What Is a Service Receipt?

A service receipt is an official receipt used for your business that runs professional or nonprofessional services. And this printed or handwritten document confirms that a service provider rendered valuable service to a client already. Also, service receipts are reliable proof in financial transactions because they contain the details of how much the services cost, what specific services were given, and more.

According to the Business Journals, the US has over 32.5 million businesses in 2019.

Meanwhile, America’s automobile towing industry had a revenue of about $5.3 billion.

What Is the Standard Format of Service Receipts?

You already know what a service receipt is. But are you already familiar with the elements or parts of such a receipt? Although there are slight differences from each company’s service receipt, there are common standards. Check out the standard format of service receipts in this section.

Service Receipt Title: The words ‘Service Receipt’ should be visible and presented in a larger font. The title serves as the automatic introductory statement of what a document’s function is.Organization’s Details: The US has over 32.5 million businesses as of 2019. And a single service receipt could belong to any other company. Hence, personalize the receipt by implementing your organization’s branding from the company name, logo, contact details, etc.Serial Number: Every business receipt should have its corresponding serial number. Also referred to as the ID number, you need such unique numbers to track receipts easily.Billing Box: The meat of your service receipt would be the billing box. It marks the detailed billing statement by enumerating the type of services involved, the total cost of services, the name of the customer, and the like.Others: Leave an extra space to be used for other purposes. You can incorporate special instructions in this segment like the payment method or any other information not covered in the general receipt.

How to Create a Service Receipt

From electrical, plumbing, house cleaning, oil change, lawn mowing, phone repair, down to tow truck service, lots of professional services exist. And it is important to prepare service receipts after a successful service to conclude the transaction. Now, learn how to make your own service receipt by following these steps:

Step 1: Use a Template

Check our collection of service receipt samples above to choose your preferred template to customize. There are many options available and you can focus on picking templates that suit your purpose. For example, you get a service receipt that matches your car towing business. Fun fact: Statista reported that America’s automobile towing business had revenue of $5.3 billion. Nevertheless, sample templates make your work easier.

Step 2: Insert the Standard Elements

Remember those standard elements of a service receipt discussed earlier? Don’t forget to add them to your service receipt template too. Such elements complete your receipt in the first place. So be sure the title, company details, serial number, billing box, and others are evident. And be sure each added element is arranged well to make an easy-to-follow receipt.

Step 3: Personalize Your Receipt

Avoid copying receipts that look like they belong to any other businesses because such documents might be mistaken as receipts coming from other companies. Personalize your receipt from its style, design, and content. Focus on your company’s branding like your traditional colors, logos, and contact details to market your brand automatically.

Step 4: Finalize the Format

The last step is to finalize how the service receipt’s format should turn out. For example, do you like receipts in PDF or in MS Word? And should you print the documents or just submit them through email? Decide how to launch those receipts until you can finally write on them and render them for clients conveniently.


Why is a service receipt needed?

Service receipts are necessary to issue customers detailed information in a transaction. That way, they would know the total payment of services and other details. It can even be used to track some offered services from how many months back then. Also, the receipt is an important tool of evidence for questions and complaints. And finally, a service receipt is the closing statement of a transaction involving services.

What businesses use service receipts?

Any service-driven business can use service receipts. Examples include companies under transport, insurance, salon, housekeeping, banks, and many more.

How are service receipts and service invoices different?

A service receipt is only issued when service providers have already rendered services and customers already paid. Meanwhile, a service invoice is used as a request for payment, meaning no payment has been dealt with yet.

The next time you perform transactions involving services, be sure to add service receipts in the picture. This variant of a payment receipt is necessary for recordkeeping and evidential purposes anyway. More so, it brings a clearer understanding of the agreement between a customer and a service provider. And you can come up with such receipts in no time using our sample service receipt templates.