What is a Motivation Letter?

A motivation letter, which is also called the purpose statement is a document that you can send together with your job application or scholarship application. Through this letter, employers and school administrators will know your purpose and why you are applying for a job or scholarship. They will know your enthusiasm, interest, and qualifications which can help them decide to give you what you need. A letter of motivation can convince the reader that you are the ideal candidate. It demonstrates that you are motivated and well-suited for the position.

Some examples of motivation letters are a motivation letter for a scholarship, a motivation letter for a university, a motivation letter for Ph.D. program, a motivation letter for a job, a motivation letter for an internship, a motivation letter for attending a conference, a motivation letter for a travel grant, and a motivation letter for participation in training. Since the motivation letter can be your best weapon for your application, use a motivation letter template or a motivation letter example to create the best letter. Remember, this is something that should convince your readers so you have to make sure that you can send a great motivation letter.

Benefits of a Motivation Letter

Through a motivation letter, you can highlight your skills and experience that will convince the employer or school that you are a strong candidate. You can give insight into your personal and professional goals which can demonstrate your passion and commitment. A motivation letter goes beyond the information that can be given in your CV or resume. This is a good document to accompany your application as it has many benefits. They are the following:

Highlight Relevant Experience: In a motivation letter, you will have the chance to showcase your experience. Yes, this can be done with a cover letter. But it can be better if it will be done with motivation. A cover letter for resume may just simply explain your resume and all your experiences. But a motivation letter can demonstrate your motivation while you did your past work. This can show that you have the right motivation for the future job that you are applying for. In the motivation letter, you will have all the chances to highlight all your experiences and show that you are a motivated worker who they can never go wrong. You can show your enthusiasm for your past experiences and this means that you can exert the same enthusiasm in your future job. When the employer is convinced of your experience, you will be more likely to be given the opportunity for the job. After seeing your motivation with your past experiences, they will know that you can be a good employee. By highlighting relevant experience, you can prove that you are a strong candidate for the job.Personalized Expression: The motivation letter can be the chance for you to give your best shot. This is your chance to convince the employer or school that you are the best candidate. This is because, in the motivation letter, you can showcase your qualities and aspirations. You can convince them how good you are. A chance to brag the unique qualities that set you apart from other candidates will be given. Talking about your aspirations that they can admire will be possible. For example, if you are getting a scholarship for yourself, it can be good to mention your plans for the future to the school. Do not just fill out a scholarship application form template. You need a motivation letter that can touch their heart that you need the money for your studies. Your aspirations can convince them that the scholarship is headed in a good direction. It means that you are going to use the money well. It denotes that you are going to do everything to finish your studies. A college student resume or high school resume is not enough to make them grant you a scholarship. A motivation letter is needed to convince them. Because only through this that you can make a personalized expression that brings a human touch to your application.Demonstrates Motivation and Enthusiasm: There can be many books made that give you advice on how to land a job. Some of them may have good book reviews. But know what? The best advice can be to provide a motivation letter. This is because a motivation letter can demonstrate your motivation and enthusiasm. What a company needs is a motivated and enthusiastic worker whom they know will work at their best at their company. With enthusiasm, you will surely work in a perfect way. All your tasks will be done well. There will be no hard work with a person with the right motivation. With motivation and enthusiasm, you will be willing to learn everything and that means that you can do all the job that can be assigned to you. Enthusiasm and motivation are commendable in work so these are something that employers will not reject. If they can see enthusiasm and motivation in you, they will surely hire you. They can trust that you will be a good worker that can be an asset to their company. This way, you can get the job that you desire.Showcase Communication Skills: Good communication skill is a skill that a company need from every employee. With good communication skills, they know that projects can be communicated well and there can be good project planning every time. Every challenge can be overcome with good communication. This is because when something bad happens at work, the employee will have the right means to communicate about the problem. When an employee knows how to build open communication, then the employer can be sure that they can trust this employee with every project. Every problem can be solved and will be given the right solutions at the right time. In the motivation letter, if you know how to negotiate your skills and experience with the employer, this just means that you have great communication skills. Negotiation skill is something that every employer needs. No problem can be too big with good negotiations. So, if you can write a motivation letter well, the employer will see that you have good communication skills. This is something that they can use in their business.Engage the Reader: You can say that it is time for you to shine in your motivation letter. This is the best way to convince your readers. Through the story that you can tell in your letter while you showcase your qualities, skills, and experiences, you can captivate the hearts of your readers. Make them like you when they read your motivation letter. They must see the enthusiasm and motivation in you that can make them want to hire you. This is your time to make them engage in your application. Hundreds of applications are being received for one single position or job opening. The motivation letter is the way how you can stand out against other job candidates. This is especially needed if you do not check all the boxes in the job description. You have to convince the employer that you are still a strong candidate. In the motivation letter, you can show them that you are capable of doing the job and that you are still a perfect candidate because you are going to be a perfect employee. The motivation letter is a perfect way to engage the employer so that they will have an initial interest to hire you.Differentiate Yourself: A motivation letter can differentiate you from other job candidates. Not all job applicants will send a motivation letter. So, it is your ace that you can show your motivation for the job. You can showcase the qualities that can make an employer like you. Mentioning what you can offer to the company will be possible for you. Some applicants may just send a resume and portfolio sample. These may not be enough for employers to catch their attention. A motivation letter can captivate employers so that they will have the heart to give you a chance for the job opportunity. You can see, sending a motivation letter can differentiate you a lot. All you have to do is showcase what you can offer in your motivation letter. This is your chance to be ahead of other job candidates. You can mention in the letter the things that you have that other job candidates cannot offer. For example, if you are capable to submit deliverables ahead of the project timeline. So, differentiate yourself in the motivation letter.

How to Create a Motivation Letter

Sending a motivation letter can be your best shot for your job application. For this reason, the motivation letter should be perfect. To do this, you can apply the following steps:

1. Identify Your Purpose

Remember that the motivation letter is a statement of purpose. Because of this, you must be aware of your specific goals for your application. It can also be helpful if you will understand the purpose of a motivation letter.

2. Make an Engaging Introduction

Grab the attention of your readers by starting with an engaging introduction. The opening paragraph must highlight your interest for the opportunity. It can be good to share a personal anecdote about your motivation.

3. Show Your Motivation and Goals

Highlight your qualifications and experiences. Make the employer know that you are a qualified candidate. Then clearly express your motivation in the opportunity you are applying for. Mention your goals and aspirations.

4. Demonstrate Fit

Show the employer that you are fit for the position and their team. Highlight how your values, goals, and interests align with those of the company. Show how you can contribute and make a positive impact.

5. Express Gratitude

Express enthusiasm and confidence. Showcase your passion and determination to succeed. Then make a closing paragraph, summarizing the main points of your interest and motivation. After that, express gratitude. Then invite the employer to contact you for further information.


How long should a motivation letter be?

This may depend on the organization you are applying for but the ideal length of a motivation letter is 300-500 words.

Is it advisable to use a template for the motivation letter?

This may depend on you. If you are going to use a template, just be sure that you are still going to customize and personalize your letter.

Now, you have found the right tool that can enable you to get an ace in your job application or scholarship application. This is a motivation letter. So, if you are going to apply for a job or a scholarship, do not forget to accompany your application with a motivation letter. Who knows if this is what can make you successful? Create the best motivation letter!