50+ Sample Check Request Forms

What is a check request form?

Check request forms are requests for payment for specific people stated in the check itself. These forms contain data that portrays certain amounts to be paid. These forms may contain the receipt number, receipt date, total payment amount, and the like. A check request form can also be utilized in order to ask for payment to individuals or certain corporations for rendering services to society, for instance, or for honorariums, memberships, utilization of offices, and a lot more. This may serve as an invoice request and is essentially the proof of an individual that he or she has the right to claim money from a bank, for instance. When bringing a filled-out check request form, the individual may also bring supporting documents such as contracts, certificates, and other valid files.

Key Elements of a Check Request Form

There are elements that make up a check request form, making it whole and valid, and not devoid of the necessary information that is needed for banks to validate the form in and of itself. Being familiarized with these elements is an integral step to take in better understanding how this form works, along with its purpose in terms of making transactions. These are the things that you see in a check request form, and are ultimately suffixed with blanks for the recipient to fill in with their personal information, and other needed details. The following are the key elements of a check request form.

Name to Appear on Check : It is worth noting that the content of a check request form should be printed for purposes of legibility, and credibility as well. The first key element of a check request form is the name that should appear on check in order to clearly establish who the check is for, and who will be receiving the amount promised on the check in and of itself.Information about the Recipient :  To further validate the person claiming the payment in the check, and for the purpose of a valid record of transaction, information about the recipient ought to be something explicitly stated in the check request form. These information include the official home address of the recipient, and a second address if there is any, the city they are currently residing in along with its zip code, the number of an official ID he or she uses, and the TIN number of the individual. These are some of the things required in filling out your check request form in order for the request to be eligible and valid, as well as to better distinguish the recipient and his or her identity.Justification of Payment : In this part, you are required to give a reason for expenditure, which means that you ought to have a brief description on the nature of this transaction. You are to include why the recipient is receiving such amount, and a few statements about the service rendered itself. This is an important piece of information to be recorded for many purposes.Funding Source : For better traceability, a funding source section is included in the check request form. This is also included by virtue of transparency. In here, you are expected to name where your funds are generated from, the account code for verification, the cost center title, and the total amount. You may also name a few sources and break down their respective monetary contributions that ultimately add up to the total sum of how much your recipient will be collecting at the end of everything. This enables banking institutions to redirect your transaction histories better, and create more detailed and more credible records.Approvals : The approvals section contains the names of important people and requires their respective signatures for verification and confirmation. The signatories include the cost center administrator, the director or dean, and the president or vice president of the institution. These are important in order to make sure that this request form is valid and acceptable in claiming sites, and posits the amount of legal support it has as well. Their signatures are to be placed beside or above their respective names, depending on the format of the check request form, along with the date of when their signatures were affixed in the file itself.

How to Utilize a Check Request Form

Check requests are utilized to pull out assets from certain institutions or organizations through repayment, installment to the recipient, or through an advanced check. It is essentially the building block or the primary unit of a check itself, since it lays out all the groundwork for a check to be valid and legal, and for the recipient to have a less harder time in claiming a certain amount. There are different modes of check payments such as reimbursements or refunds, payment directly to vendor with the use of vendor contracts, and advanced check, hence, it is important for you to know the procedure for check request forms by virtue of familiarization, and generally, to know how you can process them. This is how you can utilize a check request form.

Step 1: Completing the Check Request Form

The check request form should first and foremost be completed by those setting up the check for you in the first place in order for you to be able to claim the promised amount. Aside from an example of individuals receiving cash as a form of honorarium, check request forms are also utilized in asking payment from students, for instance, in order to pay for their loans. Essentially, check request forms are an invoice request prompting people to pay for that amount to be used to give to certain beneficiaries. Nonetheless, the completion process of it is integral in terms of making sure that all the necessary information are there.

Step 2: Paperwork and Necessities

It is worth noting that all the necessary administrative paperwork should be submitted around fourteen days before the commencement of the payment date, or when the check itself is required. These paperwork may come in the form of the required documents of proof such as the contracts or the certifications, in order for you to stipulate them to the check request itself for further verification. Moreover, all necessary signatories should also be on the form before it is submitted. These signatories will later then be assessed whether or not they match the signatures of the important people the form claims to be involved in the transaction. In a case where the signatures are not coordinated with each other, the check request form may be rejected, or returned to whoever submitted it.

Step 3: Request for Reimbursement

Reimbursement is the process of paying someone back if he or she purchased something for you before, hence, you have to make up for the assets spent. In the case of requesting for reimbursement, make sure that your check request form is finished in full, including the date of solicitation, the payee name, the request number, the payee’s address, his or her contact details, and the like. The necessary document to be stipulated in a request for reimbursement is the official receipt of the item that you have purchased on behalf of someone. This verifies your act of being a proxy buyer, hence making you legible to claim the amount.

Step 4: Request for Direct Payment

Direct payment pertains to the straightforward act of doing your end of the transaction, and giving the amount to a recipient. This is where examples of payment by virtue of honorariums fall under. After completing the first necessary step, make sure that the total amount of the invoice is present, and compare it to the list of details of your service, if there is one, and try to weigh if both ends of the total coincide with each other. Certifications may also be stipulated into this request for further verification of identity and service.

Step 5: Request for Advanced Check

After making sure that all the necessary information required in the first step are reflected in the request form, see to it that the price quotations in the check request form are correct. Also check the available claiming sites reflected in the check in order to be informed of the institutions or branches that would cater to your payment request, and see to it that you bring the necessary documents that will confirm your identity, or one that directly ties you to the details presented in the check request form itself.

How do I fill out a check request when claiming it?

Assuming that the groundwork for the check request form has already been done, you can fill out your check through writing your name on the receipt, entering a brief description of your service rendered, some personal information such as your contact details i.e. your address, your email, and your phone number, and jotting down the total amount owed. After that, you should affix your signature for confirmation and for legal purposes positing that you have officially claimed your check.

Is the payee the recipient?

Yes, the payee is the recipient of the amount promised in a check.

Are check request forms and purchase orders the same thing?

There is a thin distinction between a check request form and a purchase order. For example, a check request form is permissible only for a few kinds of expenditures such as memberships and dues, awards, royalties, honorariums, charitable donations, and professional fees usually stipulated with the file of agreement between parties. A purchase order, on the other hand, is a contract between a buyer and a seller that portrays a product intended to be paid for later on. The product and its description is included here, as well as the price it entails. It defines the amount of money that the buyer owes the seller, technically.

What is a check request in Accounts Payable?

Accounts payable, by definition, is money that a company owes to its creditors or suppliers. Check request forms that are submitted to accounts payable for installment should be signed and confirmed by the contact person reflected in the document itself. It should likewise be signed by the official representatives in respective departments that are also present in the document itself. Check demands submitted without the necessary signatories will be considered null and void until the fitting approvals are achieved at the end of the day. Generally, check request forms are methods of payment or transaction that are present in accounts payable.

Being familiarized with check request forms is important especially when you are in the business or corporate world. This is a method of payment that is widely used by people within your field, and by people in society in general. This means that it is very practical and advisable for one to know how it works, its important key elements to take note of, as well as the process of how to claim promised amounts as the payee in question. Nonetheless, it just is good to be updated with the current trends of methods of transactions in status quo, which are in fact ever-changing. Because there is a plethora of innovations in society, the people will immediately respond through updated techniques of living and dealing with each other as well.