Some surveys are about customer satisfaction, some are about conclusions about a certain matter. A business can use survey to know more about their products and to know what the consumers think about it. And after conducting surveys to the assigned number of people, a survey report should be delivered. This report is submitted to the survey companies or to the companies who wanted to have analyses through survey. With a survey report, a company can analyze the results of a survey.

What is a Survey Report?

A survey report is a kind of report writing that contains information about a survey. It is a document that objectively presents the results of what we have gathered in a survey that we have conducted. Analysis of the survey is written in a survey report. Survey summary is also a part of it. Realibilty survey, market research reporting, and any other survey usually have a survey report. This report is used by companies who needed the survey to see the results of it better. Survey results report is written after the survey was done. It should have objectives and should be based on facts. It should be clear and precise. You need to have a good skill in writing to make a survey report. It is important because any facts about the survey should not be misinterpreted. Survey data should be well-explained in the report. The results of the survey should be clearly reflected. The survey report gives definition for the following:

Types of Survey Report

As surveys has different natures and objectives, there are different kinds of survey report. You should know what is the type of your survey before making a survey report. These types are the following:

Employee Survey Report

This is a survey about employee engagement survey. It is conducted so that employees can tell his opinion about their workplace. The company would know about what they think about the company and they could do something to improve it for them. It is a chance for employees to be heard with this kind of survey. The survey would reveal what was in their hearts and it can be considered by the owners of the company because with the survey, these things could reach them.

Customer Survey Report

This is one of the most common type of surveys that most of us have encountered. For sure, everyone of us has already filled up a form about a certain product or service. This is done so the company could later improve their products. They could be aware of the feedback of the customers. Whether they are contented with their product or not, they would know through the survey. Points on how they could improve their products can be also be learned through this. They can even put some questions about their competitors so they can compare their product to their competitor’s product. This kind of survey report is very useful in businesses that was why many businesses conduct some survey to prove their products.

Market Survey Report

This survey is almost the same with customer survey report. It talks about how a product do with the market. It is a competitor research. It is aimed to a particular demographics of audience, analyzing their preferences. This could improve the marketing strategies of every company. They could learn more about the market with a market survey report.

Social Survey Report

All the things that are about the society are written in a social survey report. This includes things about poverty, children, marriage, climate change, social issues, even government issues. It has the stats about a particular topic. These topics are up-to-date topics that we usually encountered in our present lives. This type of survey report is also common. Almost all of us have already taken this kind of survey before.

Importance of a Survey Report

Survey report is important because a survey is needed by companies or institutions. Here are its importance:

It gives an impact to every survey. It tells the numbers with a scenario. You would know the analysis within a matter. With a survey report, your survey can be more defined. It would not tell only about the numbers but the hard results within the survey. Whatever the conclusion is, it would be clearly stated with a report. Things should not be done by just submitting the questionnaires that have been answered by respondents. A survey report is what gives impact to the survey. The results would be explained with paragraphs that would be easy for the readers to grasp. The stats are written with facts. The information would be more powerful if it was done with a survey report.You can make better decisions for your company. If you have made a survey then you found out that your product is not good enough after reading the survey report, then you can act accordingly afterwards. You can later improve your products after knowing the bad result of the survey. You can then make the right decision. It would be hard for you to decide if you do not have something to consider. But if you will have proof that something is wrong, then you can act upon it. People are the ones who use our products so they are also the ones who can tell about its goodness or flaws. It is also true in social survey. If the government will know the survey report about a specific matter, they could do something about it. Actually, it is true in all types of survey. Good decisions can be made after a survey report is submitted.You can keep track of the current trend. By doing a customer survey report and market survey report, you can know the present trend. You will know the percentages of the approval of people through surveys. You can closely monitor what the people like currently, what most of them likes to buy in the present. For example, you can get the result that 80% of people like to buy skinny jeans and only 20% buy flare jeans. You can conclude that skinny jeans is what could hit the market and you can focus on producing skinny jeans rather than flare jeans. Whatever clicks on the market, you can discover through a survey report. All you have to do is to conduct some survey to a certain number of respondents and have survey report afterwards. Then you can keep track of what is in for every person.You can gather true data. Information became contaminated when you are not the one who gets it first. It is always good to have a survey report because you can have fresh and true data from people. Of course, the survey report is accurate. You are the one who conducted it and you will have the information first-hand. If information are transferred many times, there are chances that it will differ. To ensure its correctness, the survey report is the answer.

How to Make a Survey Report

After conducting a survey, a survey report is needed to relay the information better. If you do not know how to make a survey report, you can use these following steps:

Step 1: Prepare the questionnaire.

The first thing that is necessary to have is to make a questionnaire. This questionnaire should have all the questions that is needed for you to have a proper research about a certain thing. These questions should not be hard questions. We must be sure that the respondents could answer the questionnaire easily. Let us not give them a hard time dealing with it. All questionnaires have the preliminary questions about the personal details of the respondents. Their demographics are important in any survey. So every survey should contain these. Then it would have questions about a particular topic or product. The questionnaire should have 10-50 relevant questions. You should not make a questionnaire with too many questions as the respondents may not want to finish it. Read each question properly and be sure that it is easy to understand. You may ask about the likes and dislikes of the respondents, or what are the things that they do or not. You can also ask about their opinion, what they consider best and the least that they consider. Mostly the questions can be answered by a yes and a no. Sometimes they can scale choices from 1-10 or 1-5, depending on the number of choices. It can also good to ask them for sentences to be answered as this will give a greater analysis with the survey. There are factors to be considered in making a questionnaire and these include:

Step 2: Start gathering data.

After you have made a questionnaire, collect data by giving it to respondents. Distribute it to people of different demographics. Your data can be more accurate with this. Ensure that your information is secured and the implementation is effective.

Step 3: Write a summary.

There are headings that your survey report should have. These are:

Step 4: Make your survey report perfect.

Polish your survey report. If you can think of extra analysis, then add it to your report. You can also add charts, graphics, and tables to explain your analysis about the survey. Read it once or twice to spot errors. The question whether it would make improvement to your product should be answered. Or the survey report could not be effective. So you have to be extra sure that it is accurate. After having done this thing, then off the survey report. It can be submitted to its intended reader.


Do I Have to Include All Questionnaires in the Survey Report?

Yes, include all the answered questionnaires. The report will be accurate with this. It will not be good if you omit something. That would not be a true data. Be sure to include everything because the survey report meant to contain all the results.

Where Can I Get a Survey Report?

If you will make a survey report, you can get a template in the internet. You can also find a survey report example that you can follow. Download it and edit it. Of course, you have to conduct a survey first. Select a particular topic or product then make a questionnaire about it. Put questions that you want to be answered. Distribute it to respondents and gather the data. Analyze the data and you can put it in your survey report. But if you are looking for a survey report that you can read, you can also search for it in the internet. Or ask survey companies for a particular survey report that you need.

Surveys are so common these days. Some even earn by answering surveys. It is easier to conduct surveys now about the particular thing that we want to know about. So a survey report may be easy to do. Just as it was common to respondents, businesses commonly conduct it also. It is useful anyway.