 67% of distributors and manufacturers have successful implementations of their enterprise resource planning (ERP). Showcase the unique value and benefits of the enterprise software solutions to your prospective clients or investors. Explain the significance of your enterprise software project while outlining the essential points and solutions it offers to them.

5. Prepare the Final Proposal Document

Lastly, check your entire draft to prepare the final proposal document for the enterprise software project. Organize a schedule for a meeting with the team members and project clients or proposal bidders. Then, consult with your team members for efficient proofreading and revision of your document. You can now submit your project proposal.


What should an enterprise software proposal include?

An enterprise software proposal should include the project name, company contact details, scope of the enterprise software project, deliverables, project timeline, and worthwhile benefits for customers.

What are the key elements of an enterprise software proposal?

The key elements of an enterprise software proposal are company or organization contact information, general overview and objectives of the enterprise software project, description of enterprise software solutions and management system methods and strategies,  project timeline, financial budget, purpose, and significance.

What are some examples of an enterprise software proposal?

Some examples of an enterprise software proposal are enterprise software and implementation services proposal, enterprise resource planning software proposal, enterprise anti-virus software proposal, enterprise application software solutions proposal, enterprise asset management software proposal, enterprise resource planning system software consultant proposal, building enterprise applications software engineering proposal, and many others.

What are the five phases of software development?

The five phases of the software development process are research, ideation, design, development, and iteration.

What are the top enterprise applications?

The top enterprise applications are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Decision Support System (DSS), and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS).

What is enterprise software most used for?

Enterprise software is most used for customer service, data analysis, and sales and marketing management.

What are the advantages of using enterprise software?

The advantages of using enterprise software are saving time and money, providing a centralized location for information, streamlining business processes and communication for efficient team collaboration, and minimizing human error.

What are the five phases of software development?

The five phases of the software development process are research, ideation, design, development, and iteration.

Enterprise software solutions are integral in monitoring and optimizing the critical functions and operations of businesses and institutions as well as in gaining insights into key performance indicators. Craft a compelling and well-constructed enterprise software proposal while following the aforementioned tips and steps in this article. Plus, download our sample enterprise software proposal samples here today including enterprise resource planning software on annual contract proposals, enterprise financial software system proposals, capital lease financing enterprise software proposals, and many others!