It will make us more decent in the eyes of other people if we will be good in writing. We can communicate better and we can get what we want more easily. So, writing is a skill that we should never neglect. We have to make our writing works to be assessed so that we will know how we can improve in it. In this article, you will learn some things about writing assessment report. You will know the principles of writing assessment. You will know some of its benefits. You will also know how to write a writing assessment report. So, be prepared to learn these things. Get yourself relaxed and keep on reading!

What is a Writing Assessment Report?

Writing assessment is the assistance that is given to students in grading them in their writing courses. It can be used in different purposes. It is done for the classroom or it can certify proficiency for the students that can be used on the outside. It is also used in grading the students for award purposes. This context has some sound principles on how the grade can be given. Usually, there is a writing assessment report that is done with it. A writing assessment report is the sum of the observation about the evaluation report of the writing ability of a student. The report tells the result of the measure of skills that is illustrated in writing. The written literacy is being evaluated by the current teachers and sometimes by future teachers that reinforce teaching practices on language learning. This report is important because we can discover our capacities that we actually have in writing. The criteria can give some reflection of the nature of our writing, whether it is good or bad. The report will be a performance review for our writing, showing how skilled we are in this thing. Peers can also give us an assessment and sometimes, self-assessment is possible. The assessment is a test that can assert whether we have enough ability to write effectively. That is why a writing assessment report is necessary in all writing and rhetoric courses.

Principles in Writing Assessment

There are some rules in giving an assessment report in writing. You will need to have some guide that you can use in assessing the writing skills of every student. Here are some principles that you need to follow:

Improvement of Teaching and Learning

The writing assessment’s first use is to go further with the teaching and learning. It should give implementation and dissemination on its outcome. It has curricular objectives that are influenced by the evaluation. Teachers should maintain the assessment in the context of its department. The objectives should give an assessment information that can give changes to writing practices. The evaluation practices should not have external pressures. The local community is the one that should give the evaluation materials and the assessment criteria. The student can expect professional opportunities after the assessment has been done.

Social Responsibility of Assessment

The assessment should lead to a meaningful writing. It should contextualize its purpose. The students and stakeholders should get a clear assessment. It should support research and should give harmony to the best ways in teaching writing skills. In assessment, you must consider the human readers. You should have discussion and you should seek feedback from others. Direct evaluation should give formative purposes. Every writer should know how to form ideas well. They should be organized, knowing how to make good sentences and knowing how to edit and proofread.

Sum of the Writing Ability

The writing skills of an individual has a diverse context. You must use different measures in your evaluation. Even with the performance review, you can see that every individual’s capacity is different. Also, one example of writing do not mean that it is the whole ability of a student. Assess writing using many pieces, with multiple genre, done using a variety of occasions, and with different target readers. Have respect to language and know that criteria vary with every purposes. Standardized tests deal with grammar and style rather than choices in rhetoric. So, consider the sum of the writing skills of the students.

Nature of Methods and Criteria

The consortium is the community of administrators who have knowledge in the context of assessment. All the tests should be designed and developed locally. The nature of the writing practices should not be distorted. Assess the ability of the piece to target various audiences. Consider the ability to have many sources, to make a multi-media example, and to use texts and images. Values should also affect the assessment. Help the students to demonstrate where they are best at writing.

Latest Research Assessment

It should have the latest approach when it comes to cost and benefits. Do not make an inexpensive and quick assessment. Learning and professional development can be the investments that you can get from direct assessment. Make the writing to be always on review and be cognizant of research and latest developments.

Benefits of Writing Assessment Report

Have you seen an example of writing assessment? Reading an assessment writing examples can give you an idea what a writing assessment report is all about and why it is done. In case, you want to know its benefits, here are some of them:

The student can learn from mistakes. The outcome of the assessment report can make students realize their actual score in writing. They will know whether they have been good or if they are not doing well. They may use some free writing assessment but the report of their teacher is what matters. Learning that they have some mistakes in writing will make them aware that they have to improve with their writing skills. As a teacher, you can properly advise them in the report the things that they can do. There, they will know where they have erred and they can do better next time.Your school can produce the best writers. Assessment can be the best tool that you can use to develop the language learning in your school or college. Writing assessment tools can help in having direct assessment, and you can give a more accurate assessment for students. Continually having an assessment report can make to bring out the best in the writing skills of all your students. It may be good for professional opportunities in the future. Your students will be good in writing and they can use that for future purposes. If anyone can see that they are from your school, and that they are good in writing, your school will have a good reputation. You have good writers that can come out from your school.You can pass on the writing course. The assessment can harness your skills. Through the report, you will know if you are lacking and you can act accordingly if that is the case. Before the semester can end, you will know what to do. You will know how to improve so that you can pass the course. The assessment will remind you what to do and how you can advance your writing skills. Remember also that even peer assessment and self-assessment can be helpful. And a writing assessment report can be vital so that you can pass the writing course.The aim of the writing course will be reached. Only through the assessment can you reach the objectives of the writing course. It is easy to neglect the course if you are not getting feedback for it. But if you can get a feedback, you will know the things that you have to change to be better. The aim of each course is to properly equipped each students with the knowledge of the course, and you can get it through the writing assessment report. You and the students can work things out so that they will have the best skills in writing.

How to Write a Writing Assessment Report

An assessment report sample or assessment report sample for students can make you to write a writing assessment report. But in case you do not have examples to use, you can use the following steps in making a writing assessment report:

Step 1: Check the portfolio.

Conduct a portfolio assessment so that you can assess the true writing skills of the students. Course portfolio may consists multiple writing examples from students and it can help you to evaluate their skills. One single piece of writing is not enough to grade a student’s ability. You may need more work so you can decide better. Ask for reflective letters or essays that can describe their capacity. The portfolio should consist of final drafts. The students can submit a printed portfolio or an electronic portfolio. The advantage of an electronic portfolio is that it has hyperlinks that can enhance their works. After the student submitted a portfolio, check it carefully and use the assessment criteria so that you can evaluate it rightfully.

Step 2: Give a timed-essay.

If you want to have an actual test of the ability of the students, you can give a timed-essay exam that can bring out their writing skills. Choose a good topic or subject for the essay. Give a word count for the essay, something that will be enough for the time that you will give. Before the student will start writing, you can tell them the criteria that you will use in grading the essay. Give enough time for the students to write at their best. After the test, you can use it with their portfolio to have a writing assessment for them. You have two best resources that you can use for assessment. One that can showcase their versatility, and one that mirrors their true skills. With the two resources, you may have enough evidence for their writing abilities.

Step 3: Use a rubric.

Rubric is a good thing that you can use in writing assessment. It includes criteria that can guide you on how to rate a writer. Even in the 20th century, rubrics are used to standardize education. There are five factors in rubric that is used in writing assessment. They are the following:

Step 4: Evaluate the writing piece.

The purpose of written assessment is to evaluate the skills of students. Any types of written assessment can be evaluated better after having the rubric and the materials that you have to evaluate. Using all the criteria, make an accurate assessment after reading the written pieces that the students have made. Evaluate the portfolio and grade the creative side of the students with the test. You can tell their performance through the pieces that they have submitted. Make a performance review using the resources that you have and rate them according to a rubric that can help you in assessment. Then, prepare a document and start to make a report about your assessment. Include the rate that you have come up with and put some feedback that can be helpful for the students. Read the report and ensure that it meets the standard of language learning. After you see that everything is fine, you can give the assessment to the faculty.


How is a College Writing Differs?

College writing is ‘academic writing’ that is done in college. It involves a great deal of analysis than other kinds of writing. Usually, you will make a research paper, academic essay, or multimedia report. It is more difficult and more comprehensive. You even have to follow some writing style. College writing may lead to professional writing opportunities.

What Can Make Me a Better Writer?

Practice can help you a lot to be a better writer. In your spare time, write and write so that you can train yourself. You should learn also how to heed to instruction. This will make you to write at your best always. You also have to be creative in reflection. You have to come up with good ideas that you can write. Good reflection can make you to write good words that can entertain any readers.

Learning writing skills is something that we cannot be sorry about. We can use it anywhere we go. We can communicate to other people better. Especially on formal things, we can write out perfectly. We can be decent in all matters. Well, do you need a template for writing assessment report? This post has 4+ SAMPLE Writing Assessment Report in PDF. You can choose on of them and use it as you make a writing assessment report. Download now!