What Is a Flyer?

One of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business is through the use of effective flyer design. This form of paper advertisement can spread your marketing message like wildfire, thanks to its eye-catching appearance and informative content. It’s a promotional medium that caters to the marketing needs of small businesses and large corporations alike.

Types of Flyers

Flyers come in every possible shape and size. Although they aim to achieve a common goal, the contents of the different flyer types tend to focus on specific elements to carry out a defined function. Below are some of the basic kinds of flyers you’re likely to encounter in an everyday setting:

Handbills: These are a smaller type of flyer that are best suited for mass distribution in high-traffic locations. A quick look at the flyer and consumers immediately get an idea of what you have to offer.

Mailers: Businesses and nonprofits that wish to advertise their products or services within a limited parameter deliver their flyers to customers via mail. You may insert these flyers between magazines, newspapers, or packages for recipients to find.

Checkout Flyers: As the name suggests, customers of a store typically receive these flyers from a sales clerk upon checkout. You can find these flyers sitting on top of a counter or desk by the cashier.

Digital Flyers: Many of today’s modern flyers come in a digital form that businesses may email to their target recipients. Apart from saving on printing costs, digital flyers can also help widen your reach in the fastest way possible.

Download our High-quality Flyers

From store openings to upcoming events, flyers offer businesses the opportunity to attract customers, make announcements, and promote anything about their brand. It’s an inexpensive approach to marketing that continues to garner positive results in the competitive business world. Get started with your event flyer campaign today with the help of our professionally designed flyer samples!