73+ Project Reports

What Is a Project Report?

A project report plays a vital role in every project’s success. It is also a common document used in various fields like education, business, law, or construction, among other things, and suggests recommendations for specific actions. One of the reasons why a report is written is to present facts in an organized manner and define issues at hand as well as analyze them. Most importantly, the main smart goal of a project report is to echo observation to a specific group of people clearly and concisely. 

People who make reports for a living found a way to create this important document easily. They use project report forms to tailor the readers’ needs and expectations. By using a project report form, even if you are not a professional, you can outline a comprehensive report. With report forms, you can fill them with relevant details related to a project you are managing. 

Only a few people know report forms became an essential part of fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, the contagious coronavirus spread and since then a lot of people have become vulnerable. Based on a survey conducted by Statista, the accumulated number of cases of coronavirus infection worldwide is 120,695,785. As of March 2021, this number is still rising. The only way to curb the infection is to know the number of infected people. Hence, authorities use report forms to document cases daily. Doing this helps them understand the tendencies of the health crisis and come up with an action plan. 

What Are the Different Types of Report Forms?

There are different types of report forms depending on the purpose it serves. Choosing the right report form to use relies on this. That is why it is important to fully understand the reason to write one. When this is covered, the right report form is just right at the corner. Let us take a look at the most common project report forms that you might need now or in the coming days.

Incident Report: By definition, an incident refers to an unexpected event that can affect an operation. Based on an article published by Safeopedia, an incident is any unintentional occurrence that delays conventional processes, specifically at the workplace in line with occupational health and safety. Such an episode covers from a near miss to a deadly accident. Therefore, an incident report is a written or digitally produced document that contains a structured narrative of what happened during an incident. Usually, an incident report forms is required by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to avoid occupational risks and hazards.Assessment Report: Whether be it in academic, business-oriented, medicine, law and so much more, an assessment report is an important tool. To produce a solid assessment report, the assessor should present the collected data from an assessment and structure this using a comprehensive format. If an assessment report is used right, people who need to know about the interpretation of data will potentially gain awareness of what is expected from these results. As one of the top-notched industries, the business industry takes advantage of assessment reports. How? For example, a company that focuses on services is not doing very well with business returns will conduct an assessment to find out the factors affecting low sales.Book Report: Book reports are commonly seen in schools. This written material is usually one of the requirements to pass a term. If one of your teachers asked you to read a book and write an essay about it afterward, then you might have had written a book report before. Headings and subheadings are needed in writing this type of report. Basically, a book report is an essay that tackles book content. The main ideas should be simplified into smaller ideas. Provide supporting details to elaborate the thought more. Expense Report: Whether it be a small business or a corporation, managers use expense reports in reaching specific goals. Usually, this report is made using a spreadsheet to note how organizations and the people who work for them spend on something that is business-related. Aside from documenting how much money was spent on a certain undertaking, an expense report is also useful in managing finance, taxes, and accounting purposes.Narrative Report: A narrative report is a piece of writing in which content is chronologically arranged. Anyone who has done storytelling can tell its similarity with a narrative report. Both involve narration of what happened in a story or a series of events from the beginning until the ending. On the other hand, what makes a narrative report different from storytelling is it contains information based on facts or statistics from reliable sources. In business, a narrative report is crucial too. With this type of report, you can outline the entire business plan, marketing strategy, you name it. Make sure to put the details in order so that you can convey your message well.

How Do You Write a Project Report?

Indeed, you can write a project report using a lot of ways. Because a project report is considered one of the most important business documents, many invest in making such a report. Some might have held training to help people write project reports, especially big companies. But do not sweat it out when you are just started with a report-making task. If you do not know where to start, you can kick off research. You do not need a high-end information gathering system to learn the basics of report-writing. The internet offers a lot of resources about formal writing. Just make sure to go to the right places and look for reliable sources. We created a list of tips to help you draft a comprehensive project report. Let us get started.

Tip 1: Begin with a Plan and Take Some Time to Prepare

Every successful project starts with a quality plan. The same thing goes with writing a report for that project. Setting your goals and the things you want to achieve when your project report is done is very important. This will help you establish actions, steps in achieving these goals at hand. If you do not take some time to create a plan, there is nothing to guide you from start to finish. Also, you might miss a step along the way without a concrete plan because nothing will walk you through the process of writing your report. 

If there are some things left on the gray side of your mind, this calls for extending your research. Go in-depth about the things you want to know. Additionally, ask yourself the following questions: (1) who are the readers?; (2) what is the purpose of the report?; (3) why is the report needed?; and (4) what information should be included in the incident report?

Tip 2: Before Writing the Report, Identify Your Audience First

Once your plan is made, the next step you should take is to identify your audience, which in this case is the readers. Readers are s group of people who will use the project report for specific purposes. Knowing who will read your report help you choose what language to use upon writing. It is also important to keep in mind that people read the project report, not for entertainment purposes, but to obtain relevant details that are useful to them. Thus, use simple words to make the report easy to understand and convey your message well. As the writer of the technical report, you should put your readers’ concerns first before anything else. 

Tip 3: Collect Support Information to Elaborate the Report More

After identifying your readers, start collecting supporting information for your project report. In terms of project reports, most organizations appoint a project manager to write the project report. Say, for example, the head of the marketing team of a corporation has been managing campaigns for a long time. Because of that, this person has all the relevant information of all marketing undertaking. It makes sense if he or she has to write a project report by using details from actual events. 

Tip 4: Use a Report Form Template

To some, writing a project report is a challenging task. But we will make it more convenient at your end. You do not have to start from the bottom in making this report because with a template, making a report is never been this easy. The best thing about using a template is it promotes consistency not just in your incident report but also in various documents like statements, receipts, Project Proposals, among other things.

For more ready-made templates, check the collection above or visit our website today. You can sign up for any of our subscription plans and enjoy exclusive perks. With a template, editing your incident report will be so much easier. Each template comes in with suggested content that you can modify or leave as it is. By using a compatible editing tool, completing any report is at your fingertip.


What are the things I should include in my project report?

Your project report should contain facts related to a project including the following:

  • Summary/Overall Health of the Project
  • Facts on the Project Progress
  • Target vs. Actual Accomplishments
  • Analysis
  • Actions Taken
  • Risks and Issues
  • Resources
  • Budget
  • Schedule

How to keep a project status report effective?

  • Submit the report on time.
  • Give complete and accurate information.
  • Do not cover up bad news or adverse reports.
  • Be proud of the team working on the project and their accomplishments.
  • Anticipate questions from other people.
  • Be familiar with the culture of the organization and respect the information hierarchy they follow.
  • Craft the report without overloading it with too much information. 

Why is a report form relevant?

In order to properly record the number of people who are infected by the coronavirus, authorities use report forms. When this is done properly, authorities will know how to fight back and curb Covid-19 cases globally. According to a report by Statista, there are 120,695,785 cases of coronavirus worldwide as of March 16, 2021. This number is increasing as of the moment of writing. This is only one of the many importance of report forms.

Letting the people know the progress and development plan of a project they are involved in help in achieving the desired outcome for that project. A project report is also crucial for the job of a project manager. With this, they will know what step to take next. Also, it helps in making big decisions.