Hospitality Brochure as a Marketing Tool

The hospitality industry is composed of businesses which processes are related to tourism, food and beverage, lodging, recreation, travel, and service. With the number of segments of this industry, there is a lot of competition happening among businesses with the same offers and nature of operations. There are many businesses that are already competing for the attention of the same market. However, there are even more emerging establishments and companies that would like to penetrate and have a share of the marketplace.

Developing the brand of your hospitality business with the help of a hospitality brochure can help you stand out and be set apart from your competitors. If you will use a hospitality brochure as a marketing tool, it will be easier for you promote your company and advertise what you can deliver and offer to your audience. The proper creation of a hospitality brochure can help you a lot which is why you have to make sure that the specified particular type of marketing document is always on-hand.

When creating a hospitality brochure, you have to get the attention of the stakeholders that you need to work with. Collaborate with your graphics, external communications, design, and marketing team so you can have a well-designed hospitality brochure. More so, you need to meet with the management of the business and your sales team so you can think of a brochure content that can perfectly present your business to your target audience.

Reasons for Developing a Hospitality Brochure

Are you knowledgeable of the purpose of your hospitality brochure? One of the initial things that you have to consider when planning to create a hospitality brochure is the goal that you would like to realize or the objective that is essential to be materialized once the usage of the hospitality brochure is already on the works. Here are some of the major reasons why businesses in the hospitality industry use brochures for their marketing efforts:

To promote a particular location, product offer, or hospitality service: Hospitality brochures are impressive marketing tools that can give you the power to share what your products and services are. However, the usage of the hospitality brochure is not limited to this purpose. There are also hospitality brochures that are developed to provide an idea about the location where you are at as well as other relevant services that your target audience can acquire.To give awareness about the existence of the business in the marketplace: If you are within the hospitality industry, you are most probably already aware of the stiff competition that is available out there. Through a hospitality brochure, you can see to it that your business can be one of the main choices of clients and/or customers even with the presence of other hospitality businesses that offer the same products and services as yours.To disseminate or announce information with regards special hospitality business deals and offers: Aside from your general hospitality brochures, you can also create special brochures that you can use for certain events or important announcements. A hospitality brochure can be one of the tools that you can utilize if you want to provide information about your mid-year sale and other special deals that your stakeholders can get if they will transact with your business for a limited time period.To make the business more relevant in the hospitality industry: It is important for you to make sure that suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders will always look forward to have transactions with your company. With the usage of a hospitality brochure, you can maintain the relevance of your business. Hence, it is important for you to look into external factors and elements like marketplace trends so you can create a timely hospitality brochure that can give you a lot of advantages.To showcase the strengths of the hospitality business: Your hospitality brochure can be used to show your achievement, milestones, and other strengths. Your ability to present your hospitality business as a credible business entity in the hospitality industry can help you look more impressive, appealing, and interesting.

Types of Hospitality Brochures

The hospitality brochure that you will create will depend on the nature of your business operations and its products and services. As we have mentioned above, there are different segments in the hospitality industry. Hence, it is imperative for you to use references that are suitable for the particular hospitality brochure that you need based on your business description and marketing goal. Here are some types of hospitality brochures used by different business entities in the hospitality industry:

Hotel and resort business brochureTravel agency brochureTour services brochureRestaurant marketing brochureTourism promotion brochureRecreation advertisement brochure

6 Steps for Making an Interesting Hospitality Brochure

Do not let your fear of committing mistakes hinder you from creating a hospitality brochure. Especially if this is your first time to develop a brochure for your hospitality business, there really is a big chance that you might make errors and mistakes. However, knowing the basics of hospitality brochure development can lessen the possibility of having errors which can be observed on your final brochure output. Below are six steps that can enable you to develop your desired hospitality brochure document in the best way possible:

1Have an outline or a checklist of the information that you would like to put in the hospitality brochure: You need to organize and prepare all the details of your hospitality brochure. Use organizational tools to make sure that you have a complete and detailed list of the items that you plan to put in your hospitality brochure.2Brainstorm with your team to develop a hospitality brochure design that is suitable with the content that you have drafted: Do not have the mindset that you have to do the hospitality brochure alone. Work with the different teams of the business so you can ensure that all the items that are necessary to be covered in the hospitality brochure presentation are all identified and considered.3Download an editable and printable hospitality brochure template so you can format your brochure efficiently: To help you easily format the layout of your hospitality brochure, we suggest you to use a template that you can edit. Find the best and most suitable template for your endeavor so you can properly create a document structure that will work greatly for the development of your hospitality brochure.4Modify the information and design features of the pre-formatted hospitality brochure template that you have selected for the activity: Make sure to not settle with what is already present in your hospitality brochure template. Try to change as much content and design features as possible so you can still realize the overall brochure vision that you initially have in mind.5Ensure that the placement of your brochure items are properly done: The most crucial part of hospitality brochure development is the cohesive allocation and presentation of all your brochure materials. Ensure that the content and design of the hospitality brochure will cohesively merge so you can have a well-developed, thoughtfully designed, and presentable marketing document.6Check all the areas of the hospitality brochure: Make sure that your hospitality brochure is of quality. Refine all the information present in the hospitality brochure content as well as the features and details of the brochure design. Try to make the hospitality brochure as excellent and as error-free as possible so your output can bring a lot of benefits to your hospitality business.

Advantages of Having a Comprehensive Hospitality Brochure

Do you know how you can benefit from using a complete hospitality brochure? If you can create a detailed brochure for the marketing and promotion of your hospitality business, it is for sure that you can experience a lot of advantages which are useful for your business growth and development. Below are sample advantages that you can get if you will create a complete hospitality brochure that can thoroughly present your hospitality marketing message and business brand.

1A hospitality brochure can promote not only your business but also the location where you are at.2A hospitality brochure can enable you to advertise your company as well as your products and/or services that are aligned with the needs of your target market.3A hospitality brochure can make it easier for you to acquire new sales leads and maintain your existing customers or clients.4A hospitality brochure can impact your business sales.

Qualities of a Highly-Usable Hospitality Brochure

The characteristics of your hospitality brochure must be observed so you can ensure that even the minute details of your hospitality brochure can add value to your business processes and your desire to be marketed appropriately. There are several qualities that can actually make your hospitality brochure more usable, beneficial, and relevant. Some of the qualities that your hospitality brochure should have are as follows:

Properly put together: Use relevant and important content that can go well with one another when placed in one brochure layout.Appealing and presentable: Know how you can impress your target market with your hospitality brochure so you can develop the specified document based on how you would like it to appeal to your desired audience.Brief yet informative: Do not make your hospitality brochure look too lengthy, confusing, and overcrowded; which you can do if you will narrow down your discussion and presentation only to what is necessary.Well-designed:  Focus not only on the content of the hospitality brochure but also on its design so you can easily get the attention of your target market.Interesting: Use a hospitality brochure content that your target audience can relate to so they can be more convinced to execute your hospitality brochure’s suggested plan of action.Unique: Always create an originally conceptualized and developed hospitality brochure so you can standout from other hospitality companies and establishments.

Guidelines for Drafting and Using Hospitality Brochures

When making a hospitality brochure, it is important for you to know some guidelines or tips that can make you more aware of the proper development and utilization of the specified hospitality marketing tool. Your focus, knowledge, and awareness on the appropriate and efficient creation of a hospitality brochure can lead you to getting the brochure output that you need to market your business. Here are some guidelines that can help you maximize the usage of your hospitality brochure:

Know the main objectives and goals that you need to achieve by using a hospitality brochure: You need to have a vision of the output that you would like to have. Working with the end in mind can help you become more motivated to develop your hospitality brochure. More so, being aware of the purpose of the hospitality brochure can help you give more focus on the items that are important to be discussed for the marketing benefits and advantages of your company.Consider the nature and core of your business operations: Your hospitality brochure should be realistic. With this, it is important for you to first look into the operations and processes of your business. Provide the real features, services offers, and product descriptions that are linked with your business. If you can align the core of your business with your hospitality brochure presentation, then you can have a well-branded representation of your corporate image.Be particular with the market that you want to target: You need to have an idea about the activities of your clients and sales leads. It is essential for you to know who your target market is so you can observe their needs, demands, and expectations. Through this, you can identify ways on how you can easily and efficiently present your hospitality business offers in a way that will appeal to them.Print the hospitality brochure in a clean and presentable medium: No matter how impressive your hospitality brochure design and content is, printing it in a dirty or crumpled medium will only defeat the purpose of creating the best hospitality brochure. Aside from the information and design items that you will put in the hospitality brochure, it is also important for you to strategically select the board, paper, or any other medium where you will print the hospitality brochure.Ensure the proper usage of the hospitality brochure: Know how to optimize hospitality brochures. You can look at the results of the previous hospitality brochures that you have used so you can observe trends on how these marketing tools performed. Doing this can help you create a hospitality brochure that you can use and maximize.Make the hospitality brochure as comprehensive and as clear as possible: You need to make sure that your hospitality brochure is understandable. With the proper and appropriate selection of your hospitality brochure’s language; tone; mood; and way of presentation, you can make sure that your target audience can relay to your marketing message and efforts.

Hospitality Brochure FAQs

Are there details about the creation and usage of a hospitality brochure that are still unclear to you? It is important for you to seek for answers to your inquiries and questions if you want to know how a hospitality brochure can be used for your maximum advantage. Below is a set of questions that are frequently asked about hospitality brochures:

What is a general or generic hospitality brochure?

A general or generic hospitality brochure is a marketing document that is used to present different hospitality content. If you are a tourism officer, you can use a general hospitality brochure to showcase the tourist spots in your location as well as the available hospitality businesses within the vicinity of your location. If you are a business, it will be better to use specific hospitality brochures that can give focus on your business brand and your offers rather than talking about the hospitality industry in general.

Why do you need a hospitality brochure?

A hospitality brochure can be used by different businesses. From travel service providers to food establishments, there are a lot of entities who can benefit from using a hospitality brochure. We believe that you need a hospitality brochure so you can market and advertise your business in the most effective manner. More so, developing a hospitality brochure can give you the ability to present content that is aligned with how you would like to be looked at and perceived by your hospitality stakeholders.

Are you thinking of making a hospitality brochure now? Begin the development of your own hospitality brochure by browsing through the references that we have included in the list above. Select from the set of templates and samples that we have collected so you can have a formatting guide that can ensure the quality of the marketing tool that you will use to market, promote, and advertise your hospitality business.