They can be bought in a trading card shop. Some examples of these are Pokemon cards, Marvel cards, Star Wars cards, Yugi Oh cards, and Minecraft cards. There are also fantasy cards and anime cards. Movies like Captain America and Jurassic Park have trading cards. There are also Disney cards. And in sports like soccer, baseball, football, and basketball, you can also find trading cards. There are even art cards, and trading cards that can be used in school. Whatever is the use of the trading card, it is a fun little card that is awesome to have.

50+ Sample Trading Cards

What is a Trading Card?

Also known as collectible card, a trading card is a small-sized card that is commonly made out of paperboard or a thick kind of paper. It has images of persons or things. These can be real or drawn. It has a brief description of the image and the fun thing in it, it has some trivia about it. Statistics are also included. There is a wide array and type of trading cards. It can also be digital sometimes. Modern trading cards are used as memorabilia and some of it even has autographs. These cards are normally linked to sports and the most known are the baseball cards. It is hard not to be caught up with these cards especially for the young ones. It is hard for them not to buy these things as these are adorable collectibles for them. Maybe you have a teenager in your home who has a collection of these. It is normal because trading cards is in the mod. Young people buy these because they are fun to have. Even adults collect this, as they collect sports cards of their favorite sports games and teams. Trading cards gives some kind of satisfaction to the buyer so it is usually collected.

Types of Trading Card

If you are collector, you may come to know this thing. But if you are new in the world of trading cards, you might want to know this.

Promo Card

This cards are used by manufacturers. They give this card as a promotion for their product. Before a consumer would buy from them, they distribute this card. Banks use promo cards especially in their credit card promos. Sites like Spotify also distributes promo cards. When you have this type of card, it would be hard for you not to buy the product because it contains a really good promo. So watch out for promo cards, as it can be a reason for you to spend money.

Hobby Card

This is an exclusive collectible card sold to collectors. It is a premium card that is also known as hits. It has autographs and serial numbers. It is sold in 1.5x to 2x boxes and is usually more expensive. When you have a particular hobby, find a hobby card that suits it.

Autograph Card

This card has the signature of the player, cast, or artist. It is also known as thee “certified autograph”. It is hard-signed where the signature is in the card’s surface. Many fans are fond of this type of card and this is what they are waiting for. Imagine that you will have the signature of your favorite player or artist. It is an achievement somehow.

Chase Card

Usually, this card is given as a bonus. It is sealed in a case when given by manufacturers. This is fun to have because it is a good addition to the products that we have bought. Not only that we have saved money from purchasing it, it also gives us the chance to have the most modern of the trading cards. And they are free. Not a single cent was spent on this card.

Parallel Card

This is a kind of base card that is modified. It is because it has a hologram stamping that makes it different from a base card. Though different in the visual element, the parallel card is almost identical with a base card. So be careful in buying this as you may come to buy the wrong card.

Retail Card

A retail card can also be known as the shop credit card. Big retail shops like K-mart and Walmart sell this to the public as packs and cases. It can be used to buy from a single retailer. Maybe you have a favorite store. Ask them if they have a retail card as this would give you a lot of discounts. You can save money while buying on your favorite shop.

Redemption Card

This is a type of insert card that is given in packs through mail that come together with other trading cards. Sometimes it is also given instead of the actual product. For this reason, the consumer will learn about the product and can buy to them in the future.

Sketch Card

It is also a type of insert card that has artistic sketches. This is ideal for art collectors as they would have pieces of arts in cute pieces. This is an original one and has the signature of the artist. Its common size is 2.5″ x 3.5″ up to 3.5″ x 5″. Although it is small, it greatly exhibits a great sense of art.

Insert Card

This is a non-rare and rare cards that comes in packs. It is also called base card. It has a unique design and a numbering system. The ratio on the pack where you could get it is 1:24 which means that you can get a card out of it.

Tips on Trading Card

Are you new in collecting trading cards or are you new in using it? Have these simple tips on trading cards.

Make a research. Start with the internet. Research on different types of trading cards so you will know what to buy. Consider also your friends and your social network. They can tell you of the nearest trading card store where you can avail the best trading cards. If you are a fan, of GameStop or Steam for example, it would be nice for you to search other fans who can tell you where to buy the particular game card. Doing a research can lead you to the best trading cards in the world.Buy yourself a starter pack. Yes, you can save for a smaller pack. But a starter pack has all the things that your child can need. Spend extra with a starter pack, and you can have the best trading cards. Your child can start better. A better information about the game can be given and it would be a good possession that can be shown to their friends. Some money can be saved with a starter pack in the end because you will already have the pieces that you want instead of buying them one by one. You can save shipping fees.Organize your trading cards. This is the fun part. Get a binder and compile your cards there. It would be nice to look at afterwards. You can see how much you have collected and it is an achievement for you to have a collection. You can also buy deck boxes where you can store them.Get cards in sets and singles. If you want to collect them all, buy in sets and even in singles. Whatever card that you saw, as long as you have the money, you can buy it to grow your collection. You may not want to miss any of them. Whether you buy in sets or singles, it does not matter. Just buy something as you pass the trading card store and you will just notice that your collection is numerous.Participate in trading. The most important part is how you can participate in trading. Some experience is involved with this. Take advices from some that are expert in this and learn from them. Even how well you do in trading, just remember not to trade your cards with something that is not worth it.

Uses of Trading Card

Wondering where these small cards are used? Here are some of its uses so you would know how to use a trading card when you will have one.

Educational Aid Trading cards can be used as educational tools. Any Zoom meeting can be more interactive if trading cards will be used. It gives good information that can be used in any presentation. Especially, when you are teaching kids, trading cards will be so useful. They can even show them to their friends and families. One of the organization that use this tool is the National Wildlife Federation. They are selling trading cards to different educational institution.Conference Tools Trading cards is also interactive in all kinds of conferences. You can deal with your clients through facts that can be found on the trading cards. You can also put hashtags on the cards that the attendees can put in their social media. It can give awareness to others about your brand. So encourage others to use trading cards in conferences.Trade Freebies Trade shows sometimes give trading cards as freebies. These goodies make their products stand out. They can give information about their products and can even offer promo that can make the public buy to them. It is fun to have trading cards as goodies from booths. So if you are a collector, go to trade shows and you can collect a number of trading cards there.Give Traffic on Sites If you are using SEO, you must also have the knowledge that images add traffic to your website. Trading cards can also do that. It can be put in ads and be seen as you visit different sites. This will be good for online businesses. Some business adds their QR code at the back of trading cards. There would be no need to type for their domain name.Raise Funds Trading cards are used by nonprofit organizations. It serves as a thank you card to funders and other people. They can highlight the mission of the nonprofit organization and can give a good reputation to it. Of course, it would be fun if you would have a trading card as a gift.Marketing Aid If your merchandise do not give sales and results, you can use trading cards. It is a good marketing technique. Your product can get the attention that it needs. Trading cards have numerous fans or collectors that can notice your business. Using it can help you to drive sales.Event Conventions Any event that you are supposed to have will be better promoted with trading cards. Many will attend to it just by the privilege of having those cards. Your event will be successful. If you want your event to be swarmed with people, you can use the fame of trading cards.

How to Create a Trading Card

Not all the time should we buy a trading card. There are times that we have to make it. Here are the steps in creating it.

Step 1: Have inspiration as you start. 

Getting an inspiration in creating a trading card will be good. When you are inspired to do it, the more is the chance that you can make it attractive. Even if you will use a template, inspiration is important. You can choose the better or the best template if you will have a good inspiration.

Step 2: Use references and mix ideas.

Whatever is the subject of your trading card, you must use some references where you can base your ideas. Look for different trading cards on the internet. After making some ideas and listing them on a paper, compare them to the trading cards that you saw. Search also where your idea can apply so you can choose a perfect reference. You can also mix ideas that you can get from them. Who knows if you can make a beautiful one out of it? So be creative while using those references.

Step 3: Put flair in designing. 

Give your best shot in designing the trading card. Use Adobe Spark. It has a lot of design assets. Use GIPHY and choose from its animated stickers. Have text animations or graphic videos. It is better also to cooperate with collaborators. They can give you ideas on how your trading card will be better. Give a keen eye while you are making the design. It should be perfect as trading cards usually are beautiful little things. You must keep up to the normal look of a trading card. Do not stop until you have make it look like it.

Step 4: Re-size until its perfect.

After designing, make a proper size for the trading card. Pattern it to the size of the usual trading cards that you can buy at trading card shop. To make things easier, you can re-size it using Adobe Spark’s resizing features. After resizing, duplicate it and pick the platform where you want to adapt it. And boom. It can be a content in many channels for a matter of time.

Step 5: Share the trading cards to others.

When you are done making your trading card, have physical copies of it. Show it to your friends and families, Make also some copies and try to sell them to others. It can also be used in many purposes. Or sometimes, you just simply can trade it.


Where Can I Get the Latest Trading Cards?

Search for them on the internet. Afterwards, you can buy them in different trading card store. Sometimes, you can know the latest trading cards through ads that we can find as we visit different websites. The most famous video games and sports also have the latest trading cards that is most popular in the market.

Old collector or not, you know that collecting trading cards is fun. Though, it was expensive. Trading cards nowadays can be used in many businesses. If you want to collect them, there are numerous ways that you can find. Just organize them in your home, so that pest would not destroy them. It is nice to have collections sometimes.