50+ Sample Task Checklists

What is a Task Checklist?

Task checklist is a list of things that you have to perform within the day. It states the things that you have done and the things that you are not able to do. It can be listed in a template. There are many task checklist templates that you can find on the internet. You can also create your own document using Excel, Word or have a PDF file. It contains all your tasks, whatever you want to achieve for a day, a week or a month. It is also a personal checklist. It is a to-do checklist that contains your daily tasks. You can have it as a printable document if you want and use it for your everyday checking. All your projects can be written on the task checklist.  A daily task checklist will help you and guide you on things that you have to finish.

What are the Use of Task Checklist?

Task worksheets are of worth. You must only have to know its importance.

All your tasks will be known. You will be able to recognize all your tasks and their importance if you are going to have a checklist for your daily tasks. With this, you can separate big tasks from small tasks. You can know which task is urgent.Task checklist gives productivity. You can surely be productive with having a checklist. On keeping on doing your tasks everyday with your task checklist, it will be your routine and your every day will be productive. You will keep on doing tasks daily. You may not notice it but you are already achieving goals.You may be able to do the things that you forgot to do. Because you listing would show the things that you have not done, you may be able to do it on the other day. You just simply have to include it again on your checklist and put it on another date.It can be use for your success. Whether you are planning a business or just want to succeed in your profession, a task checklist would help you. Little by little, with every daily task within the day, you can accomplish what you want.It can also be use in your workplace. If you are a contractor, you can use a task checklist. It can make your work more efficient. You can have a better behavior towards your job if you are continually using a daily task checklist.

How You Can Create a Task Checklist

Creating a task checklist is easy. You just simply have to follow some steps and you can create a personalized task checklist.

Step 1 Have a brain dump.

Relax your brain and consider all things that you need to think of and tasks that you need to do. Sort for yourself what things are need to be done. Think of small tasks and big tasks. Allot a few minutes to ponder about the tasks that you are going to have.

Step 2 Put the necessary details in your task worksheet.

After considering all your task, you will start to put it down your worksheet. The template could be in a table format or something with a color coding. Name your task checklist. It could be any name that properly describes your daily tasks. Make three columns. On the first column, you are going to put the date when the supposed task are going to be done. The second column is for the name of the tasks that you are about to do. Add subtasks, but this is optional. Then at the third column, the status of the tasks will be recorded. Put checkboxes on each task. Complete the table.

Step 3 Regularly check your task checklist.

Make it your habit to regularly check on your task checklist. By checking on it everyday, you can complete all your task effectively.


Do I Have to Check My Task Checklist Daily?

Yes. It will be better if you do it everyday. Everyday checking will not make you forget your tasks everyday. If you will check it weekly, you may take your tasks for granted. Commit yourself on checking it daily.

How Can I Make a Task Checklist?

You can use task checklist templates that are available on the internet. You can also create one for yourself. Get a blank notebook and start listing your tasks. Put dates on each tasks. Check every tasks that you are able to do each day.

Is Task Checklist Helpful?

Yes, it is helpful. You are not going to let your day empty when you have a task checklist. You will be reminded of the things that you are about to do.

Can Task Checklist be Used Professionally?

You can use a task checklist anywhere, even in business. It may help you do your work better. You can even make your work perfect by continually doing tasks everyday.

Having a task checklist may be fun. All your tasks will be done because you can keep on doing it. Your day can be brighter because you can be energetic by having the diligence to do all your tasks. A task checklist is truly a guide that will help you every step of the way. Start creating your own task checklist and you will see that it is good to achieve different tasks everyday. Happy listing!