39+ SAMPLE Production Proposal

What Is a Production Proposal?

A production proposal is a formal proposal that details the production of any project or event, such as a video or film production. It is typically submitted or presented to a client or customer, and subject to their approval or endorsement. 

According to an online article by Thumbtack, the budget for video production is dependent on a number of factors including duration of the video, location, number of cameras needed, etc. And on national average, the cost of a professional video production can be anywhere between $880 to $1200.   

Examples of Types of Production Proposal 

There can be many different types of production proposals. The content will also depend on the industry, objective and purpose of the production. Whether it is stage plays or prenuptial video shoots, production proposals cut across all industries, from events to entertainment. The following are just some examples of the various kinds of production proposals.

Theater Production Proposal. A theater production proposal is quite common not just in the entertainment and music industry, but even in the academic field. It is quite common for schools and universities to stage local productions. Many colleges even offer fine arts courses or theater arts programs to students. Theater productions can be classified further according to their genres. Two of the most common are musical theater and traditional stage plays. The latter contains little to no musical numbers at all, as their focus is on dialogue or monologues. To propose or stage a theater production, there are a number of items to cover. From the budget, venue, casting, set design down to the costume design and makeup, a theater proposal needs to be both comprehensive and captivating. Film Production Proposal. Video productions are one of the most common types of production. And under it falls several other subclassifications. The objective of a film production can range from entertainment, education to simple passion and interest for it. Big scale film productions such as those of Hollywood or Bollywood, require months or even years of planning and preparation. Assembling the team or crew itself can take a lot of time. Film and video production can also be categorized according to the genre- documentary, drama, suspense, comedy, etc. But regardless of genre, a production proposal ought to be tailored to fit the needs and wants of the client. Clients can either be individuals or organizations. In most cases, network companies or entertainment companies hire or form a production team to create a film or any video project. Wedding Production Proposal. Another common type of production is a wedding video production. It has become the norm for a lot of couples to document their engagement or wedding day with the use of video. Themed prenuptial shoots and wedding day same-day-edit videos are typical although completely optional. But many couples opt to have a video production of their wedding to preserve the special memories and mementos of their big day. Moreover, it is also quite common for wedding organizers or event planners to offer wedding packages that include video production or documentation as part of the deal. This inclusion makes it easier and more convenient for couples. Usually, both photography and video are included in the package; but it would still be subject to the internal agreement made between the parties. Music Video Production Proposal. Music videos are typically expected of recording artists or talents. In addition to recorded albums or tracks, a video is produced to accompany the song or the audio track. Similar to that of a film production proposal, a music video production proposal also requires a considerably large team to execute it. From the director to the set designer to the makeup artist, everyone has a role to play in production. Although not as lengthy or challenging as a traditional film production, music videos still require a lot of technical and creative skill. Whether the music genre is pop, rock, country or hip-hop, music videos are a significant part of the promotional process of an artist or performer. Music video production tests creativity, originality and even work ethic.

Tips for Crafting an Effective Production Proposal

For a production proposal to be effective, it needs to serve the right purpose. Of course the content of the proposal will greatly depend on the type of production. Yet there are simple yet effective ways of making sure that your production proposal is both informative and compelling. Make sure to keep in mind the following basic tips:

Talk about the company. Although it may sound like a no-brainer, it is important to always provide some context or offer a background on your proposal. In the case of a production proposal, you need to introduce yourself, your team or your company to the client. How you frame it or approach it is entirely up to you. But since it is a proposal, you always want to put your best foot forward. Make sure to highlight past achievements or emphasize a couple of milestones that really defined your organization. Take note that even if it is important to talk about success, it is also equally important to remain candid, honest, and truthful. Avoid exaggerating or inflating your accomplishments. Keep it objective and brief. The background is meant to serve as an introduction to the actual proposed plans. Include client testimonials. Another way to deliver an effective production proposal is by emphasizing positive feedback from other clients. Including customer testimonials is an excellent and straightforward way of promoting confidence in what you have to offer. What do past clients have to say about your production company or team? Compile positive testimonials and pick out the best ones. Be sure to emphasize the service and customer relations aspect of the testimonials. Reviews and ratings can help a prospective client in his or her decision-making process. If prospects are able to see consistency in service or execution based on other client testimonials, it will be more favorable to you and your production company. Be discriminating with the details. It is important to remember that details matter. In the case of a formal production proposal, the more comprehensive and detailed it is, the better. What you choose to present and highlight also makes a difference. Thus, it is crucial to be discriminating with your details as well. In addition to highlighting your achievements, pick out information that only serve your proposal’s objective or purpose. Choose details that are striking, memorable or allow you to stand out as a company. Especially when it comes to your specific plans such as budget and costs, a client would want to know the particulars. Make sure to use a format that best presents this information as well.

How to Create a Production Proposal

To create a comprehensive and formal production proposal, it ought to contain several key sections. And if you are looking for a faster and more convenient way to construct a proposal, you can easily use a sample template from the selection above. Choose one that suits your needs and follow the simple step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Objectives

The first step in creating a production proposal is establishing the proposal’s objective. What is the goal behind your production proposal? What outcomes do you want to achieve? Goals are essential in determining the direction of your production proposal. Whether it is a simple video production or an elaborate stage production, you need to be clear and direct with what you plan to achieve. Ideally, this section should be simple and straightforward. You don’t want to list too many objectives, keep it focused and specific. A couple of bullet points should suffice.   

Step 2: Background Information

The next step in writing a production proposal is to provide a detailed background on the project. As stated earlier, providing the right details is key. You can offer background information on the proposed production or on the company itself. The way you approach this section will depend entirely on you. Whatever your framework is, just make sure that your information is both relevant and accurate. By providing a clear context and background of your production, it can enable your client to better appreciate and understand your proposed plans.     

Step 3: Budget

Once you have determined your proposal objectives and provided enough background information, you can then proceed to the actual plans or action steps. An essential component in any production proposal is a comprehensive budget. Producing a video or a film requires funds and resources. This needs to be disclosed and presented in an organized manner in your proposal. Be sure to include a complete breakdown of costs and expenses. If the purpose of your production proposal is to garner support or funds, then the client would definitely want to know how much is the projected amount for the overall production.   

Step 4: Client Testimonials

As mentioned in the previous section, client testimonials can improve your chances of approval or endorsement of your proposal. For this section, you can dedicate it to highlighting positive customer feedback and ratings. You want to build a compelling case since it is a proposal. By compiling multiple client testimonials, it can help your case. This gives the prospective client an idea of the quality of your service or product. It can help manage their expectations as well. You can present the testimonials in unique ways as well. You can use direct quotes or be creative with your format.        


What should a production proposal include?

A production proposal should include the objectives, background information on the project or company, various plans and scope of work, etc.

What is the format of a proposal?

The basic format of a proposal always includes an introduction, objectives, overview or background of the proposal, budget, relevance, action plans and strategies.

How do I write a video production proposal?

To write a video production proposal, you need to establish the objectives, budget, next steps, scope of the production, etc. Refer to the previous sections for a more detailed account on how to write a production proposal.

When drafting a production proposal, you want to make sure that it is appealing, informative and comprehensive at the same time. Browse the wide collection of sample templates above and start customizing your own proposal today!