House Rent Receipts: What Are They?

Generally, a receipt is a document that acknowledges something (with value) has been transferred from a customer to a business. And aside from showing ownership, receipts are essential for some other reasons. Moreover, giving out receipts is not just a vendor-consumer thing, it is also issued in business-to-business transactions, stock market dealings, and even in the renting process. Meanwhile, a house rent receipt is issued to document rent payment between the lessee and the lessor. It contains important information like the amount of rent, the date of payment received, and the method of transaction. In some places, employees present a monthly rent receipt to their HR officer to avail of a house rent allowance.

Based on a report published by Pew Research Center, the number of rented households in the United States increased significantly from 31.2% in 2006 to 36.6% in 2016.

The Different Elements of a House Rent Receipt

Operating a house rental business can be tedious because of the increasing demand in the market. If you consider renting out an apartment or a house, it is essential to prepare various working documents to help you streamline your income. One of these documents is a receipt. Either a potential tenant wants a long-term or short-term lease, you can create a receipt form depending on the term of the lease. To guide you into making one, learn a receipt’s different elements in the list below.

Title or Label: If you do not put a title on your receipt, you might exchange it with an invoice or a bill. So, to save you from confusion, label the receipt as “House Rent Receipt.” This is also a courtesy to the tenant because it is easier for record-keeping.Tenant Name: The intent of having the tenant’s complete name in the receipt is to identify who paid for the amount of rent. However, anyone can pay for the due amount as long as it is indicated in the document. Landlord Name: Like the tenant’s name, the landlord’s complete name must also be visible in the monthly rent receipt. Although this is optional because some use the registered official name of their business with a complete address. But if the agreement is between two individuals, it makes sense to provide their names in the document. Rent Paid: The rent paid is the third element of a monthly rent receipt. It describes the amount or value of the monthly rent (in US dollars or the applicable currency in your place) paid to the landlord by the tenant.Rental Period: The rental period is the dates covered by the payment. A monthly rent receipt usually covers 30 days or one month. For other rent arrangements, you can make the rental period longer. Property Address: Indicating the address of the rented house is necessary for a rent receipt. The address is the place where the property is located. If a landlord operates more than one real estate property, their locations must be provided in the official receipt to track the source of the value paid.Signature: Signing the monthly rent receipt means that both landlord and tenant agree and understand the form’s entire content. Most of the time, it is the landlord who signs the monthly rent receipt to acknowledge the existence of the transaction.

How to Make a House Rent Receipt

Creating a house rent receipt is not as hard as you think. For your convenience, you can use a template in making one. Various editing tools are helpful as well. Also, make sure you are already familiar with the different elements of a receipt. If not, then refer to the discussion above. Here are the tips to guide you create a house rent receipt. Let us get started.

1. Select a Template

Stencils or templates are easily accessible online. To download high-quality templates, browse through our website and discover a collection of ready-made business stencils suitable for different occasions. Using a template will not require you to start from scratch in creating the monthly rent receipt and it comes with editable suggested content so that you can align the elements to your needs.

2. Choose an Editing Tool

A good editing tool can add up to the convenience of your chosen template. However, you should not work on an editing tool because you like doing so. Make sure it is compatible with your template. To know the compatibility, check the template on the source website. The applicable editing tools should be featured on the webpage.

3. Make It Appealing

Even if a house rent receipt is a business document, it is not an excuse to keep it plain and bland. Make it appealing by adding borders and tables to neatly organize the content. It is also important that the receipt sticks to your brand. Do this by using logos or symbols that are easily recognizable as your belonging. It helps clients identify your business through representations.

4. Keep It Simple

In addition to the third tip, to keep the house rent receipt simple and professional, use simple font styles or use novelty fonts if you want to make a statement. Use your own judgment in creating the rent receipt. What matters is to stick to your personal preference without compromising the convenience it could have contributed.


When to use a receipt?

Every transaction that involves a transfer of something valuable should require a receipt. This way, that transaction is documented because the receipt serves as evidence of the existence of the transaction.

What are the different types of receipts?

How is a receipt different from an invoice?

An invoice and a receipt are different documents. An invoice is a request for payment, while business receipts are proof of purchase. Moreover, invoices commonly provide a list of goods or services provided by the seller along with the corresponding prices, credits, discount, taxes, and total due. On the other hand, a receipt is a record that proves the existence of a transaction. When a receipt is issued, it means that something of value and payment has been made to finalize a sale.

An efficient house rent receipt is the cornerstone of smooth record-keeping as it is necessary for accounting and bookkeeping. Also, properly tracking every business transaction and sales is essential to a rental business. That is why a landlord should invest in creating a useful receipt form to promote efficiency. For more receipt templates, visit our website today!