PDF Compressor

What Is a PDF Compressor?

A PDF compressor is a tool that is used to minimize the size of a PDF file. This tool will not affect the quality of the file. Usually, if files are less in size, they can be easier to compress. Compressing PDF documents has many advantages. It can make your work easier to manage. It will be easier for you to work with compressed files. This may be important for businesses or people who work as freelancers. With compressed files, it will be easier for you to send, share, and access files.

It can be easy to find a free PDF compressor on the internet. There can be a PDF compressor 100 of MB or a PDF compressor of 100 KB. You can choose to compress PDF to 1 MB or compress PDF to 50 KB. One example of a PDF compressor is Adobe PDF compressor or Acrobat online PDF compressor. To find the PDF best compressor, you should research different software that offers this service. This can give you more security for your files. You can have a better work plan strategy that can ensure that you can have what is best for your files.

Benefits of a PDF Compressor

PDF which stands for Portable Document Format can be large files. It can contain many images and fonts. For this reason, we try to reduce PDF files. We do this for a lot of reasons. By using it, we have found many benefits. That is why we continue to compress files. The following are the benefits that you can get from a PDF compressor:

Reduced Cost: Compressing files reduces the costs of your company. Even individuals who use PDF compressors can cut personal costs. By using a PDF compressor, you will not have to pay for additional storage. This will be good for companies that only have a small business budget. You can have a larger bandwidth where you do not have to pay the additional cost. Payment may be needed if you need to store large files in your Google Drive or Dropbox. But through a PDF compressor, 15 GB can be enough with compressed PDFs. Even companies do not have to add space for basic storage. There is also no need to pay for faster internet to have better bandwidth. Even with small-sized files, it will be easy for you to upload, download, and share PDFs. There may be a need to pay extra if you have to download big files. But with a PDF compressor, you can be free from that expense. You will also have no problem with file sharing. Usually, there is a limited size for the files that can be shared. A PDF compressor can help you so you can share your files even how large they are. Sharing thousands of PDFs in one sharing is possible.Good for Backup: We need backup files to ensure that we can have the files at times when we can experience any problems. When we use a PDF compressor, archiving files and backing up files is easier. When files are reduced in size, they can be easily backed up by cloud storage. Know that by compressing files, you can ensure the security of your files. Uncompressed files usually get corrupted. This happens when we send files to the web. To preserve the integrity of your files and prevent them from corruption, you must compress your files using a PDF compressor.Better File Management: Now and then, we have to manage our files to have more organized work. Good file management can lead to better project management that will be good for our work. When you compress files, you can have the advantage of compressing them in batches. This is possible even to 100 to 1000 files. Imagine how organized your work can be. All at once, we can compress them together. A massive size will not be a problem. You can compress them all at the same time. So, if you have bulk files, you can have them in one zipped file. You can organize them in one place and you do not have to spend so much time looking for files on your computer. Through searchable texts, you can find portions of your compressed file. A lot of time can be saved when you are searching for specific information. Accessing files and working with files can be more convenient. This will be very good when you are working with a team. The searchable texts can also benefit you on organic search results and online visibility. Your files can be easily indexed on the internet.Faster Transfer: Sending large files on the internet may take some time. Sometimes, it may not even be possible. This is because there are limitations on the size of flies that can be sent. Google Drive allows only 25 MB of files that can be shared. So, if you have a larger file, you will have a problem. But you can solve this problem through a PDF compressor. Through it, you can reduce the size of your files, making them compatible with sending. Now, you do not have to worry about the limitations of sending tools. With compressed files, a faster transfer will always be possible. It is easier to send PDFs via email or sharing tools. It will not even take one minute to download a file. This is very important in the business world where associates and customers do not have to wait long for documents. So, answers for everything that we can offer are also faster. This is so convenient for any business that wants to have a secured client. In the end, customer experience is improved with compressed files.Save Storage Space: The first reason why we want to compress files is to save storage space. Whether you are storing your files in Google Drive or One Drive, you will have a lot of space if you will compress files. Though computers can accommodate large files, cloud storage has limited space. If you want additional space, you have to pay for it. Google Drive can only allow a maximum of 25 MB. If the size of your files exceeds this, you can’t upload or share them. When you compress files, the size can be reduced to 10 – 100 times, enabling you to upload and share big files. No more bulky files and you do not even have to compromise the quality of your files. A PDF size compressor can give you the storage that you need. Whether it is a small PDF compressor or a PDF high compressor, you can surely send big files when you need them the most.Better Efficiency: PDF is a file format created by Adobe. Adobe PDF is much better when compressed because it is more efficient. You can optimize the file size without affecting the quality. The tool facilitates the way in sharing information. It is easier for you to access PDFs on any platform. This is very good for people who are working from home. Efficiency will be ensured whenever they work. Documents are easy to access wherever we are.Easier Collaboration: For people who work from home, they have to communicate through online platforms. They need to collaborate online and share documents through computers. In all collaboration tools, they need to send files. If they have to send many files, it may take some time. But this time can be reduced if they will compress files. Through it, they will not experience the conflict and frustration of delays. They can have an easy way through shareability. Thus, the workflow will be smooth in every aspect of the business, whether it is sales and marketing or finance.Saves Money: Storage is not free all the time. If you need a bigger storage space that is beyond the limit of your cloud storage, you have to pay some money. But because your large files can be compressed and the size of the files can be reduced, you do not have to pay extra. This makes you save a lot of money that you should pay for a larger storage space. You do not need to pay dollars for huge files.

How to Use a PDF Compressor

For those who need to send large files, you may experience some problems with sending limitations. You need to know how to compress files so you can send your big files. The following are the steps that you can take to use a PDF compressor:

1. Open the Optimize PDF Tool

The first thing that you should do is go to the Optimize PDF tool. Open it. This tool can be found in the Tools center. Click the Tools tab and find the Optimize PDF tool. Click Open from the menu.

2. Select Your Files

After opening the Optimize PDF tool, you should select the files that you are going to compress. Download your PDF documents and click Open.

3. Reduce File Size

Then you should select Reduce File Size in the menu. Choose a file version that will be compatible with your files. Set compatibility then click the OK button.

4. Save Your File

In the Save dialog box, you will be prompted to name your file. If you want, you can rename your file. You can also choose a new location for your file. After that, click Save to save your files.


What can I do to not lose the quality of the PDF files?

The compressor software balances the quality of the PDF files. It ensures the quality of the images and fonts. What you can do is optimize the settings for better use regardless if it contains a digital signature.

How do I know the file size of my PDF?

After selecting the files that you want to compress, the compressor tool will show the file size. The estimated file size after compression will also be shown.

When we reduce the file size, we can find many advantages. We can surely benefit our business, and also our work. You can have ease in file sharing. The barriers to sending large files are not to be worried about anymore. Compress your PDF files for a better business solution that can give you convenience in your work and can make you save time and money.