What Is a Tenant (Landlord) Letter of Recommendation?

In a survey spearheaded by porch where 563 renters and 532 landlords participated, it was observed that “the lion’s share of landlords, just over 40 percent, said that the level of stress they experienced as a property owner or manager was a three out of five (where 5 indicated extreme stress).” What comes surprising after this is that “no matter how many evictions or rent chases they needed to tackle, a whopping 80.1 percent said the stress of being a landlord (a job that has produced its fair share of rags-to-riches stories, if you can pull off the role) was worth it for the money.” If you are a tenant, you have to make sure that you will have polite and respectable interactions with your landlord. Ensuring that you are building a good relationship with your landlord can make it easier and faster for you to ask for a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation whenever you’ll need one.

A medical school letter of recommendation, tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation, or any other types of recommendation letters for this matter are essential documents that are needed by individuals to add value to their candidacy or application. A tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation is a document that is asked by a previous tenant from his or her former landlord. The specified letter document is used to assure the tenant’s prospective landlord that he or she will not bring any problem to the property as seen on his or her rental records.

Creating a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation can be time-consuming especially if you need to gather a number of documents and other references so you can have a basis for all the information that you will include in the letter. If you want to use templates and existing tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation samples, make sure to continue browsing through this post as we have listed a number of references alongside the discussion below.


Key Points of an Effective Tenant (Landlord) Letter of Recommendation

Do you find it challenging to write a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation? If you have no idea on where to begin, use a letter of recommendation template. Having a pre-formatted template on hand can give you a head start in terms of developing an impressive and well-formatted letter of recommendation. With the usage of this tool, you can already identify the items that you need to include in the document as well as the ways on how you can have an efficient and organized content presentation. More so, being aware of these items can enable you to give focus on the important matters that should be seen or observed in the tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation. The main points that you must discuss for you to have an effective tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation include the following:

The former landlord’s statement of recommendationThe duration of the tenant’s entire rent/lease term or period of stay in the propertyThe specification of the tenant’s character based on the landlord’s observationsThe statement of assurance that there are no occurrences of late payment or any other violations made by the tenantThe provision of any additional information requested by the new and/or prospective landlord of your former tennat

7 Steps for Writing the Best Tenant (Landlord) Letter of Recommendation

Aside from being a proof of temporary residence, a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation can also be used as an application document that can help a tenant get accepted to a new rental property. With this, it is imperative for landlords to make sure that the document that they will be creating contains unbiased information that can truly present and reflect the behavior and character of the tenant in the most realistic way possible. Are you already in the process of drafting a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation? If you want to know the steps that can direct or lead you to the development of a complete and well-detailed recommendation letter document, you need to have a clear awareness of the process that you will refer to. Below are seven steps that you can easily follow once you decide to write a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation.

1Look for a fit, related, and suitable template that you can use as a formatting guide: To start the development of the document, download a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation template. Using a pre-formatted document can help you identify the proper placement of all the information that you plan to include in the recommendation letter.2Write the basic details found in a formal letter: Disclose your basic information as well as that of the property’s. After this, specify the date when the tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation has been written. Include the name, address, contact person, and contact information of the new property that your previous tenant will be renting. Once all of these details are already presented, use a formal salutation and a warm greeting. 3Develop a compelling introduction: Give a statement that directly specifies your recommendation for the tenant. Aside from this, you also have to present yourself as the previous landlord of the tenant, give an idea about your relationship with the tenant, and confirm that the tenant has rented the property that you are managing for a given time period.4Have a paragraph which can support your statement of recommendation: Give valid reasons on why you decided to recommend the tenant. You can specify his or her capability to pay on time as well as his or her ability to respect you as a landlord, the other tenants in the property, and the property itself. 5Add another paragraph, if necessary: If there are more things that you would like to discuss about the tenant and/or the landlord-to-tenant relationship that you’ve had with him or her, make sure to use another paragraph rather than to put all of your thoughts in a single paragraph. Having one paragraph for each major point of discussion or a group of related thoughts can enable you to come up with an organized, understandable, and presentable tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation.6Write a strong conclusion: You need to greatly impact the decision of the landlord of the new property to accept your former tenant. You can effectively do this by having a memorable conclusion which can reaffirm your recommendation. You can leave your contact information after the conclusion should the prospective landlord of your former tenant decide to ask for more questions and/or inquiries.7Formally close the letter document: Write a complimentary close followed by your name and signature so you can already close the tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation. After this, make sure that you will review the entire document so you can make any necessary changes and modifications for the betterment and refinement of the final tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation draft.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Landlord Reference

As a landlord, you can already provide an offer letter of recommendation to every tenant who will leave the property that you are managing. However, it will always be the decision of the tenant if they will ask for your permission to be their reference. If you are a tenant and you are trying to rent another property, you may be requested to get a letter of recommendation from your previous landlord. Here are the key factors that you have to consider when selecting the landlord who will act as your reference:

The duration or period of time in which you have transacted with the landlordThe ability of your chosen landlord to provide an appropriate, informative, and proper letter of recommendationThe relationship and rapport that you have built with the landlord whom you will request a letter of recommendation fromThe willingness of your former landlord to serve as your character referenceThe assurance that the landlord is well-aware that you have no violations, rental payment issues, and other problems with the property during the entirety of your lease

Benefits of Having an Outstanding Tenant (Landlord) Letter of Recommendation

If you want to vacate or leave the property that you are renting, it is important for you to give a 30-day notice to landlord or an immediate notice to your landlord depending on the amount of time that you will still be staying in the property prior to the effective date of your last day of rental. Aside from a formal notice, it will also be best on your part if you can already request for a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation. Some of the benefits of having an outstanding tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation from any of your previous landlords include the following:

A tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation can serve as a proof, a reference, or an evidence with regards the rental history of a tenant.A tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation can provide a clear reflection of the relationship that the tenant had with his or her previous landlord.A tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation can prove the ability and the consistency of the tenant to pay his or her rent on time, follow rented property’s regulations and policies, respect other tenants, and maintain a healthy relationship with the property’s landlord.A tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation can make it easier for the landlord of the prospective rental property that your former tenant looks at to accept the rental application of the individual.

Dos and Don’ts for Creating a Comprehensive Tenant (Landlord) Letter of Recommendation

The do’s and don’ts for creating a comprehensive tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation are as follows:

Do specify the dependability, trustworthiness, and general behavior of the individual as a tenant.Do focus on the organization of your thoughts and the overall presentation flow which can be observed when the document is already browsed through by your expected recipient.Do ensure the completion of the key points that your tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation is expected to have.Do select a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation template that is aligned or similar with the type of recommendation letter document that you would like to send to another landlord.Do remember that your letter of recommendation will be used for referencing and assessment purposes which is why you have to make sure that all the information in the documetn are real, measurable, specific, and accurate.Do not make a lengthy tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation as all you need is to provide the necessary information needed or asked by the prospective property landlord of your previous tenant.Do not use any confusing language that can mislead the entities who will review your letter of recommendation.

Tenant (Landlord) Letter of Recommendation FAQs

Asking questions is actually a healthy activity as it allows you to further understand concepts, ideas, subject matters, issues, and/or areas of concern. If you plan to draft a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation, do not box yourself with the things that you are familiar with. You can create an excellent tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation if you can be fully aware of the most important and relevant things associated with it. With this, always try to ask questions whenever there are items that you would like to clarify or become more knowledgeable about in relation to the specific letter of recommendation’s creation. Some of the questions that are usually asked about tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation include these two:

What makes a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation important?

The substantial weight of the tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation to a property rental application makes it an important document. Imagine if your prospective tenant knew that you have issues when it comes to paying your rent on time or that you are usually the one who begins a fight with other tenants of the property. These can most likely be the items that can harm your rental application. With this, you have to keep in mind that your previous rental records as stated in the recommendation letter made by your former landlord can highly reflect how you can potentially behave as a tenant of the property that you are trying to rent. Having a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation filled with many positive things about you as a tenant can make it easier for your prospective landlords to give their trust on you.

How can you make a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation effectively?

To make an effective tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation, there are several items that you have to highly easily developed if yonsider. First, make sure that you have good things to say about your former tenant. Your recommendation letter can negate its purpose if you will only specify instances, circumstances, and behavior that can give a bad impression about your former tenant. If you think that this will be the case from the moment a tenant asked you for a letter of recommendation, then it will be better if you will just reject the request. Second, prepare and organize the content that you will write in the document. If you want to have a smooth discussion flow and a systematic thought presentation, we suggest you to use a checklist that can help you ensure the completion of all the necessary and relevant tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation details. Lastly, be particular with the formatting of the document. Select a layout that is presentable and is appropriate to be used for formal or business transactions. The letter that you will create can greatly reflect your managed property which is why you have to develop it in the best way possible. With all of these items in mind, you can create an excellent tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation with ease.

A tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation can be easily-developed if you are guided by the right process, references, and ideas. We made sure that the templates and samples that we have collected and listed can be of great help whenever you use them as formatting tools and/or process guides. Maximize the usage of our downloadable references so you can efficiently make a tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation. We hope that all the items, including the discussion, that we have presented in this post are enough to help you create the best tenant (landlord) letter of recommendation for your former tenant.