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What Is a Timesheet?

A timesheet is a data table that monitors the number of hours a specific employee worked over a given period. Businesses use timesheets to track the time spent on jobs, clients, and projects. Various timesheet recording methods include paper, spreadsheet, and internet time-tracking software. The paper-based timesheets have been replaced with digital versions. 38% of firms in the United States utilize punch cards and paper timesheets, compared to 58% of employers in Canada.

Benefits of Timesheets

Every business owner in the contemporary business environment is concerned with reducing expenses and increasing earnings. A firm can expedite its workflow and save time and resources by utilizing online invoicing tools and free time tracking software. Due to the escalating costs of business upkeep, many firms are choosing innovative methods. Therefore, keeping a daily timesheet can be the most effective answer to this issue, as it enables businesses to remain competitive and productive. Below, we list the top advantages of employing a daily timesheet for your organization.

Superior Productivity: Monitoring and tracking employees in real-time with online time-tracking software enables employees to be more creative and effective at work, as their working hours are continuously monitored. It also contributes to enhancing the workability of employees, hence enhancing the work environment. Thus, it has a favorable impact on the business.Simple Payroll Administration: Maintaining daily timesheets has simplified payroll processes. It records the employees’ daily working hours. It offers a complete summary of an employee’s working hours and assists the HR department in calculating wages. Moreover, it minimizes any process errors that may arise.Cost reduction: A business owner can forecast project requirements using daily timesheets. It allowed them to save pay through greater productivity and lower overtime expenses. This helps them keep their project budget and reduce costs.More Accurate: The web-based time tracking program provides daily timesheets with precise data. No employee may falsely assert that they have worked extra hours when they have not. Therefore, it preserves the morale of the company’s hard-working staff and improves their productivity. If you apply these tools, your organization will have fewer opportunities for similar scenarios.An estimate for Resource Requirements: Business leaders may easily anticipate future resource needs by keeping track of daily timesheets. This allows him to evaluate the pattern of resources used in past projects and make them available in advance. Daily timesheets accurately depict the ongoing project, allowing the owner to identify any resource needs for the uninterrupted completion of activities.Identify Areas for Enhancement: Maintaining a timesheet improves work quality and helps the business make more money. It helps business owners better understand what their employees do daily. It finds the areas that need improvement quickly by doing tasks like viz. evaluate the employees’ skills, giving an overview of the functions and efforts of the team, and then taking the steps needed to make improvements.More Focused: Having employees keep track of their time each day keeps them more focused on their work and cuts down on other distractions. This is done by project time tracking software tracking how long each employee works. This way, the employees are always being watched. So they were able to finish their tasks on time.Maintain a Record of Billable Hours: Daily timesheet maintenance keeps track of project hours and makes it simple to identify billable hours. This is a significant advantage provided by free time tracking software, primarily utilized by businesses that wish to outsource their various activities to ensure they are not overcharged. Therefore, both parties involved in the business process are satisfied.Improve Time Management Skills: Daily timesheets are maintained by project time tracking software, which provides employees and supervisors with a comprehensive snapshot of their working hours. It further enhances their time management abilities. They become aware of the number of hours spent on a specific task and then organize their time by the needs of that task. It also boosts the efficiency of the work. Therefore, it is a fantastic solution for working approaches that check for flaws and improve them.

Tips for Motivating Employees to Fill Out Timesheets

You are responsible as managers for developing good practices in our teams and assessing and monitoring their performance so that we can train them to succeed. Using over 20 years of expertise in the timesheet software market, the following are tried-and-true methods for encouraging employees to submit accurate timesheets.

1. Encourage Individual Routines

It isn’t easy to recollect an accurate, comprehensive account of your daily activities over the past two weeks without much effort. But it is simple to record a few hours at a time. This is how you should approach staff time tracking. This daily routine takes only a few minutes to complete. And it makes filling out a timesheet at the end of each week appear less time-consuming.

2. Use Automation

Using timesheet software to automate your time-tracking processes is one way to facilitate the completion of timesheets by employees and management. At the very least, time tracking software can alleviate a significant amount of laborious arithmetic by calculating each employee’s hours and rounding them to whatever increment your company uses. By allowing software to perform a portion of the work, you may assist employees in completing timesheets on time and instilling these positive habits.

3. Create Incentives

Completing a timesheet will never be the most enjoyable activity in the world. However, there are numerous ways to make filling out timesheets more enjoyable. Incentives for teams are an excellent approach to leveraging positive reinforcement and social pressure. When everyone works together to complete timesheets, typically, you can thank the group with beverages, snacks, or gift cards. Those who successfully establish excellent habits on their own and maintain them over extended periods are entitled to greater rewards. Many companies provide bonuses for continuous timesheet reporting punctuality. Providing employees with a specific objective can drive them to submit accurate timesheets regularly.

4. Impose Consequences

Unfortunately, sometimes organizations must resort to negative repercussions to encourage timesheet completion. Allow me to be crystal clear: it is illegal to withhold pay or other compensation owed to employees. However, withholding or reducing a performance incentive is entirely acceptable if the performance requirements are not reached. And completion of the timesheet can be one of these terms. Managers must guarantee that the conditions associated with each position are met. Negative repercussions are the last choice for encouraging stubborn or chronically forgetful staff to complete their timesheets.

5. Include in the annual review

Completing timesheets is a crucial performance indicator if your organization depends on accurate time reporting. As such, you should make it an integral part of annual employee reviews. Timesheet information can reveal a great deal about employee performance. Completing timesheets is only the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, do not be afraid to tie salary and advancement to timesheet performance and the information gleaned from timesheets.

6. Promote accurate, complete timesheets

Contrary to what some employees believe, time tracking is not an abstract business requirement. This is the lifeblood of your business. Everyone should be invested in the business’s success, and time tracking is one method to help. Demonstrate this significance to your staff. Display the company’s billings on a dashboard. Display progress against projects, objectives, and budgets. If a funder or government rule requires you to track time, describe the risk to everyone’s employment if you do not comply. Let everyone rejoice in the company’s quantitative success and express concern when things go awry. This openness not only improves timesheet compliance but also improves the business’s overall performance.

How to Make a Timesheet Template in Excel

Numerous businesses utilize digital or paper timesheet templates. These timesheets assist in managing and monitoring employee work hours. You may use a timesheet as an alternative to timekeeping software because employees enter their hours on standardized forms. The main advantage of using timesheets is that employees can record their hours, which you can approve. Timesheet templates are advantageous since they are user-friendly and may be modified for a specific business. Here are some steps to assist you in creating your timesheet:

1. Select a template

First, you may determine the type of timesheet to employ based on your specific requirements. Consider the aspects that contribute to the accurate compensation of team members. Standard payroll components include, for instance, pay intervals, precise information, and the sort of employment or work. Select a template that provides clear headings and organization when developing your own. This facilitates the organization of timesheets. It also increases productivity by clarifying the necessary information and creating organization-wide uniformity. Employees already know what information to include on their timesheets before filling out forms, which boosts overall efficiency.

2. Set a timetable

When you set a timesheet, you must stipulate a weekly deadline for employees to submit their paperwork. This deadline may be daily or weekly. If you select a weekly deadline, you may equip staff with tools to assist them in remembering their schedules throughout the week. Consider establishing a deadline a few days before paying team members. This is advantageous since you have time to communicate with team members if you notice timesheet issues.

3. Check the specifics and Maintain uniformity

You may wish to review your timesheets to confirm the accuracy of all data while utilizing a timesheet. This will save you time in the future and improve timesheet accuracy. The information entered on these timesheets affects the compensation and benefits of team members awaiting their paycheck slips. In addition, you can exhibit consistency when preparing timesheets using the same format and design. Consider integrating dates and times in the same section to improve the readability of your document. Use the same headers and areas throughout the timesheet, for instance.

4. Ask questions

You can query your staff to ensure that the timesheet contains the information they deem essential. If problems emerge, you can also ask individuals around you for assistance in finding solutions. Typically, you want timesheets to be readily available and straightforward to fill, so regular feedback from your staff ensures that you build the most effective timesheets for their requirements.


What is a weekly timesheet?

Employees, independent contractors, and freelancers can use a weekly timesheet template to record and report their weekly work hours. Typically, timesheet templates automatically compute gross compensation based on the hourly rates and total labor hours entered.

How are timesheets processed?

The employee initiates the employee timesheet app and completes the work log before submitting it to the manager for approval. Once the manager approves the timesheet, it will be sent to HR for review/approval before payroll processing.

Should employees approve their timesheets?

While it is recommended, there is no legal requirement that workers sign their timesheets before submitting them. No’ default’ requires them to sign their sheets before submitting them to your system, even though this is typically enforced internally through various restrictions.

With technology growing faster than ever and time becoming an organization’s most valuable asset, time tracking is crucial to its success. Good timesheet software enables the billing of clients, improved project management, and enhanced payroll processing. With superior software comes enhanced time management, which can contribute to the victory of your organization.