50+ Art Sample

What is an Art Sample?

An art sample is a representation of the skill level of an artist. It is a piece of artwork or some examples of artwork that the artist has created. They present these samples so that clients and employers will have an idea about their skills and abilities. Art samples are usually required in art commissions and art projects. Through them, clients will see if your work contains the needed elements of art. They can decide if you can be proper in their work plan. Whether you are submitting an art sample in pixel art, clip art, abstract art, pop art, modern art, Renaissance art, or digital art, you have to prove that you are good at what you do.

Some examples of art samples are a digital art sample, a pixel art sample, and a doodle art sample. Though artists have a busy work schedule, they can spend some time tailoring an art sample for a particular buyer or job that they are applying for. Sometimes, they will just choose an art sample in their portfolio sample. Art samples can demonstrate their skills and whether they will be suited for the project or the job. Through them, they can impress the employer or client. They will be more likely to get hired by using an art sample.

Tips on Art Sample

Art samples are essential to prove that you have the required skills to complete the project successfully. Because of this, you have to ensure that you can provide the best art sample. So, what can you do? Maybe you need some strategies that you can apply so that your art sample can be perfect. Have the following tips:

Showcase Your Best Work: The best thing to do when providing an art sample is to showcase your best work. Be sure that what you are going to pick for the art sample is your best work. So, when making an artist proposal, be sure that you can attach what you think is the best from your work. To do this, be good at picking your best work. It will be helpful if you can ask others about their opinions of your best work. You can also use the feedback that you can get from clients when you are applying for past projects. If you usually get accepted for projects by using a specific art sample, then that can be your best work. But in case, you have a new work that you think can be better than all your other work, then you can use it. Just be sure that you are going to use the best art sample in your proposal.Focus on Quality: Have in mind that you have to focus on quality. Not quantity. Though you can show a couple of art samples if they do not have quality, no one will consider your work. It is better to show a few samples that can demonstrate that you have good skills in art. Your art sample must be beautiful. It must be perfect. This is how you can convince anyone to hire you. For your artist statement or short artist statement to work, you must include an art sample with the best quality. This is how you can prove that you are a good artist. What is the use of your statement if you cannot prove that you are good at your craft? Your proposal will only be perfect if it has a quality art sample.Tailor the Sample to Your Audience: There can be many kinds of arts. To be sure that your art sample will work, you must tailor it to the needs of your audience. Know what kind of art is needed for a specific project. Then make an art sample in that type of art. For example, if the work that is needed is about abstract arts, you must submit an abstract art sample. Never submit a portrait or a landscape. You may not get the work if you are going to submit an art sample that is not closely related to the specific work that the client is hiring for. As a part of an artist marketing plan, be sure to create a related art sample that can convince the clients that you are who they are looking for. They can be sure that you can do what they require by submitting a relevant art sample. Because of this, you can get the job by submitting the required art. So, never get tired of creating an art sample to be sure that you can get the projects that you want.Be Professional: Make sure that you can present your art sample professionally. To do this, use high-quality images and photographs. Make sure that the details and colors of your artwork are captured. Make also a clear description of your artwork. Ensure that you can store the art sample in a good file. When giving links or files to clients, be sure that the clients can access them. Present your art sample in a very professional manner. This can show your professionalism. You are more likely to get the artist agreement or artist contract by being professional. Clients will know that their projects are in good hands when they know that they are going to deal with a professional person.Refine Your Art Sample: Do not be content with your current art sample. You need to refine it. When you have spare time, you must create an art sample that can be better than the old one. With this, you can create an art sample that can get more clients. This is more needed if you are presenting a portfolio to clients. You can make new pieces that you can add to your portfolio. To be sure that you can create the best portfolio, be open to feedback. Before including anything in your portfolio, ask other people if they are good art samples. If other people will like your art samples, clients will be more likely to like them, too. But if they are not satisfactory for other people, you must not include them in your portfolio. Remember to refine the art samples in your portfolio to be sure that you can convince clients to get you for projects.Showcase Variety: If you can be sure that you can provide a few samples with quality, then you must showcase variety. By giving a few art samples, you can show the breadth of your skills. You can showcase your strengths and you can demonstrate your versatility. Clients will be more likely to think that you can do the job that they need because they can see that you are versatile. They can better consider your creativity. This can prove that you are more capable to do many things. By showcasing variety, you can better convince clients to accept your proposal.Keep It Up to Date: Always keep your art samples up-to-date. Maybe you have acquired new skills so you must be apt to show this. Clients should have to see that your portfolio is updated. This is how they will know that you are serious about the job. If they can see that you have a perfect portfolio, then it only shows that you are ready for the job. Keep your art samples updated because this is how you can show that you can keep up with the latest trends in the market. This will show that you are a competitive artist.Seek Feedback: Feedback is a lot of help to make your art sample perfect. Seek advice from mentors and co-artists about how you can provide the best art sample. Make them see all your work so that they can choose which of them are the bests. You can also ask the opinions of your friends and family. But it is better if you can get feedback from artistic people.

How to Create Art Samples

We should pay great attention to the art samples that we can provide. This will dictate whether we can get the project or not. To have the best art samples, you can do the following:

1. Know Your Goals

First, you must know the goal of the art sample. Are you just building your portfolio? Are you going to use it for an art exhibition? Or are you targeting to have a client? When you know your goal, you will know how you can tailor the art sample.

2. Create Artworks

Then, select a theme for your art sample. Gather your materials. Then, create artworks. Focus on quality and creativity. Experiment with various styles to demonstrate your versatility.

3. Select Your Strongest Pieces

Refine your work. Edit them to make them perfect. Then, when all are finished, choose your strongest pieces. These are what you are going to include in your portfolio.

4. Present Your Art Samples

Then combine the art pieces in a file. You can use a PDF document. Present them in a professional and appealing way. Or you can present them on your website as your portfolio.


What are the benefits of an art sample?

The benefits of art samples are building a portfolio, getting feedback, showcasing your style, providing inspiration, establishing credibility, and attracting customers.

How many pieces can be included in an art sample?

It can depend on your goals or the requirements of the job. But it can be best to include 10-20 pieces. This can better demonstrate your skills and abilities.

When we include an art sample in our artist proposal, we are more likely to get the job that we desire. This is because clients will have something to look at whether we can do the job or not. Do not hesitate to create an art sample when you are an artist. It can help you get more clients and have many projects. Happy creating your art sample!