Nobody deserves to be treated in a bad way. We may be the type of person who is kind and quiet, the main reason why the bully is so fond of annoying us or why a sexual assailant would try the lewd attacks to us, but we must do something to end the situation. Reporting the incident should be the first thing that we should do. Do not let the situation to prolong over time. Just with a few attempts of harassment, report it to someone that could help us. Do not let the assailants and the bullies have their ways. Their evil attitude towards us must be cut off. We should make a harassment incident report on the first hand. Whatever is happening to us should be reported immediately, so tell the incident to authorities. You do not deserve any attack, or even criticism. Be apt in reporting whatever is happening to you.

What is a Harassment Incident Report?

A harassment incident report is a written document about a harassment that has happened in a particular place. It is a report about the incident of attacking or abusing of someone. This could be a letter of complaint about a violent incident. Violence is something that we should not tolerate. The suspect of this kinds of assaults should be reported to the immediate authority. Any sample of lewdness or harming attacks should not happen in a school or workplace. Any employee or student who must be experiencing this must report this kind of incidents immediately. A staff may be contented in his work and then suddenly could get racial slurs from his co-worker. A simple student may be bullied by his much stronger classmate. A neighbor could tease your sister in a bad way. This kind of thing is something that we cannot just let to pass. In most cases, the persistent attacks will not stop unless we do something. If you are someone who see this kind of things, you can send a harassment incident report to the authorities that can make the harassment stop. Or if you are the victim, you can make the report by yourself and go to the authority that could help you.

Types of Harassment

As you will have the harassment incident report, you may be asked to put the type of harassment that has happened. Here are the types of harassment:


When something violent happen in a school or workplace, this is called physical harassment. This happens when someone keeps on giving you physical attacks. The worst case of physical harassment is known as assault. Gestures that can disturb us physically is a harassment and could not be tolerated. When the action of somebody is a threat to us, it is considered as an assault. Especially if it harms us physically. We should be serious about this kind of harassment, as no one should hurt anyone physically. It is a very mean offense. Workplace violence happens in some companies and the examples of it are:


This could be a hard one as it does not involve you sometimes. But this is also a kind of threat that we could have in the workplace or school. The examples of visual harassment are:


This type of harassment is common in any workplace or school. People tend to discriminate when it comes to race, gender, religion, disabilities, sex, and age. Sometimes it is hard to accept differences. There are people who are really discriminating and will show us that they do not like us because of it. They would throw unpleasant words towards us just because of differences. The examples of discrimination harassment are:

Verbal or Written

This is the most obvious type of harassment that could happen. Verbal harassment commonly happens in a workplace or school. Most people shrug their shoulders about this kind of harassment, but we must know that we cannot tolerate this kind of things. Examples of these are:

Power Harassment

This is true in the hierarchy in workplace. The boss and the subordinates exercises their power in a cruel manner. The examples of power harassment are:

Sexual Harassment

As bad as it may seem, there are cirscumstances that there are bad persons who would take sexual advances against us. Every bad sexual conduct is considered as sexual harassment. The examples of sexual harassment are:

Tips on Harassment Incident Report

The harassment should be stopped. We must know some ways on how we can deal with it. Here are the tips that we can use in having a harassment incident report:

Look for resources. When you are faced with workplace harassment examples, you can look at your handbook to know the rules and the harassment charges. The company could have an officer whom you can file your report or complaint. Knowing the rules can make you aware if you are authorized to get a complaint about a suspect or suspects. You will know if what they did was against the rules, if it was bound against the rules of the company. The handbook may also contain of ways on how you can get a harassment incident report. It can guide you how you can give a report to your administration before filing it at the police station. Harassment examples may be written on the handbook and you can categorize the harassment that you got. Harassment in the workplace is not tolerated, so there must be a certain punishment for it that is written in the handbook. The assailants may lose their job at your complaint and you can make yourself at ease from them. If you will know your right, you can get it. Look for the resources because it will tell you what to do.Remember to report any harassment. Whether you are the victim, or you are just a witness, you must report any kind of harassment. Report it to a higher person than you and they would know what to do with your situation. Do not let the threat of the suspect shut you up. Speak up and tell everyone what has happened. You just cannot take everything. You must not take any harassment. Tell it to someone that can help you end it. Assailants should not be happy in all their attacks and harms to you. If you will not speak about it, they will keep on harming you. Do not wait until you cannot take it anymore. On their first attempt, report them immediately. It is the best way to end an insult, before it would turn into an abuse. Do not tolerate any bad person. Report their misdoings to stop them.Write the harassment that has happened. When there is a sexual harassment in the workplace or a bullying incident, even if the harassment is cyberstalking, you must list down the details in a paper or record it in your notepad. Write down whatever has happened. List the details, so it would be easy for you to tell the information when it was time for you to complain or give a harassment incident report. You can also use this as a warning to the person who is giving you an offense. Tell that person that you will file a complaint if the harassment continues. Show them that you have some proof. If assailants would know that you are aware of their behavior, and you know that you have the right to complain about it, they may think to stop bothering you. In times that you are not ready to fill up a reporting form, you may list what happened. Whether it happened in a cold or hot weather, it does not matter. What matters is that you will record the incident of harassment.Ask your co-workers about the assailant. Band with fellow workers in your company to know whether the assailant have done the same thing to them. You may have a co-worker that has experienced the same thing. Or they may know some information that could help you in filing your complaint. It is also better if you will tell your co-workers about the incident for them to advise you what to do. You can also get witnesses if you will tell them what has happened to you.Maintain your peace and good work. Assailants should not be triumphant over you. Yes, they may be bothering you, but do not give them the success of really letting you down. It is what the assailants want, so do not give them the victory. Continue on your work with the peace that you can have while they are away. Still keep your remaining peace and do better in school or with your job. The assailant should not worth you a thing.

How to Have a Harassment Incident Report

If you are experiencing harassment in your school or workplace, it is time for you to do something. Make a harassment incident report. But first, learn these steps:

Step 1: Approach the harasser to stop the attacks.

Before making a harassment incident report, you may want to first talk with the harasser to stop his behavior towards you. This applies to minor offenses that do not necessarily needs a complaint letter or form. If you think the offense is big enough, you must not talk to him and immediately make a report. When talking to him, do it in a calm manner. If the harassment continues, do not go near the harasser anymore and do not talk to him again.

Step 2: Know your rights.

Research about situation. Know the rights that you should have in the particular harassment. Know whether your complaint would be enough to sue the assailant. If you will know your rights, you will know how you will make a harassment incident report.

Step 3: Write the report with all the details.

If you do not know particularly how to make a harassment incident report, you can search the internet for an available template. There can be a form that can be suitable for your need. Then edit it. Write the name of the victim, the name of the suspect or suspects, the type of incident, the date of incident, the name of the witness, and the resolution. Describe the incident of harassment. Put also a signature block where you can sign and where the administration or the authority could sign.

Step 4: Add relevant documents.

After writing all the important details, prepare the documents that will be a proof for the harassment. This could be a derogatory message or email, or a video, if there is any. It can also be a record of the incident that has taken place.

Step 5: Submit the report to the authority.

If the harassment has happened in your workplace, you may send your complaint first to the HR. If the harassment is too serious, you may want to go to a police station or file a complaint to EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Send the document to the proper authority so they could investigate.


If I am a Witness of a Harassment, Can I File a Harassment Incident Report?

Yes. One of the persons that can file the harassment incident report in a harassment is the witness. It would be proper for them to file a complaint because they actually saw the incident. To be good to the victim and to give justice, witnesses can file a harassment incident report.

How Can I Make a Harassment Incident Report?

Making a harassment incident report is easy. Find a good template that you can edit. After finding one, list all the information about the harassment. Describe the harassment that has happened. Then submit it to the officer who can investigate the situation.

When we are being erred, we should be adept to find a way on how to stop it. If we are harassed, we should have the first resort to make a harassment incident report. Any harassment should be put to a stop. Also, with the report, we could have justice. Justice should not be delayed in any cirscumstances. A report is needed to be submitted in any case of harassment to get justice. In that case, make a harassment incident report if you ever saw a harassment.