What Is a Product Checklist?

A product checklist is a list of things that you need to do to perfectly launch a product. You need some strategies so that you can successfully release your products to customers. Through this checklist, you will know the perfect process so that you can complete everything before the product launch. The steps on the checklist can include the presentation of the products and quality control. With all due diligence, you must ensure a work strategy that can popularize your new product. The finished product should be introduced to the public, having all the marketing strategies for it. So, a product checklist is a part of your marketing plan.

To make your marketing strategy complete, you should include infographics and visuals in your presentation. That is how you can better introduce your products to consumers. Without marketing, you cannot ensure that your launch will be successful. So, in every launch event, you must create a great marketing plan. Then, you should also have a launch marketing project plan that ensures you connect with your consumers.

Some examples of a product checklist are a product recall checklist, a product readiness checklist, a cleaning product checklist, a new product checklist, a baby product checklist, a blood product checklist, a product launch checklist, a product design review checklist, and a production deployment checklist. In every product checklist, you need to build the reputation of your products. So, use the best marketing techniques that can sell your products to consumers. After all, they need to patronize your products through your presentation.

A brand strategy can also help you sell your products. Through it, you can assure the customers that you have high-quality products. If you can prove that you have a good brand, then there will be no reason for consumers to not patronize your products. So, build a unique but memorable brand to boost your business. That is how your products can have a solid image to the public. So, worrying about the design and presentation can be minimal if you know how to have an established brand.

Tips on Product Checklist

If this is your first time launching a product, or perhaps, evaluating or testing a product, then having a checklist to commence and complete your process is your first priority for guidance. Now, the question is, what to place on a product checklist? There are tons of information you can write in a checklist, but you have to take note to only place what’s necessary. So, here are a few tips for making a product checklist.

Make Your Brand Style Consistent: If you can create a consistent brand style, the public will remember your product better. Having a popular brand means that you have to establish your style. Through it, people can patronize your product.Use Good Color and Imagery: Visuals are very vital to popularizing your product. You need to present your product with good colors and imagery. Through it, the consumers will have a good impression of your product.Make a Competitor Analysis: You need to reverse-engineer your competitors. Make a competitor or competitive analysis that can make you create a better product than theirs. Through it, you will know how you can make your product better.Have a Good Business Name: Your business name is what your customers will look for after seeing your product. Be sure that they will be encouraged better after seeing your business name. Your brand should have a good ring in people’s ears. It should have an appeal so people will be attracted to your product.Have the Best Marketing Strategy: A good marketing strategy is essential when you have a product. Through it, you can connect to customers. You can encourage them to patronize your product. You can create a good appeal for your product.Have a Good Website: Almost all products have websites. So, you need to create one for your product. Hire a website designer and create a website for your product. This is needed so that customers will find your product.

How to Create a Product Checklist

With all the work you need to do to launch your product, you might not have enough time to thoroughly research how you may create a product checklist from other sites. Luckily, we have listed some of the basic steps to guide you through the way.

Step 1: Do Market Research

The first thing that you need to do is to have market research. Know what motivates a customer to buy a product. Know what leads them to find a product. This will help you to develop a product that will be according to the needs of consumers. To do market research, you can do a test with 10-15 prospective customers. You can talk to them and ask them about their experience with products. You can address their particular needs while talking with them. Try to understand their challenges while you are asking them about specific products. Then, you should make a buyer persona. You should make profiles that can demonstrate the target buyer for the product that you will launch.

Step 2: Make a Positioning Statement

Then you should make a positioning statement. This statement should explain things about the target buyer. It should describe what your product can do. You should be able to differentiate your product from other products. Be detailed in your positioning statement. So, you must make a complete description of the target audience. Categorize your product to be detailed. Also, you can include evidence that your product is different.

Step 3: Talk to Stakeholders

Afterward, you should present your positioning statement to the stakeholders. Stakeholders include managers, executives, and the development team. See if the stakeholders will love your product idea. If your positioning statement is well-accepted, it can mean that consumers will accept your product.

Step 4: Create a Go-To-Market Strategy

Marketing strategy is a very vital part of a product launch. Specifically, you have to make a go-to-market strategy. You should use this strategy as you launch and promote your product. You have to know the variety of go-to-market strategies. Some examples of these are funnel strategies and flywheel approaches. So, as you create a strategy, you must make content that you can use for the launch.

Step 5: Create a Media Plan

Then, you should create a media plan. You should know how you can publicize your product. Through media planning, you will know how you can introduce your product to the target audience. So, you must know how you can share the media to connect to them. Remember that you only have one chance to make the launch successful. So you should make a buzz that can make your product popular.

Step 6: Give Responsibilities to Team Members

The next thing that you need to do is make your team a part of the launch. So, you need to talk with your team members. Have a meeting to encourage them to work so that your product will be popular. Then, assign responsibilities to each one of them. Consider the skills of each team member in assigning responsibilities. This way, you will know that they will work best at their work.

Step 7: Give Bonuses

To get better work from your employees, you can consider giving bonuses. This can encourage them to work better all the time. You can expect that you can get better deliverables from them. By giving bonuses, they can be more energized about their work. You can be sure that they will be enthusiastic all the time.

Step 8: Pick the Best Day

Then, you should select the best day for the launch. It is vital that you should pick the right day. Consider seasonal things first. Then, choose the best day for your product launch. Research says that Tuesday is the best day for product launching. You can choose it and select the best hour of the day. Be sure that the hour that you will select will be the best for everybody.

Step 9: Communicate the Launch

The next thing is you have to communicate with the team about the launch. Wait for their specific actions like sharing content and emailing customers. All of you need to talk about the launch that you are going to have. This is the next step that you should put on your product checklist.

Step 10: Consider the Support Team

The next thing that you should put on your product checklist is to check on your support team. Consider the work of customer service regarding the product launch. Are they able to do what is needed to talk well to the customers about the product? Do they have all the resources that they need? Have you trained your customer service to introduce the new product? You must greatly consider the work of the customer service in your launch. They are the ones who are going to connect to customers so you must train them well.

Step 11: Set a Goal

The next step in your product checklist is to set goals. You should set goals so that you will have the right direction for the launch. You need to create a good purpose so that you will know that your product will be successful. You need the right motivation so that you can excel in your work. You can use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals in setting your goals. Through SMART goals, you can create the best goals that you can think of. Create short-term goals and long-term goals. In creating goals, consider the success of your business. If you will do that, you can be sure that your goals will drive success to your business.

Step 12: Have a Promotional Content

Now, it is time for you to make promotional content. This is an important part of the product checklist. Create content that supports your goals. This content should lead your business to success. The content can include blog posts, landing pages, tutorials, and social media images. Hire a professional to make good content for you if you think that your team is not enough.

Step 13: Have a Press Release

Then, you should put on your product checklist to have a press release. Through the press release, you can introduce your product to the consumers. This is the best way to publicize your product. You can be sure that the public will learn about your product. You can capture the media’s attention through a press release. So, have press releases every month to ensure that your product will have the popularity that it needs. Anyone who will see the press releases will come to know your product.

Step 14: Perform Testing

You should perform testing before the product launch. You need to know if your product is good enough. Try the product yourself or talk to your team to test it. You need feedback about your product. That is how you can ensure that your product is ready for the market. You should also check the buying process. You should know if your product can be added to the cart and if it is easy to checkout. You need to know everything first before you will reach the product launch. In that way, you will not have to worry that something will fail.

Step 15: Engage the Target Audience

You have to engage your target audience on social media. This is how you can create a buzz about your product. All people use social media so you can be sure that you can have a large audience for your product. You can be sure that you can reach your target audience. Through social media, you can make your product popular.

Step 16: Prepare for Customer Demand

The next thing on the product checklist is you have to prepare to fulfill the orders of the customers. Be sure that you can meet the demand for your product. So, handle the manufacturing process carefully. Ensure that you will have the right supply for your products. You will build a negative reputation if many will order your product and you cannot meet the demand. So, be sure that you will be ready for the product supply.

Step 17: Launch Your Product

When you are sure about your product supply, you can start launching your product. Send the press release so you can start introducing your product to the public. You can issue the press release five days before the media coverage. After that, you can launch your product. Make your customer service team ready for the launch. Be sure that as your product launches, you can integrate your company values.

Step 18: Evaluate the Results

After you have done everything, the last thing on the product checklist is to evaluate the results. You have to assess if you have done everything to make your product successful. If not, you can do what you have to next time. Through your observation, you will know the things that you still need to do to make your product more successful.


What is the benefit of the product checklist?

Through the product checklist, you can be sure that you will have all the steps to introduce your products. You will not forget anything that you should do.

Is social proof needed for a product launch?

Yes, it is needed. You have to provide testimonies that you are providing a good product. Consumers have to see some proof that your product is good to buy.

Through the product checklist, you can ensure that you can have a successful launch of your product. You do not have to worry that you will forget any strategy that you have made. Well, do you need a template for a product checklist? This post has 8+ SAMPLE Product Checklists in PDF. Creating a great checklist will be easy for you with the help of these templates. Download now!