What Is A Sample Quote?

A quote is a summary of a product or service given by a supplier or vendor, and handed to a client or customer. It specifies the description of an item, including its important details such as quantity and price. 

According to The Brookings Institution, research data shows that an estimated 15.5 million of the US workforce are involved in non-traditional work arrangements. This group comprises of independent contractors, temporary laborers or one-time gig workers. 

Elements of A Quote

A standard quotation contains key elements. When you give a quote to a client, it is basically a proposal to do business with them. Think of it as an initial step when establishing a business relationship with a customer. The basic elements of a quote are as follows: 

Company Name and Logo: It is of utmost importance that for every official document, a standard logo along with complete company details are placed above and center. Recipient Details: Make sure you have the right information before sending the quote to your client. This includes the sender’s name, address, company name and contact information. This is particularly useful for delivery arrangements. Item Or Service Description: Typically, you may use a table format to enumerate the items. The items you include are dependent on the customer’s request. To illustrate, if it is a construction-related item, you could list PVC pipe. Beside the item name, add columns that contain the price, quantity and a brief description of the item. Terms and Conditions: A quote is not complete without stating the terms and conditions. These should be clear and straightforward. Examples of terms and conditions would be payment guidelines, delivery or lead time, bank deposit details etc. Total Amount: The total price of your services and/or products should be calculated and indicated clearly and boldly in your quote. This informs the client or customer of the amount to be paid.

How To Make A Sample Quote

Find the right template that suits your business needs. Pick from the several samples above. Keep these basic steps in mind when making your quote:  

Step 1: Establish the Layout

This will help make your quote appear professional. This is especially important for independent contractors, so present and future clients can familiarize themselves with your brand. Always include your company logo, complete address, contact number and email address. This standard layout will be used for all your subsequent quotations.  

Step 2: Address the Client 

If the customer requests for a sample quotation, ensure you have all his contact details. Include the company or organization he belongs to. It is also acceptable to include a brief greeting; but always be mindful of your format. For example, “Dear Ms. Sanchez, we would like to offer your company our services. Please see the price quote below.”. 

Step 3: List Down Items with the Corresponding Details 

Normally, a table is more convenient and easier to read. Identity and enumerate the services required and include the rate, quantity and total amount of each. For example, a freelance graphic artist charges a client for website development; she should indicate the price and a short description of the service.    

Step 4: Add the Terms and Conditions

It is important to clearly define the agreement with your client. Any rules and guidelines should be stated in order to manage expectations of both parties. If you require 50% down payment or a prior check deposit, indicate it clearly and provide the necessary bank details.   


What is an example of a quote?

A sales quote is one of the most common; but quotes can cover many different industries- real estate, security, marketing, manufacturing etc. It can apply to essentially any industry that renders any type of service or supplies products for business purposes.

What is a quote template?

Browse any of the samples above. All are editable, downloadable and printable; designed to make it easy for you to create your own sample quote. Use it as a guide, keep in mind the basic elements and you’re all set.

How does a quote work?

A quote is only one part of a business process. To illustrate, a client needs to rent out a forklift to move and transfer hundreds of boxes in his warehouse. He requests a quote from an equipment rental company. The company sends him a formal quotation detailing the forklift rental, including the hourly rate and operator fee. If the client accepts this arrangement, he makes an initial deposit to be able to start using the forklift. After the task is done, the forklift owner then bills the client an invoice indicating the remaining amount to be paid.

Knowing the basics on issuing a quote can help you conduct smooth, convenient and transparent business. It makes it easier for both buyer and seller if the ground rules are set and put in writing. This helps ensure that both are on the same page and can expect accountability from each other. Download a sample quote above and start making one today!