This is important especially with artists who are just beginning in their career. you can see career plans. They do not have a capital to support their art projects. Also, it is true with high school students who want to have an art project. They need someone to support them to make their art projects possible. Art is such a beautiful thing. There is no reason that it should be hindered. So, artists should be diligent in making an artistic project proposal so that their dream exhibitions will come true. In this article, you will learn some things about an art project proposal. You will have some tips that you can use. You will know some dos and don’ts. You will also learn how to write an art project proposal. Are you interested about these things? If your answer is yes, then be relaxed and keep on scrolling!

What is an Art Project Proposal?

An art project proposal is a document that expresses the interest of artists to get sponsorship for their art projects. It is a kind of a grant proposal. Artists need a grant or some amount of money that can help them to make their art projects possible. Sometimes, they also need the organization to help them undertake their art projects. In this proposal, they have to convince the funder that their project is a meaningful one and that they have good arts. There are organizations that are dedicated in making art project possible only if they can see that the arts are promising kind of pieces. In the arts project proposal, the artists have to show that they have good advocacy with their arts. It should be something that the organization will have some interest. Aside from the fact that their arts should be good, they have to show that their arts can sell. It only means that the funder’s money will not go into nothing. They chose to sponsor artists who are good in their craft because they are also serious with this business. Getting a grant is a serious thing, and making a grant proposal is a professional business. So, artists should really have to take into heart that they have to make their art and craft project proposal great. For one thing, how they can undertake their art projects without it? They are having an independent art, and the only way to make it possible is through the help of sponsorship.

Dos and Don’s on Art Project Proposal

There are things that you should do and you should not do when it comes in making an arts and culture project proposal. Read the following dos and don’ts so that you will know what to do and what not to do:



Tips on Art Project Proposal

There are many art project proposal ideas to make your proposal better. You just need to search for them, or think about them if you are brilliant enough. But if you are looking for some tips that you can use in your art and design project proposal, you can read the following tips and have something to use for it:

Keep your language simple. In your sentences in the art proposals, you must avoid jargon. Avoid also buzzwords. Use a simple language that is easy to understand and will not ruin the proposal. You are convincing the organization so you have to be careful in your language. Using a simple language is the safest thing to do. You know that the reader will not have anything against your language. If you will use a language that is a little overdone, the organization may lose interest with your words. So, keep everything simple and neat.Give a good introduction. Make a strong and succinct opening. Start with clear sentences that can instantly hook the organization. First impression is important here. You have to convince the organization even at the first glance. A good impression can give you an ace that you can get their approval because even at the first time, you catch their interest. So be careful with your introduction. Make a best introduction that can captute the heart of the organization. It could be the best way on how you can get your sponsorship.Be clear with the exhibition plan. The exhibition plan greatly matters. Of course, the organization will want to know this. Describe how will the audience view your work. Know how your paintings can fit the gallery space. You can visit Vimeo channel so that you can have a good documentation about space. Do it before sending any application. Know that if you can send a good exhibition plan, you will have a great chance that your proposal will be accepted. Be clear about this so that the organization will see that your art project is a good plan that they can approve of.Give quality images of paintings. Of course, it is very important that the organization will see that you have a great art to sell. To not miss on this, you must submit images of your artworks in high-quality. Be picky in sending the images. Take a good shot of your artworks, and pick ones that are the best. The organization will look if you have some good art or not. So, you have to provide the best images to prove that your works are wonderful. That they are something worth of giving a grant.Get feedback from other people. You must show the proposal to someone else. Better if many will see your proposal. Let them check your exhibition plan and your artworks. Will they be enough so that the organization will agree to your proposal? Are your works good enough? You can also make them check your proposal. Get feedback from them so that you will know how to improve your proposal. Your chance of sending it to the organization is only once. You cannot lose your chance. So, you have to be sure that your proposal is good enough.Follow the instructions on the application. It is very vital that you should follow all what is written in instructions for the application. If you will make some mistake, you may lose your chance of approval. No one will want someone who is not heeding with the instructions that are given. To be sure that you will not make some mistake, you must read the instructions carefully and be careful in adhering to it. Your application will look good if all the rules are followed. You can already have a good point in the eyes of the organization. Take heed with the instructions so that you will do only what is right.Make a research on the company. You must first make a research before you will write a proposal. Know the important things about the organization or company. This will help you if you will know what they like and what they approve of. Knowing their vision statement and mission statement can make you adjust to their culture. If they can see this thing, you will have a great chance that they will like your proposal. Research can make you advance with dealing with them because you will know their priorities.Customize the art project proposal. Whether you are making a community project proposal or a museum project proposal, you must know that you must make it with good design. This will brighten your proposal and will make it to be more desirable to read. There are many app templates that can help you in designing. You can use Shutterstock Editor or SlidesGo, a free software. It has Google Slides and Powerpoint Templates that you can use for your proposal. Have a good spirit in designing and you can create a perfect proposal.Be personal and professional. You can share some personal things about you in your proposal so that the organization will know you better. You can make a short autobiography speech. You do not have to tell your personal journey. Just make a simple description about yourself and a few things about you. Remember, though you can be personal, you have to be professional in your proposal. Maintain professionalism all throughout the proposal so that the organization will see seriousness about your business with them.

How to Write an Art Project Proposal

Do you need an artist residency proposal example or an artist project proposal example? Do you need to write an art exhibition project proposal? Are you an independent artist who needs to submit an application to an organization? Are your every painting is ready and all you need is a great proposal so that you can have an exhibition? Well, try the following steps in writing a proposal:

Step 1: Start with a project idea.

You must first have a project idea for you to start. You can ask the following questions:

Answering these questions can direct you to have an exhibition plan. You will know what to do and you can start to have art project proposal ideas for your project.

Step 2: Be sure of your eligibility.

After having an art project for you to accomplish, you can search for organizations that can give you a grant. Every organizations that you can come up to, be sure about your eligibility. With this, you will spare yourself from being rejected. Look first for the rules and criteria so you can see if you pass them. If you have found organizations where you can be credible, then start in making applications.

Step 3: Have professional images of your artworks.

You have two choices. You can hire a professional to get better pictures of your artworks. Or you can be your own photographer. It is for you to assess what you should do. Just be sure that you can have high-quality images of your artworks. It is the most important thing in your proposal. It is what you need to present to the organization. For all you know, they must depend solely on the quality of your work.

Step 4: Start with a need statement and objectives.

When you know what you will do, and after having an exhibition plan, you need to establish a need statement that can convince the funder to give approval on your proposal. With this statement, you must express your need for a grant. Be careful in using your sentences. You must sound professional in asking for a grant and stating your needs.  You can use slides and photographs in doing this. Then, be clear with all your goals. State goals that can coincide with the interest of the funder. Then, start writing the whole proposal. Use a good style in writing it. Avoid jargons and irrelevant things. Be brief and concise in all your sentences. Keep the proposal simple.

Step 5: Finish the application form. 

Pick an organization of your choice. Know their instructions for the application. Fill-up the form. Prepare a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and a bio. Make attachments for all the things that are needed. When you have already complied into everything, submit them together with the application form. Then, you can follow up after a few days or a week to know if your application is accepted.


What Should I Do to Make My Proposal Accepted?

Grant proposals are professional documents that need good writing. You have to be sure that your writing is perfect. In other words, you have to make a great proposal. Do not underestimate the power of your words that can make any organization to accept you. Also, you have to ensure that you have good works so that organizations will have interest in your art project.

Doing arts is a wondrous thing to do. It is a good thing to let others see our art. If capital is what we need to make our art projects possible, we should consider to make a great proposal that can make funders to give us a grant. We must be excellent in making an art project proposal. Is this something that you have a problem about? Well, this post has templates that can help you. It has 18+ SAMPLE Art Project Proposal in PDF | MS Word. You can pick any of the templates and use it in making your proposal. Wait no more! Download now!